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Allah is with His Saints

Allah says: My beloved Saint, thou has completed the purpose of thy creation, therefore I am with you, always with you”. Therefore we must visit the Saints. They are Allah Almighty’s ones with whom He is. The Moominullah and the Waliullah (the believer in Allah and the friend of Allah) are with Allah Almighty. Therefore whoever who visits the Saints is visiting Allah Almighty. No doubt. When Allah Almighty says “Come to Me when you are weak”, it really means “Come to My representative, My beloved servant Muhammed (on whom be peace), or to My beloved Saints”

Muhammad (sal) - The Father of all Saints

Everything that belongs to Allah Almighty is unlimited.

Allah Almighty says that if oceans were ink and trees were to be pens for writing, it would only be a tiny bit from heavenly knowledge that belongs to Allah Almighty. The knowledge that Allah Almighty is granting to the Seal of Prophets (saws), is not going to finish, because he is the only one speaking on behalf of Allah Almighty - the first One. Allah Almighty never addresses anyone else in His Divine Presence except the most honoured one among all creation, sayyedina Muhammad (saws). No one can approach the Divine Presence like the Seal of Prophets (saws).

Allah Almighty first created his soul (The Soul of Muhammad), his illuminated soul, and it was “nur” (Light). And from that “nur”, Allah created! Everything was created from that “nur”. No one and nothing can directly reach the essence of Allah Almighty. Nothing can reach - it is impossible. Only through the Seal of Prophets (Sayyidina Muhammad)

The summary and essence of whole creation is with him. It has been granted to him, and that grant is continuing without stopping, running, never ceasing or being cut off, no!

“Allah Almighty and Exalted said to the Prophet on the Night of Ascension, O Muhammad, I have created all of creation for your sake, and I am giving it all to you. At that moment Allah granted the Prophet power to see all that He had created, with all of their lights and all of the favors that Allah had granted His creatures by decorating them with his Attributes and with His Divine Love and Beauty.

“Muhammad was enthralled and enraptured because Allah had given him the gift of such a creation. Allah said to him, ‘Ya Muhammad, are you happy with this creation?’ He said, ‘Yes, My Lord.’ He said, ‘I am giving them to you in Trust to keep, to be responsible for, and to return to Me just as I gave them to you.’ Muhammad was looking at them in delight because they were illuminated with beautiful lights, and he said, ‘O My Lord, I accept.’ Allah said, ‘Are you accepting?’ He replied, ‘I accept, I accept.’

Be with the Saints - The inheritors of the Seal of Prophets

Sultan-ul-Arifin Abu Yazid (Bayazid al-Bistami), may Allah bless him, (said) to keep with their zikr, to keep their remembrance, to try to be with the inheritors of the Seal of Prophets (Sayyidina Muhammad), to try that your soul is in the oceans of their holy souls; because each one of them - Saints, the inheritors of the Seal of Prophets (those Grand Saints), have been granted oceans as well. But their oceans, even the oceans of all prophets and saints together, in comparison to that which has been granted to the Seal of Prophets, is just like the drop sticking to the tip of a needle when you dip it in an ocean. It is only that much in comparison.

And all awliya and saints, particularly Grand Saints, Grand Sheikhs, the ones in the first row, close to the Seal of Prophets, Sayyedina Muhammad (saws), they are taking directly from him and they have been granted much more than others. And their souls are drinking from those oceans and are also becoming oceans. The soul of each one of them is like an ocean and only the Prophet (saws) knows what is in that ocean. Allah knows everything; but through the station of creation, what had been granted to all prophets as well as grand prophets, Grand Awliya, Grand Sheikhs - they are first row inheritors of RasulAllah (saws)- only the Prophet (saws) knows. And what is in everyone’s ocean, they know, as well as the prophet (saws) knows!

Therefore, they (The Inheritors of the Prophet) have Universes, “awalim”, creations in their oceans. And that creation is a grant from the Seal of Prophets. And his Lord’s grant to him increases more and more, it does not remain the same. Allah Almighty says: “Oh my beloved servant! Waladayna mazeed! I am granting and it will never end. That, what I am granting to you it is never going to end”. Therefore, whatever was granted to RasulAllah (saws) when he was with us, it is not the same now. Every second, in every breath, that grant is being doubled by Allah Almighty!

