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Become a Heavenly Being

Allah Almighty is the One who sends Light (Noor) to our hearts. Till Noor comes to our hearts, we are like blind people. We must ask Allah Almighty to take away blindness from our hearts. When Light comes to our hearts this blindness will be taken away.

When real faith Haqqiqathul Iman comes to our hearts we will be totally changed into a new personality. We now belong to Dunya and not to Moula. We shall then be in Moula. When Haqqiqathul Iman comes to our hearts we will become heavenly beings.

When a person becomes a heavenly being, Allah Almighty will ask no questions from him. He will not be questioned. This is because when he comes to the Divine Presence he is dressed in Noor and because he has reached to what he has been asked to reach. He has reached to perfection as Allah Almighty had commanded him. He has therefore done his best and fulfilled his purpose. It is due to this reason that he shall not be questioned.

We are now within limits, and our sight is as if we are within four walls. But when Allah Almighty dresses one of His servants in Noor there shall be no hindrance to his sight and his vision. Distances, walls, buildings, mountains

etc. non-of these shall obstruct the vision of this servant. Nothing shall prevent him from looking and seeing. He will be able to look in any direction and every direction. He shall be able to see without distraction up to the end of that direction.

Distance shall not affect his vision. Neither will darkness in the night be a veil over his sight. Night shall appear as day to him. This is because he is dressed in this Noor. Every cell of his body is also Noor and like the shining of the Sun he shall be inside and outside of everything. Such a person shall be in the Divine Presence.

If Allah Almighty questions such a servant it shall be in the form of speaking to him only in order to honour him. When Allah Almighty

speaks to and addresses such a servant more and more honour comes to that person. This is only for honouring as His servant has done his best for Allah Almighty and has reached already to perfection. This is why he shall not be questioned. He has realized and reached to what Allah Almighty has asked of him and to what Allah Almighty has appointed for him.

If a person does his best in trying to fulfill the purpose of his Lord, he must somehow reach to that station. When a servant of Allah Almighty reaches to such a station it shall never be lost to him. It shall be forever. When the real Power of Iman enters his heart he shall change from being a worldly being into a heavenly being and his relationship to his heavenly stations shall be for always and ever.

In Unity he shall have no more troubles, no more problems, no more sadness and no more hopelessness. He shall be granted by Allah Almighty to be able to say “BE” and it shall become. When he reaches to that station he shall have no more egoistic desires; Finished. No more shall he belong to Dunya nor shall he even belong to himself. He shall belong to Allah Almighty and Allah Almighty shall accept him. To live for Allah Almighty is the highest horizon of servant hood. We have been asked to move towards this horizon. This is our target.

When a person belongs to Allah Almighty he leaves everything and says Innee Wajjahathu Wajjhiya Lillazee Faathiras Samawathee Wal Arla Hanifa. “Oh my Lord I have now turned my face to you”. Do we really mean it when we say this or do we say this only with our tongues. Allah Almighty is asking us to say it and mean it. To say “Oh my Lord, I belong to you and I am leaving out every other relationship in this life of mine. I am asking for a relationship with You in Your Heavens”. Then we shall be given this relationship with Heavens.

We are now too busy with this Dunya, and the World occupies all our time. Some of us are businessmen and the rest are “busymen”. When are we going to be free to be able to say, “I belong to you and I am running towards you”. When you walk in steps towards Allah Almighty He runs towards you. For example, when a guest steps into the hosts’ home with one step and when the host sees him coming, the host runs towards his guest in order to honour the guest. Likewise when a servant takes a step towards Allah Almighty, Allah Almighty also runs towards him, and this is the biggest honour.

Allah Almighty says “when my servant puts one step towards me in order to come to me, I will go towards him running. If he approaches me a distance of one foot, I shall move towards him with a distance of one yard. If he is approaching me in the measure of yards, I shall approach him with a bigger measuring”. Yes, this must be. When we turn our faces towards Him and ask to step towards His Divine Presence and leave this life behind to find Allah Almighty, He shall run towards us. Therefore the target of all Muslims is to try to belong to Him and to say “I am your servant, I belong to You and my service is only to You, and not to another” and to be able to reach to that point.

How are we going to make it possible to belong to Allah Almighty and not to another? Unlike Angels we have our physical needs. Yes, I acknowledge that through this life we need something for our physical body, but if we keep our hearts only for Allah Almighty and make it clean for Him and ready for Him, it would then be possible to belong to Him. Allah Almighty created our hearts, blessed it with His endless favours and said “The heart belongs to me only. The rest is for you, but keep only the heart for me”.

Therefore we must control our hearts so that there will be nothing in our hearts except Allah Almighty. Then, whenever Allah Almighty looks at your heart, He shall see that He is there. Allah Almighty will then say “that servant belongs to me”. Allah Almighty grants this to His Saints. The Saints are keeping it, and giving of this also to others as the Saints know the Secret of giving. Allah Almighty says “Oh my servants give, because I am giving to you”. If a person gives for the sake of Allah Almighty his pockets shall never be empty.

Allah Almighty sends endless blessings during both day and night by making the heart say “Allah Allah ,” because the heart belongs to Allah Almighty only. When the heart of a person belongs to Allah Almighty that person would not be able to forget Allah Almighty, and he shall belong to Allah Almighty.

It is not good even for one second to be heedless of Allah Almighty. By doing Zikr through your heart Allah Almighty gives you the opportunity to be able to be heedful of Him, at least by intention, as then he would be always keeping that Zikr in his heart. This opportunity means that he would belong to Allah Almighty when Zikr runs through his heart. Yes, When you reach to Allah Almighty you shall find that real peace and real enjoyment is with Allah Almighty.

Allah Almighty granted to Adam (alai) the Secret of His Divine Soul. But we are heedless in believing and trying to know this. All types of worship bring the servant of Allah Almighty towards Him. Being servants of Allah Almighty means belonging to Him. Yes, He is watching us, and without Him we would not even have been in existence.

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