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Nazim Villa

In the year 1986 Moulana Sheikh Nazim came for the first time to Sri Lanka. The main moderator of this website had the good fortune to meet Moulana on his very first visit to Sri Lanka and take bayat and became a mureed of Moulana Sheikh  Nazim.
From time to time, the moderators of this website visited Moulana Sheikh Nazim in Lefke, Cyprus, and Moulana Sheikh Nazim ordered them to create these websites; and It was from this website that for the first time in the world online bayat was given on the specific instruction of Moulana Sheikh Nazim. As such everything done on this website was done with Moulana Sheikh Nazim’s permission and such this was treated as the official website of Moulana Sheikh Nazim.

We started forming a Dhikr gathering in Sri Lanka. The Dhikr first started with three people and then it grew one by one as others joined and gradually became a large dhikr gathering.  However, at the beginning there was no proper place and no specific day was set for the dhikr. Moulana Sheikh Nazim (Qs) later instructed us to have a specific place and specific day for this dhikr. Moulana also asked that a specific place be bought where Dhikr could be conducted.


After many efforts, and shortly after Moulana Sheikh Nazim’s passing away from this world, Alhamdulillah, the main moderator of this website was able to get a permanent place to conduct Dhikr and propagate the teachings of Moulana Sheikh Nazim. The name of this place was given by Moulana Sheikh Nazim as Nazim Villa. From January 2015 they started to function from Nazim Villa and thus were able to fulfill the request of Moulana Sheikh Nazim (Qs).


After Sheikh Nazim’s demise we wanted to be guided and instructed as we were guided by Sheikh Nazim before, and therefore, we went to India to  meet Moulana Sheikh Mehmet from where he  started his world tour following his father and being the Sheikh of the Naqshbandi Tariqat.

At Sirhind, in India, at the Dergah of Sheikh Ahmad Faruq Sirhindi (RA), Moulana Sheikh Mehmet personally gave written permission to the main moderator to carry out the same duties as he did under Moulana Sheikh Nazim in propagating the Naqshbandi Tariqat and written permission and authority was granted to him as follows:-

Publishing books of Moulana Sheikh Nazim or any other work relating to the propagationof the Naqshbandi Tariqat.  Creating, administrating and moderating websites and forumsonline. Giving bayat to people and admitting them to the Naqshbandi Tariqat. GivingSohbat and training mureeds in the Naqshbandi way. Conducting Dhikr and to in general, propagate the Naqshbandi Tariqat.


We greatly appreciate and thank everyone who allowed us to use their premises in order to conduct Dhikr during all those years before the acquisition of Nazim Villa. May Allah Almighty bless them profusely.

Every Sunday of the month the Khatm ul Khawajaga Dhikr is conducted at Nazim Villa at 4:30 pm Sri Lankan time. This has been continuing for a long period of time on the instructions of Moulana Sheikh Nazim and now it is done with the permission and guidance of Sheikh Mehet. Nazim Villa mureeds also have the monthly Mosque Dhikrs, on every last Sunday of every month which takes place in Colombo 7, at the mosque of Sheikh Usman ibn Abdur Rahman as Siddiq (RA).

11203065_812184728871102_6113155311797939639_n (1).jpg

We also have a lot of gatherings at Nazim Villa, for example, during Ramadan, they conduct Taraweeh prayers and do the 27th nights prayers, all night till dawn.

The Mureeds of Nazim Villa have specially been selected and  trained by Moulana Sheikh Nazim. Our role is to propagate the Haqqani - Naqshabandiya Tariqat and we are very prominent in propagating Naqshbandi teachings to the non muslims and many non muslims have been converted and trained in the Naqshbandi way.

The Calipha of Sri Lanka, Sheikh Izath Nilar who has been appointed as Calipha by Moulana Sheikh Mehmet is also a very prominent member of Nazim Villa and is helped and assisted by the Nazim Villa mureeds in creating new places of zikr and conducting dhikrs  in other provinces of Sri Lanka. He is also very active in contacting Sheikh Mehmet on behalf of us and getting us the necessary guidance and instructions when necessary.

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Many young mureeds are presently being trained to conduct the Khatmul Khawajagan Dhikr at Nazim Villa and are at the moment carrying out these duties under the instructions of the main moderator.

Nazim Villa as a group has been involved in many activities. Prior to Moulana Sheikh Nazim’s passing away from this world, he had given many instructions to Nazim Villa mureeds, one of which was to complete a professional CD with Qaseedas. This is in progress and is gradually being done with the blessings of Moulana Sheikh Nazim.


We also went for umrah with a large crowd and the special task of this large group of Nazim Villa Mureeds loudly reciting the entire Khatmul Khawajagan while doing the tawaf was miraculously accomplished as absolutely no one objected.

The Nazim Villa Group also visited many Saints Ziyarams in Sri Lanka and did many charitable works, visiting and donating money to hospitals and mental institutions. They organized three workshops (workships of whirling) conducted by Sheikh Ahmad Dede (Who has been specially authorized by Moulana Sheikh Nazim to do Whirling and also as a Sheikh of the Mevlavi Tariqat), ​when he visited Sri Lanka with the permission of Moulana Sheikh Mehmet, one was at Nazim Villa and two at very prominent public places and people of various religions attended. 



We climbed Adams peak several times as a group and most recently climbed with Moulana Sheikh Mehmet. Alhamdulillah.  

This year they intend to visit Cyprus to do Ziyaram for Moulana Sheikh Nazim and to visit Moulana Sheikh Mehmet as a group, Insha Allah, whch shall be during end of March 2019.  From time to time at least one member  of Nazim Villa will visit cyprus or go  anywhere in the world where Moulana travels, in order to receive spiritual blessings for the group.


Moulana Sheikh Mehmet visits Sri Lanka almost every year and Sri Lankan mureeds are very blessed in that way to have Moulana Sheikh Mehmet visiting them so regularly. Each year the Nazim Villa Mureeds have big tasks to do which they happily undertake to do, during his stay in Sri Lanka at the Naqshbandi Maqam ( which is the first and the main centre for the Naqshbandi Tariqat in Sri Lanka.) Nazim Villa is also entrusted together with the Calipha of the Naqshbandi Maqam to carry out duties during Moulana’s stay in Sri Lanka.


Nazim Villa is always looking forward to serving Moulana Sheikh Mehmet and propagating the teachings of the Naqshbandi Tariqat and its Grandmasters. We do not believe in separation or fighting or competing with anyone. Nazim Villa always likes to be united and work together with other Dhikr groups and Naqshbandi mureeds. We respect the Naqshbandi Maqam which is headed by the Calipha, Sheikh Izath Nilar, as the first andthe main center of the Naqshbandi Tariqat in Sri Lanka.

Address of NAZIM VILLA
No. 1 1/5 Samudra Mawatha
Mount Lavinia
Sri Lanka


Imtiaz Thaha.

On behalf of Nazim Villa.

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