Saints as the Mediators

Don’t think this is our real being. This is just a shadow of the real being. The real being, this world can’t carry. Therefore archangel Gabriel (a.s) sometimes came in the form of a man, and we say Jibril (as) just came. Did he leave his station and come here? When he came to the Prophet, was his station empty? Did he come himself with his real being? How? It is just a representative (of his real being), as a shadow in the form of man. The real being never moves here or there from the Divine Presence. Never! “No ones eyes can look here or there!” Do you think that the real being of the Seal of Prophets was with us? How could this world carry it? The whole of creation would disappear if his real being came into existence here. No more creation, everything would disappear in his oceans, nothing would ever appear. But everything, through Divine Wisdom, has been arranged and programmed. No one knows how it is and how it can be, no!

The Divine Address came first to RasulAllah and then to us. If the Prophet would not be the mediator (wasila), the Divine Revelation would burn everything on earth.

[Maulana recites a verse from Sura Hashr]

"Had We sent down this Quran upon a mountain, you would have certainly seen it humbled and torn apart in awe of Allah. We set forth such comparisons for people, ˹so˺ perhaps they may reflect"

They don’t understand the wisdom about the sending of sayyedina Muhammad and him being granted the holy Quran. Mountains can’t carry (this weight); but only the heart of the most illuminated and most honoured one was able to carry the weight of Divine Revelation.

Yes, it is a very deep ocean that we are trying to show to you; we cannot reach it.

Aba Yazid - may Allah bless him, and may the lights from his ocean illuminate our hearts. Allah opens our hearts to His awliya. We are asking that when we speak about the aulia, that they grant us something according to our needs. Therefore, that is “rabita” - connection from heart to heart. When you make “rabita”, those divine lights granted to that Wali, Grand Wali, or Nabi or Grand Nabi, or the Seal of Anbiya, run through your heart, and you are going to be illuminated.

When we look at the sky at night, we see illuminated stars; but there are also billions of stars that are not illuminated, because that “nur” does not come on them. And it is similar with mankind as well. Heavenly beings are looking at mankind and seeing which ones of mankind are illuminated and are shining - just like we look at the shining stars in the sky. Therefore, “rabita”, connection, is the most important medium to reach heavenly lights. Those who deny this are cut off; no light comes to their hearts - finished. People are now therefore in darkness; because they don’t have any connection to heavenly people or with the illuminated servants of Allah living in this world among us. They don’t care, are not interested, and are happy to live in their darkness, in their dark “dunya”. Just like night birds (bats) are happy to be in the darkness of night. They don’t like to come out in the daytime, because they don’t like light.

Sayyidina Aba Yazid (r.a.) said: Keep awliyas, try to be with them, even with their names and with their association. When we mention their names, an opening comes to us. It is not empty. The Prophet was saying that when we mention the good ones - Saints, Grand Saints, Prophets, Grand Prophets and the Seal of Prophets, “tanzil-ur-Rahma”, mercy from the mercy oceans comes on us. Therefore, “manakib-ul-aulia” . The Holy Quran mentions the names of prophets, because every time we mention their names, a lot of mercy from the mercy oceans comes on us. Therefore, it is repeated so many times (in the Quran) what happened to Bani Israel, the children of Israel, what happened to sayyedina Adam, what happened to sayyedina Nuh, what happened to sayyedina Ibrahim and to the other prophets. It is to take honour from them, to take from their “nur”, from their divine lights, to come on you.

And it is a preparation for you for your eternal life, because eternity can carry as much as you have been granted, without limits. Those who are on the journey towards eternal life and whose target is eternity, they may ask for more and more - unlimited. Just like an aeroplane flying - the more petrol we put in it, the longer it flies, never saying “enough”, no! As much as we put in it, it flies. And our souls in the Divine Presence – don’t think they are stopping - are running, and running through innumerable oceans. All of that belongs to eternity. Therefore, it is an order that you must keep in touch with them directly. (association-sohbet). That runs through your real being.

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