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The Sultan, of All Saints.

Moulana Sheikh Nazim was born in Larnaka, Nothern Cyprus in the year 1922 on the 21st day of April.  He was the mureed and follower of the Great Sultan ul Awliya Sheikh Abdullah Faiz Daghistani who was also the Khatm ul Awliya or the Seal of Saints.  After the passing away of Sheikh Abdullah in the year 1972 Moulana Sheikh Nazim became the Grandsheikh of the Naqshabandi Tariqa. SheikhNazim2

Sheikh Nazim left to meet his Lord and passed away from this life on the 7th day of May 2014 (8th Rajab 1435) at the age of 92 and his Shrine is in Nothern Cyprus in Lefke at his Dergah, next to his house where he lived. He was succeeded by his son Sheikh Muhammad Adil who is presently the 41st Grandsheikh in the Golden Chain of the Naqshabandi Tariqa.  

As the Grandmaster of Sufism and as the Grandsheikh of the Naqshabandi Tariqa, Moulana Sheikh Nazim initiated his followers into the Most Distinguished Naqshabandi Sufi Order. This is what is meant by taking Bayyath.  

When the follower takes Bayyath...

When the follower takes Bayyath he has then begun his journey to the Divine Presence of Allah Almighty. Moulana Sheikh Nazim will then be with him always and will gradually guide that follower to the Divine Presence.

According to the capacity and apptitude of the follower Moulana Sheikh Nazim will give him Spiritual Advancement, Spiritual Ranks and Spiritual Stations. When the Eye of the Heart is opened up and Spiritual Unveiling takes place, the follower will experience so many different Spiritual States.

The Goal of the follower...

The Goal of the follower in following Moulana Sheikh Nazim is to enter into the 'Unity Oceans' of Allah Almighty. Like a drop of water that loses its identity when it falls into the Ocean, and becomes the Ocean itself, the follower shall be made by Moulana Sheikh Nazim to reach to the Unity Oceans of Allah Almighty. It is at this point, when he reaches to the Unity Oceans, that the follower fulfills his purpose in being created, by becoming the Deputy of Allah Almighty on Earth, where he shall represent Allah Almighty throughout the entire Universe. This is the goal of Sufism and all Religions.

What is important...

What is important from Moulana Sheikh Nazim's point of view about a new follower is for that follower to have a good heart and to try to sincerely follow Moulana Sheik Nazim with love. This is far more important than the background from which such follower comes.  The attribute of humbleness in a new follower is one of the greatest assets that one could have for quick spiritual advancement.

Moulana Sheikh Nazim is the Master and Guide par excellence during our times and he is doing his best to guide Mankind to reach to the Divine Presence. Moulana Sheikh Nazim is the Highest Ranking Sufi Master of our time. There have been many Great Sufi Saints who have been famous in the world.  But none of them have travelled as much as Moulana Sheikh Nazim, who has been all around the world spreading the  message of Islam and Sufism. On a modest estimate Moulana Sheikh Nazim is said to have at least 40 million mureeds or devotees who are following him today.  Many of Moulana Sheikh Nazim's followers have themselves experienced a lot of spiritual openings and have also reached to very high ranks.  This is simply by following Moulana Sheikh Nazim.

About this Website...

In this Website we are trying to bring to the World, the teachings of this Great Master of Sufism. Through this website it is also possible to connect up with Moulana Sheikh Nazim and become his mureed by taking Bayyath or initiation as has been detailed and explained within this website.  This was a grant and great good tidings that was given to the world by Moulana Sheikh Nazim so that any person from any corner of the earth would be able to take Bayyath and connect up with Moulana Sheikh Nazim and become a mureed of the most distinguished Naqshabandi Tariqa.  

This was the first Website in the world through which Bayyath and connection was given and this connection through the website is a reality today due to the unique power which has been granted to Moulana Sheikh Nazim.

We are very happy to note that people who have taken Bayyath through this website have opened up Spiritually as if they had taken Bayyath personally from Moulana Sheikh Nazim himself.  There is a lot of information on the teachings of Moulana Sheikh Nazim and the Naqshabandi Tariqa to be found in this website and this information is more than sufficient to learn of the teachings of Moulana Sheikh Nazim and of Sufism and to be able to progress spiritually.

