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His Hidden Essence Cannot Be Known

The Essence of Allah Almighty is darkness; no one is knowing the real Being of Allah Almighty’s Existence, His Essence. (For) His Name on that position we are saying only “Hu”, (and) Hu means ‘unknown’! Unknown. If (there are) no stars on (the) sky nighttimes, you can’t understand skies or space.

When appearing those lights through darkness, you are understanding about that darkness. Without these lights you are not understanding anything from (that) darkness, because darkness means: you can’t see. Daytime you can see through (the light of the) sun. If (there is) no sun on (the) sky, you can’t see anything, and (so) nighttimes, when (the) sun (is) setting, you can’t see anything. These artificial lights (through electricity) never give anything to you; only you can understand (about darkness) by (the) lights of (the) stars on (the) sky (and then) you are knowing (that) something (is) there. You can understand that there is a dark darkness and that (light) is (the) sign (for it). If (that sign was) not (there), you can’t see anything. You can’t see, that means: you can’t know anything. If you are not seeing, you are not understanding anything. (There is) no understanding. Therefore daytime and nighttimes you are in need lights from Heavens to see. If you are not seeing you are understanding nothing. No. Think on it! These artificial lights (are) giving nothing to you. If daytime (there is) no sun or nighttimes there is no moon or no stars you can’t see. If you are not seeing, you never understand the existence (of) anything.

Therefore- Allah Almighty, for (an understanding of) His Essence (He) is giving to His deputies divinely Attributes that belong to Him. That divinely Attributes (are) making you to understand the existence (of) that One, Hu. If these (deputies) are not there, if Allah Almighty (is) not showing or sending His divinely Attributes, His Essence (is) unknown. From His divinely Essence may be known (something) only according to His divinely Attributes. That lights are making you to understand that their light is coming from somewhere. A candle without wax or oil in it, it is not going to shine, no, it is dark. When (you are) putting (wax) in it, that (is) showing you that candle. (And) Allah Almighty (is) putting some signs from His real Essence, signs that are going to be seen as a light. That light (is) signing the existence (of) someone that He is Unknown.

You may see a candle lightening, no more; you can’t see how it is in existence and how it is getting to be enlightened. These Attributes (are) signing and they are signs also (for) the real Existence of the Lord of Creation, the real Existence of the Lord of Heavens, the real Existence of Allah Almighty. (They are) only signs.

From that divinely Attributes (are) coming Names, written on it ‘Names’, appearing Names, and we are the first level selected ones or chosen ones, (because) we are knowing the Names of (these) lights. As everyone now (is) looking nighttimes (to the) sky; but you are not knowing the name of (the) stars, only chosen people know that (this) is Pole Star, that is Bear, that is Scorpion, that is Taurus, that is Balance, that is Fish…(There are) only twelve main signs to be understood our sky, ‘sema’. Twelve- “wa samau wa dhatu-l buruj”- for (a) description this (is). And you are not knowing, but (there are) special people that they are knowing about it (and) only they may say their names.

And also divinely Attributes not everyone (is) knowing. (Only) chosen people from mankind that they have relationship to Heavens- one foot (is) on earth, one foot (is) on Heavens- they may understand; they may read: this is this, and they may tell us- not everyone (is) knowing about divinely Attributes- and they may say (for example): “‘Hayy’, that is (the) divinely Attribute (of) ‘hayat’, Life.” His divinely Attribute ‘Hayy’- alive- (it is a) Name; they may say to you the Name. Names (are) coming for (the) description of all divinely Attributes.

Then that Names also (are) going to be understood (only) by chosen people who are inheriting heavenly Knowledge through heavenly chosen servants of Allah Almighty, whom they are Prophets. (The Names are) coming and bringing ‘Af’al’, actings. Everything that is going to be (an) acting (it) belongs to them. Never ending (actings) are coming; actings for the Names that belong to (the) divinely Attributes which are signs of the unknown Essence of the Lord of Heavens.

And everything, even every atom, (is) just in (the) actings of that holy Name of Allah Almighty. Holy Names (are) arranging everything’s actings; everything that (is) appearing here- when it is going to appear, (and) when it is going to finish its period and (it will be) finished. (Holy Names are) showing (the) real beginning of everything and (the) real point of ending; in which area it is going to happen, (and) in which time they are going to appear. Subhanallah!

Therefore here now we must know only that. Sometimes- not sometimes, every time- we are asking to be everything so high, quickly. No, (we) must await its time, (its) beginning and (its) end. When (it is) coming to (its) end, no one (is) getting it back, no, (that) finished. But man (is) asking to be everything so quickly, (and it) can’t be! Therefore the most important sign of servanthood is to be patient; to be with Allah and His divinely Will. Not to put our will on it, (but) to follow His Will. That is real respect for the holy Commands of Allah Almighty. “Be patient”, (is) saying Allah. He knows when it is going to finish, He knows when it is going to (begin); because every finishing is bringing a new beginning. Ending and beginning- leave it for the Lord of Heavens! That is real sign of servanthood, that you are giving a kind of perfect servanthood to your Lord, to your Creator Allah Almighty.

Therefore Islam (is) coming to teach people their relationship as servants towards their Lord; as He is (the) Creator, how it is going to be our relationship as servants to our Lord. That is all and all Holy Books only (are) bringing that Essence. But people lost it and they are running to nonsense directions and they lost the way. And when they lose the way, they fall in troubles and problems and they are punishing themselves by themselves.

May Allah forgive me and bless you for the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Lefke, 21.04.2004, transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel\PublisherKhairiyahSiegel

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