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" The Naqshbandi School is the easiest and simplest way for the student to understand Tawhid (Unity)....In sum we say that our way is the mother of all tariqats and the guardian of all spiritual trusts. It is the safest, wisest, and clearest way. It is the purest drinking-station, the most distilled essence. " - Sheikh Shah Bahauddin Naqshbandi - The Founder of Naqshbandi Tariqat

The Naqshbandi Sufi Way

Sheikh Nazim says that a Tariqat/Sufi Way is the path to Allah. The Sheiks are a proof on this path. Sheikhs are teachers of those who enter the path. They teach one what to do and how to act.

There is the common notion that Allah has made it obligatory to visit his Bayt’ (Kaaba in Mecca/House of Allah) at least once in a Lifetime. Sheikh Nazim add to this by saying:


Allah Almighty has sent to us Sharia, Tariqa, Marifa and Haqqiqa.

The Sharia is like a ship and Tariqa like an ocean across which you have to move towards Haqqiqat, your destination… The knowledge of our destination, which is Haqqiqa, is called Marifa. We ask for Haqqiqa or for the Reality, which is Allah Almighty. Therefore, Sharia is like a boat, Tariqa like an Ocean, Divine Knowledge of your destination is Marifa and your reaching the destination is Haqqiqa.

The final destination of people is the Divine Presence of Allah Almighty.


The forty-one Tariqat’s are like forty-one Oceans and you may choose any one of them. The forty-one Tariqat’s are forty-one Oceans needing different types of vessels to traverse them. Some need very high tonnage vessels while a simple boat will do for others. Allah Almighty created many Tariqat’s so that each one could choose his mode of travel according to his capacity.

"You will reach the Baytullah through Shariah (Laws governing what’s good and bad). Shariah will make you to reach up the Bayt’ullah. Tarikat is what will take you to Allah…(But) Is what you want the ‘House of Allah’ or Allah (Himself)?"

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