Resources contained within this site...

The Bayyath or the connection which a mureed shall take from Moulana Sheikh Nazim and thereafter, the practices that are to be followed and a great amount of information on both Sufism and the Shariat, are found within the pages of this website.  In short this website is a very comprehensive Website on Sufism.

The highest teachings of Sufism are explained and taught by Moulana Sheikh Nazim himself through his lectures which have been arranged in this website in a systematic manner.

This arrangement was made by Moulana Sheikh Nazim so that it will be easy for the seeker of knowledge and for the student of Sufism to learn and to experience and also to be able to attain to spiritual fulfillment.


On the First Meeting with Sheikh Nazim...


Moulana Sheikh Nazim has visited Sri Lanka over 13 times. The following is an account of a Mureed in Sri Lanka on how he met Moulana and his spritual journey with Moulana:

What shines in Moulana Sheikh Nazim (Qs) is his love for all of humanity. All his life he lived to serve the Ummah of the Prophet (Sal).

As the Grandsheikh of the Naqshbandiya Tariqa, he brought many into the fold of the Tariqa and trained them. He sacrificed his personal life and lived for the sake of the Ummah. He had no holidays in the work he did. From morning till night he slaved for the Ummah of the Prophet (Sal). He traveled all over the world gathering more and more people into his Tariqa and leading people to the truth.


Just meeting him, was enough for many to follow him. He was so handsome and beautiful that people were attracted by just looking at him. Many wondered whether they were dealing with an Angel for such was his appearance!

Many people just got carried away by him and they became his devout followers by just looking at him, even if they did not know how this happened to them. His personality had the power to shatter all divisions. His jaziba or attraction was immense. In his presence everybody felt ordinary while he represented magnificence. Like bees being attracted to the flowers to get honey, people were attracted to him in search of Truth.

He would move with the Kings and Royalty and would sit down with the poor and the sick and give them hope and good tidings. He would make them feel very special in his presence.

When I first met him I was dazzled by his beauty. He came in through the doorway and stretching his hands he gave salams to me. I couldn’t even reply to his salams, as I felt the shattering force of his personality! It was like someone looking like, the Prophet Muhammad (Sal) was in front of me. We were dazed by his presence. Such was the unique personality that he had.

Before meeting him I had been to many other Sheikhs in other Tariqas trying to find for myself the Realization of the Truth, which is promised by the Sheikhs to the mureeds. But I did not find any big spiritual openings till I met Moulana Sheikh Nazim (Qs). Then the magic started. I found everything that I ever wanted in my Sheikh. I had certain expectation on spirituality but what he gave exceeded all my expectations.

I had been thinking that when you follow a Sheikh, you must have physical access to him, otherwise it will be a great disadvantage. Moulana Sheikh Nazim only came to my country once a year and that too for a period of about 2 weeks at a time. How could this be enough to be able to learn and experience all the Spiritual Realities that one heard about. He solved this problem. He gave us a technique to have him spiritually to be with us all the time, whether we were going or coming, standing or sitting, eating or drinking. In short, he gave us spiritual access to him all the time. He never left us except with such a connection.

He was very patient and only disciplined us when it was absolutely necessary. He would overlook our faults and amplify the good characteristic in us. Most of all he taught us how to Love him!

He taught that the greatest method of a mureed was to be sincere to his/her Sheikh. He made long practices into short meditation techniques and made us live a short contemplative life always witnessing him. He taught us the knowledge pertaining to Reality which is called Marifatullah.


He taught us how to plunge into the Ocean of Unity. All what others read and argue about of states and maqams, he dressed on us and made us fulfil the purpose of us being created, to know the Hidden Treasure that is Allah Almighty.

He loved all of us and gave us his best. To some who could appreciate him, they have always been sincere to him. Even now there are many who would readily lay their lives down for him.

After Moulana Sheikh Nazim passed away, his son, Sheikh Muhammad Adil became his successor on the explicit appointment of his father, who put him on the Naqshbandi Golden

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