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Certainity is a Treasure From The Friends Of Allah

Certainty is Yaqeen - the Power of Iman with Certainty. Once during the time of Hassan ul Basri, one of the famous Imams, there was an Ajami or non-Arab Saint called Habib ul Ajami, an unlettered person who could neither read nor write but whose heart was full of Divine Light. One day, when Imam Hassan ul Basri visited this Saint, he placed two pieces of bread or Naan, as it is called in the east, before the visitor. That was all he had to give his guest. As the Saint was about to ask Imam Hassan ul Basri to eat, there was a knock on the door by a beggar saying, “Shayyanlillah”, which means, “something for the sake of Allah Almighty”. Habib ul Ajami took both the pieces of bread and gave them away to the beggar. Imam Hassan ul Basri who was hungry at that time disapproved of this act in his heart while thinking that one of those pieces could have been retained for the guest.

After a while there was another knock at the door and the Saint had it opened by a person who was staying with him. At the door was a servant carrying a tray of delicious food and he said that it was from his master to the Saint. The Saint who was reading the thoughts of Hassan ul Basri now spoke and said “Oh! Hassan ul Basri, you know so much of knowledge but you do not have Certainty . You were unhappy when I gave those two pieces of bread away, but I knew that it is easy for Allah Almighty to give us much more. I knew it, I believed it and I was certain of it. You knew all this but did not believe. Had you believed you would not have been unhappy when I gave the two pieces of bread away. But look, I was certain. You need more than the knowledge that you possess, because you need Certainty. “

It is not important to know too much and not have Yaqeen, Certainty. Some people may not know a lot of Hadees or the Quran Kareem, but their belief and Certainty may be perfect. You may take much more benefit from such a person than the ones who only know book knowledge. A cassette cannot give you Certainty neither can reading. Certainty can be passed only from one to another. Rasulullah (on whom be peace), did not give Iman to his Sahaba by asking them to read. The Certainty in his heart was made to run into the hearts of his companions. We must always look for people who have Certainty in their beliefs, no matter even if they be very simple people. Many Doctors claim to know much but do not reach to the level of Certainty.

When Imam Hassan ul Basri and Habib ul Ajami who was a Saint at that time were living in Baghdad the Saint met the Imam who was waiting for a boat to cross a river in Basra. Seeing this the Saint asked Hassan ul Basri why he would not recite Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem, and walk over the water. Habib ul Ajami then said, Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem and walked across the river saying “you know to say Bismillahi Rahman ir Raheem, but your belief has not reached to Certainty. I do not know so much as you do, but my Certainty is full, therefore when I say it I may walk on water”.

Allah Almighty granted such powers to Rasulullah (on whom be peace), who in turn gave it to the Sahaba, and every Sahaba had such powers of Certainty. That is the power of miracles. Everyone claims to be a believer but not with Certainty. We must try to reach to the level of Certainty and this could be reached through friendship with people who possess them. They could help us to get such powers. Electricity will flow through a wire only if connected to the mains. The power that Allah Almighty granted to the Prophet (on whom be peace), runs among Muslims up to this day. But most of those who possess this type of Certainty are hidden today unlike before when they showed themselves to the people, and the people ran after them.

You will not find them unless you look very carefully. A person who finds a gem in the gravel may throw it away taking it to be just another stone, but the one who knows about gems would take it to a lapidary for cutting and polishing and then turn it into a jewel. Similarly don’t think that Allah Almighty will show His Saints as they are in the polished state. No! they are hidden.

My Saints are hidden and no one shall know them unless until I wish to show them to My servants. Therefore we must try to respect everyone, perhaps one of them may be a Saint, a beloved servant of Allah Almighty. We may benefit from him. Respecting everyone is a Sunnah. We must respect the young, the old, the poor, the rich, the worker, the businessman, man and woman. If you give respect, you may come across a beloved servant of Allah, a friend of Allah Almighty who may save your life here and help you in the hereafter.

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