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Break Out Of Prison And Soar Across The Universe

Greatness is a grant from the Heavens. It is not granted to a person who is looking for richness, for power or to be a ruler of nations. This is the wrong way. Everyone wants to be a ‘Big One’ because this gives them honour among people. This is why everybody wants to be a VIP (very important person). They want to be VIPs through material aspect and this is wrong. Materially a person cannot become great nor can he get honour. If honour had been given for material aspects, Pharaoh and Nimrod would have been great ones, but they never reached to greatness on earth. They were happy to be on earth and to belong to earth and this is material. Materially one may be able to move perhaps to a very small distance – from earth to some place, but after that he won’t be able to move because materially you cannot move in space.

This grant is given to the real servants of Allah Almighty. They are dressed in honour and they will be able to move through the stars, through the galaxies and through the sun due to a power and capacity given to them. No harm shall come to them. When they are dressed with that Heavenly Dress nothing can touch them or harm them. They may move everywhere because they do not belong to the material aspects.

Now people are tied down by material things. They think that if they are rich that they may move through space and Allah Almighty says,

“I have created this huge universe and you can reach, yes, you can reach through this universe but you cannot do so with material means.

When you become my sincere servants I shall dress you with honoured dressings and you shall have Heavenly Honour by these dressings so that you will be able to move in every direction of my creation and also you will be saluted by everything.” The salutation will be when they say, “Oh our Lord’s servant, merhaba, honour to you! Oh our Lord’s real servant, we have been ordered to obey your commands and to give you anything that you may ask and to help you to reach to higher and higher levels in our creators Divine Presence.”

Everything helps this person to reach to high levels and still above this level to a higher level in reaching to the Divine Presence and there are never ending levels for these people who are asking to be real sincere servants and who do not look to the material world. What is important for them is to be more obedient to their Lord and they are always asking for more authority to come even more close to the Heavens and to the Divine Presence. Mankind is now closed up within materiality. They have been imprisoned by the heavy walls of materialism and they cannot move. They are now looking and not seeing, touching and not understanding, knowing but never reaching because they are imprisoned. The Lord of heavens sent us to take away these material walls that are now surrounding us, to break them and to be in space which belongs to our spirituality and we have been granted Divine Greatness there. However imprisoned people cannot reach to this and yet they are happy to be in this prison and they say, “It is enough for us to be as we are. We do not believe that beyond this material being there is another dimension.” So they remain there and become people without any value. They will be taken away as there is no value for them. Oh people you are sitting here with me now and for your honour we are receiving some inspirations from Heavenly People and we are speaking to you on this. I am hearing also some very important points concerning the life of mankind and I am trying to explain to you about the real ‘greatness dressing’ that the Lord of Heavens is going to dress you in.

We are trying to call people, “Come out from your prisons. Come and look beyond your five senses and you should find another distance, another land and more stations which do not belong to materiality. Come out of your prisons! Come out and you shall be happy forever.” You should reach to this if you destroy your prison and get out.

Now you are like a chick inside the egg and you are so happy to be there and now you are hearing from your Lord, “Oh my creature touch the walls that surrounds you and get out and you shall find that which is beyond what you can even imagine.” So they should break the walls and come out and if you tell them after coming out of their prison or egg shell, “Come in again” they would shout out “no, no never.” Therefore those who break down their material selves should find a space of eternity and eternal life.


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