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"Love is the flame which when flares up burns everything except the Beloved.’’" - Moulana Jalaluddin Rumi"

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The Divine Love

Sheikh Nazim Once said "If God, Almighty and Exalted, opened the Essence of His Divine Love, everyone on earth would die from that love" 


Real life comes (or starts) through Love. Saints say: people without love are like dead ones walking on earth. 

Allah Almighty is calling His creatures to His Divine Love, and He uses those who have been touched by that love as a means for His taking the hearts of others back towards Himself. When that love has touched you, you will feel compassion stirring in your heart, a compassionate love that is contagious. 

If we are keeping the company of a spiritual teacher, and find that through keeping his company love of God is awakening in our hearts, then we must follow him closely. The love of God is not easy to attain, for we cannot imagine Him; therefore, He Almighty has made the Prophets apostles of His Love. Who represented the Prophets after their lives on Earth? Those who evoked such love. 

The Prophet (sal) described them as: "Those who see them are reminded of God". He who thirsts for Divine Love must seek out such people. 

With each meeting we put a bit of love into each heart. For, when there is a little bit of love in someone's heart, he will not leave the one who gave him this love, even if he does not listen to what is said, even if he does not keep to it, even if he does not act accordingly. 

This is a Divine Feast, and all those present have been invited from pre-eternity when the souls were gathered in the Divine Presence to pledge their eternal worship and loyalty to their Lord. At that time those who were destined to meet in love in this World were gathered near to one another, and it is for this reason that their hearts are drawn together in this world. 

Love that it is the reason of creation.


We must use it first for our Creator


and then His creatures.


Love is our religion.


We love who loves their Creator


and we are giving our respect to our Lord


through His Love.

May He Almighty bless true lovers." 

(Lefke Cyprus, November 2003)

Compiled from the Sohbets of Moulana Sheikh Nazim

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