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Change Your Physical Being For Divine Appearances To Enter

As-salamu alaikum! Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa billahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim.

Oh people ask forgiveness from Allah Almighty and ask him to bless you and to look after you. We are very humble people. Physically we are so small. When you look at the rays of the sun when the sun is shining you may see within it small particles and they are so very small but relatively when we compare ourselves with the Universe we are even smaller. Physically we are so small in comparison to the Universe and it is as if we can’t even be seen. The entire solar system is going to disappear and also the planet in which we are now living is also going to disappear. In comparison to this planet our physical beings are so small. It is as if we are nothing.

The Lord of Heavens has created us and also created every created thing. We were not in existence and He created us. He is the creator and we are the created and all these created things are nothing when you compare it to the Creator. However much that you imagine the Universe to be in bigness still it is nothing. You may say, “ then what about billion times in bigness as the Universe.” And I will still say it is nothing. If you say, “what would you say if it was trillion times the size of the Universe.” I would still reply it is nothing. If you say, “what if we make the Universe quadrillion times bigger then what it is” I would still say it is nothing.

However much your imagination makes the created things bigger and bigger still they are on the level of creation and is created. You can never make a comparison between the hugeness of the Universe which is the created and the Creator’s Greatness. (Therefore) We may say, “Allah is Great.” But we cannot say, “Big Allah.” You cannot call him a big one because He is a Great one and Greatness is absolute and does not have an end or limit and Allah is the Great. As regards to everything in the Universe you may say that it is a small one, a big one, a bigger one or the biggest one. But in comparison with the Greatness of Allah Almighty it is nothing.

We (Mankind) have been granted from Allah Almighty to be big ones and not Greatness. You can call the stars as big stars, the world as big worlds, the galaxies as big galaxies and the Universes as big Universes but you cannot call them great stars, great worlds, great galaxies and great universes. You must understand this and this is new knowledge. You can call them big ones because their existence has been granted by the Great Lord the Lord of creation. But Subhanallah our bigness through our physical beings is nothing.

Subhanallah, we have been granted something that our imaginations can’t even reach to understand. No you cannot understand. What is that which we have been granted? It is when Allah Almighty through His greatness addresses you saying, “Oh my servants.”

This means that He has granted to us something that does not belong to our physical beings and our material Universe.

This has not been granted to the worlds or the Universes or the Galaxies. This has only been granted by the Lord of Heavens to Mankind. This is why Allah Almighty says,

“You are my successor on earth.”

And what is earth? What is the real earth and what is this real addressing? To whom was the Lord of Heavens addressing?

Our physical being cannot carry His addressing and the material being has disappeared. It is not possible for our physical being to carry His addressing. As an example Moosa (alai) was asking, “Oh my Lord let me look at You,” and Allah Almighty was saying, “You cannot see with your material being and your physical attributes and characteristics. You cannot see as long as you are in your material dressing. Even if your physical or material being is as big as the Universe you will still not be able to see. However I may isolate you from your physical being. You cannot see when you are in your physical body or physical form. Allah Almighty sent only one ray (and this is the smallest and least quantity) and the huge mountain on which this ray was sent disappeared. The mountain was finished.

This is why man is the most important in creation; he is the most extraordinary in creation. Even though man cannot look and see with his material body his structure is so very important. As long as you are still asking interested in the material aspect and also at the same time you are asking also from spirituality, from heavenly positions, you still won’t be able to reach to it. You must leave the material aspect or you will be deprived of this.

Through the physical being you will never be able to see and to look at Him who is Allah Almighty. What we were saying is that even if your physical body is in size bigger than a billion universes still it will be nothing and on nothing there cannot be an appearance from heavenly beings.

Leave alone (seeing) Allah Almighty, even heavenly beings, cannot be seen by them (Your Physical Body).

Yes, they cannot see and it shall be like thunder falling down on them and they will be finished. We have however been granted a ‘Real Being’, which is so important that it, will not be effected by Divine Appearances. This ‘Real Being’ will be according to different levels. Therefore if you do not reach to your ‘heavenly positions’ your physical body cannot carry anything from spirituality. This is why we have been ordered to leave our material being.

