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All Creation Appear from the Light of Muhammad (sal)

People asking “Who is Allah?” And He is saying “Your Allah He is the Lord of Universes”. Rabb. Who is Rabb? What is the meaning of Rabb? Lord of Universes. In the word of ‘Rabb’, rabb is more comprehensive.

Endless comprehension from the word of ‘Lord’. Rabb. Coming in the word of ‘Rabb’ Creator also. Coming in ‘Rabb’, tarbiyah, educator, upbringing, given conditions. Everything in universe must have a conditioner. You may enter in a car factory, every piece must be educated or conditioned. Must be conditioned by the hands of some craftsman or master. Yes, fashioned. Also fashioner, conditioner. Everything in universe in need a conditioner, from smallest atoms.

Now we are looking in universe and firstly, we are understanding that must be One who gives conditions for whole universes. But we are surprising, we are surprised from beings, endless kinds of creatures in whole universe. Therefore people going to be surprised. But they’re surprising to be One Conditioner. Wondering, but Allah Almighty saying “I am the Conditioner and Fashioner and Upbringer and Shaper and Maker and Creator. Cherisher for all”.

Every number becoming, if existence by one. Two is not going to be two without, unless one. Thousands is not going to be thousands without one or it is nine hundred ninety-nine. And it needs one to be one thousand One thousand and one it is not in existence if no one. What it is only thousand it needs one to be one thousand and one. Signing that the Lord is only One. And from one increasing everything, by His endless Power Oceans and from His endless knowledges, using endless science. Man’s mind stopping when they are looking after atoms.

Yet it is an unknown thing. It is impossible to be known. But they may say finally that is only a appearance of power. They are saying that atom going to be changing in power and going through Power Oceans. When the Lord, Allah Almighty saying, “Come”, they are coming, appearing. Appearing, manifesting from Power Oceans so that whole universe going to be by His order. He is saying only “kun”, “Be!” By that order everything from Power Oceans appearing as universes. If He is going to say, “Not to Be!” they are going to be melted in Power Oceans. Disappear. Finish.

Therefore, eternal endless Power Oceans under the command of Allah Almighty appearing, and appearing as creatures. Endless creation, from beginning pre-eternity, eternity, coming to post-eternity. And Rabb conditioning, giving everything its creation then going to be their conditions, their qualities, their attributes. And everything taking its attributes from one holy name of his Lord. So that you, and you, and you, everyone, we are saying now generally and then particularly, sons of Adam, everyone carrying and manifesting from our Lord’s Holy Name. Manifesting. You can understand.

He is Rabbu l-Alamin. Rabb who from nothing (we are saying now, but it is wrong) From nothing, manifesting whole universe. But it is a wrong word. Allah Almighty creating everything and He has in His endless Power Oceans for universes, “yantaqu shayyan zahir” (says to a thing: appear!) They were in ‘batin’ (hidden). If we are in manifesting, or we are in appearance, [it is] when He is going to give His Divinely Light on us. Therefore we are coming, that everything going to be in lights, nur. Nur, no material, no substance. No space for it. No, only appearance.

When He Almighty wills to create, creating from His Lights and whole universe has been created from the lights of Muhammad, peace be upon him, because he is the first creature.

Allah Almighty catching one palm, one handful, from His Divinely Lights and saying “Be! Beloved Muhammad” and beloved Muhammad appeared, peace be upon him. And from that Light Oceans Allah Almighty ordered to appear whole universes. And it is going to appear and you are one from those endless creatures, but you have been distinguished among others.

Sohbat of August 1980\

So many holy-people say that if they lose the sight of the face of the Holy Prophet infront of them just for one moment, they do not consider themselves to be believers. They always look at him. The whole universe exists from the light of Muhammad. It is the main material of the universe; of Heavens and earth, the lights of Muhammad, may peace be upon him. It belongs to the Divine Power Oceans of Allah, to that which has put us into existence. When the power of that ocean catches you, you will be ready to disappear - Sheikh Nazim (BookPowerOceansofLight)


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