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"It is the guide that shows you the way to walk. Which way will you go? You should go from this way. You should go this way. There are so many signs on the roads with the names - Yedidalga, Lefke, Morfu, Lefkosha. There are signs. If you don't look at the signs, you will get lost. You won't be able to go to your destination" - Moulana Sheikh Nazim

Under the wings of My Beloved Master

When a seeker has convinced the Lord of his desire for Him, He will send someone — the Sheikh — to teach how to know Him for only a one who knows God can show others how to know Him too. 

The relationship between the Sheikh and Mureed is the highest expression of friendship, for it is a relationship based on unconditional Love and Wisdom.


Once Sheikh Nazim was asked by a reporter, ‘Why are people so attracted to you?’ and The Sheikh said “They are spiritually attracted because their souls are swimming in the same pool as my soul: in the ocean of mercy. Their souls are familiar to me. I have been with them since the Day of Promises, whether they are aware of it, or not” Thus, The Sheikhs and Mureeds relationship is a Sacred Connection that was established in Pre-Eternity and continues into Eternity.










The Murshid teaches Spiritual Perfection not only by words but through manifesting divine qualities and living these by example.


One may spend years engaged in continuous worship without reaching towards perfection and a true understanding of the reality. However, a perfect spiritual guide may spark countless realizations in a single moment according to his sincerity in seeking. The Murshid Kamil is another name for the Divine Grace. Undoubtedly, without Divine Grace, one remains unaccomplished.

Sheikh Jalaluddin Rumi (qd) once said “If you seek to know God, sit at the feet of the Masters." Rumi trusted his heart and soul to Shams and Shams said, 'That is a good beginning. What more can you offer?' "'There is nothing more!' cried Rumi. Shams replied, ‘Could I, as your friend, allow you to continue living a life of limitation when you know better?'


Sheikh Nazim explains about a Sufi Master in the following Manner: “Allah says: My beloved Saint, thou has completed the purpose of thy creation, therefore I am with you, always with you….” “Therefore, whoever who visits the Saints is visiting Allah Almighty. No doubt…”








Moulana says: We are asking Allah the Almighty to send us His powerful servants to collect our hearts, not our bodies. Our bodies can be collected by anyone. Someone just has to come with a drum and hundreds and thousands will run after him. That is not a good thing. We are asking for collectors of hearts who will lead you to Allah. When we come to Allah with one heart we will be protected here and in the hereafter. Don't leave the unity! Don't be alone! Be with a group which is in unity for Allah and for His Prophet, may peace be upon him.


We meet in the same ocean, in the ocean of unity of Allah. We ask to enter it, to swim in it forever.







That is fana-ul-b'ilLah (annihilation in Allah), fana-ul-fi-Rasul (annihilation in Rasul), fana-ul-fil-Sheikh (annihilation in Sheikh). Melt your existence and give it. Finish it and Allah the Almighty will dress you in Wujud-ul-Haqqani, the appearance of Truth. When you have given this temporary being to Allah, He will grant you from His Divine Existence and will dress you in a body which is real and will be with you forever. You will enter the ocean of unity.


“The mission of all the prophets (and saints) has been to help us lift those veils from our hearts” …”to open that door through which we can look at our realities in the Divine Presence”… “If you sincerely and diligently follow their way, a vision of a wonderful universe beyond the realm of imagination may appear before your very eyes. Otherwise, that universe should appear to you when you leave this world and embark upon your journey to eternity. Yes, all souls are bound for their Lord–for where else is there? But the greatest honor possible for a created being is to attain eternity in the midst of temporality–during this short life”

Below is a poem written by Sheikh Jalaluddin Rumi (qd) in honor of his Master Moulana Shams Tabriz (qd):


You come to us


from another world



From beyond the stars


and void of space.


Transcendent, Pure,


Of unimaginable beauty,


Bringing with you


the essence of love.



You transform all

who are touched by you.

Mundane concerns,


troubles, and sorrows


dissolve in your presence,


Bringing joy


to ruler and ruled


To peasant and King.


You bewilder us

with your grace.


All evils


transform into




You are the master alchemist.


You light the fire of love


in earth and sky


in heart and soul


of every being.



Through your loving


existence and nonexistence merge.


All opposites unite.


All that is profane


becomes sacred again.

Compiled from the Sohbets of Moulana Sheikh Nazim

It’s the Sheikh who finds the disciple and their meeting comes at a time the disciple is ripe enough to meet his Sheikh.

It is the Sheikh who helps a seeker of the truth on the journey from the state of self-worship or egocentricity to the state of selflessness or annihilation of the self (fana’) through Love.

The transformation of the seeker begins only when there is a complete trust in the guide.

”When Allah Almighty says: Come to Me when you are weak, it really means: Come to My representative, My beloved servant Muhammed (sal), or to My beloved Saints”

'We are like drops coming from the clouds, falling into the ocean and becoming the ocean'

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