This is why, when Seyyadina Abu Yazid was entering the Divine Presence he was asking, “Oh my Lord, let me enter.” The Lord answered saying, “Leave your ego, leave your nafs and come.” This means that your ego belongs to the material world and is the biggest hindrance for you person to reach to the Divine Presence.

The Prophet Muhammad (sal)'s Night Journey towards the Lord's Divine Presence

In the same manner the Seal of Prophets (sal) also was not using his physical being during the ‘Night Journey.’ He changed it. His first step was from Mecca and he was riding on the Buraq, and the Buraq belongs to and represents our physical being. He left it and then he journeyed to the Divine Presence. He left his ride, which is the Buraq, as it was told to him, “You must leave it and then come.” So he left it and he arrived. This is the honour of Mankind.

The physical being of a man even if it grows to be the size of billions of Universes will also be nothing and it won’t be given the right to be even (to set) one foot above the earth. Yes! You will fall down. If a person cannot even rise up one foot above the earth he still belongs to the material world. He is totally nafs and his animal being appears and this is why he cannot go up. When the animal being disappears then he becomes ready.

The Prophet (sal) came from Mecca to Bait ul muqaddis on the Burak Sheriff. When he reached there he was in a position to rise up to the heavens by himself. Therefore he left behind the ‘holy ride’ (Burak) on earth and rose up to the heavens. Angel Gabriel accompanied him part of the way, though the seven heavens, but at a certain point stayed back in awe of the radiance of the Divine Countenance, fearing to approach further lest he burn. The Holy Prophet then ventured on alone into his Unity oceans and saw the Divine Countenance of Allah.

Oh people you do not understand about yourselves, yet. This is why the Prophet (sal) said,

“Know yourself and you shall know your Lord.”

If you do not know about yourself you cannot reach to your Creator. The first condition is that you must understand yourself!

This is a summary and from east to west people may find precious stones in this. Oh people do not run after bigness on earth. You need to reach to greatness through the Heavens. As long as you try to run after bigness on earth you shall be on the level of animals and you will not be able to reach to the Heavens.

When the Prophet (sal) was ready, he instantly began to rise up higher and higher. The bigness of the Prophet (sal) on earth finished and from then on it was only an order from the Holy Orders of Allah Almighty with the saying “Be” and it became. Then Allah Almighty put on the existence of the Prophet (sal), the existence of Heavenly Being and dressed him from the greatness of the Heavens. This was not from the greatness of the prophet's (physical being), it was from the greatness of Heavens and he reached upwards.

Today people think that religion is just a belief and that without practicing or without being tested spiritually that they would be able to reach to some degree or level. They may think that they have reached to Allah Almighty and this just cannot be. They may be big ones but they cannot be a great one.

May Allah forgive us and bless you for the honour of the Seal of Prophets, Seyyadina Muhammed (sal) and may He give us good understanding. The understanding of people particularly in our days are wrong and they have a wrong understanding of Islam and of religion and of spirituality and of Heavenly Matters, Heavenly Levels and Heavenly Beings.

Today you can only find your way through one tariqat (Sufi Order). You can only find your way through one Sufi Order. This tariqat or way is the most distinguished Naqshbandi Sufi Order. All other tariqats or Sufi Orders have ended or stopped.

Therefore during this time you can reach to your ‘real position’ only through the Most Distinguished Naqshabandi Order. This means that when everything is taken away from you it is then that you will be dressed by Heavenly Dressings so that you can understand. If not you will only understand the level of animals and you will be only eating and drinking and indulging in sexual pleasures and making children, nothing else. Now people have fallen into this type of understanding. Oh Allah, Oh our Lord!

Save us from the hands of satanic power and help us to destroy the building of falsehood (batil). Help us to bring falsehood down and also bring down the supporter of falsehood who is Shaitan. I hope that the time of falsehood is over now. What we are asking for is now approaching. People should instead of asking to become big ones on earth should ask to reach to greatness in the Divine Presence of our Holy Creator. This is important.

Bi hurmati man arsalta alayhi Surath-l Fathiha.

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