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The Secret which Is Concealed Within You

There are so many tape recorders here, but which is the best one? The best one is Japanese, they say, or British, because they have a certain stamp or seal, a trademark. Then, if people see that seal or trademark, they say, "This is a famous one, It must be the best."

What about yourselves, the children of Adam? You have a stamp on your heart, the stamp of the Creator. Do you think about that? Sometimes newspapers put some photographs, saying that the word "Allah" is written here, but it is written so weakly (if there is something useless, photographs fill the whole world and people look at that so much). And on the heart, they say "Allah" is written, as well. It has the Lord's stamp on it, but not too many people are looking for that.

Everyone's heart has been sealed by the Divine Signature. The children of Adam bear the Divine Stamp, the Divine Signature all of us. That is to be honored (tashrif) by the Divine Seal. We have that honor. Now, with the Will of God (insha Allah), as they give to me, as my "Spiritual Headquarters" gives to my heart, I am going to translate to you, according to your spiritual desires.

Now, there are two kinds of people who have knowledge. One group of people claim that they are scholars. They claim that they have knowledge. Another group of people claim that they have wisdom. Scholars may get their knowledge by looking at everything, testing and observing, obtaining knowledge, but wisdom is heavenly knowledge, and it is given to certain people, not given generally.

The vision of those who have been given knowledge is different from the vision of wise people. Scholars may look at you, but wise people look and see you in another shape or form. Wisdom gives honor to everyone, as Allah Almighty honored them, even though they may do bad actions.

What is the proof?

The first human beings, Adam(alai) and Eve, had the duty to be representatives of the Lord on this planet. They were given a form made out of four elements and their creation was completed by the Lord giving them a part of His own Divine Soul. That is why we are the most honoured creation of all creatures. No-one else got that. We have been crowned in the Divine Presence to be His representatives. Everyone has the potential of being a deputy of the Lord of Heavens. That is the most important part of our creation.

Adam was our Lord's deputy from the time when there was no time. Time is created by this world. If the sun does not move or the world does not turn, no more time; time would finish. Allah Almighty made Adam and his children to be deputies from eternity to eternity

When God Almighty, decided to create Adam, or when He decided to make him appear in existence, He declared to all the angels that now is the time when I am going to create, saying, in effect, "The time has now come to appear, O My deputy Adam." Then the angels said, "O Lord, what are you doing? What are you creating'? Are You going to create creatures who do evil and kill each other, doing every dirty thing, while we are always, from beginning to end, glorifying You?" They meant to say that those creatures whom You are going to create or to cause to appear in existence are creatures of such bad actions, while we are correct, glorifying You, servants to You. If You need to make someone Your vicegerents, then it must be ourselves. We are suitable for that. Yes, that was the meaning of their statement, but God Almighty said, "I know whom I am making My viceregents because I gave them something I didn't give to you."

A ruby or diamond may fall into the dirt, but no one would leave it there and go away. If it fell from someone's hand into the dirt, no one would leave it there. Yes, the person who found it would take it from there and wash it, putting so much soap on it, and also cologne. Then no one would say to him, "Why did you take it out of the dirt and put it here?" No, it is right. Why? It has its value and dirt does not affect it.

We are saying as-salaamu`alaykum, O people, who have been created and honored to be the Lord’s deputies. We are speaking about the Sun sending it’s rays on this planet and giving life to everything. This is not our real life or our real position; our real mission or being is not here. It is imitated life, an imitated being here. It is essentially a mock (existence) here; the true essence of each is not here. Do not think the Lord of Heavens gives that honor to you on such a planet. La yudhkar, it can’t be declared amongst Endless Oceans.

Allah Almighty is making a waseela for everything, a reason or some proofs for understanding. He is putting that Sun here, and this planet would be dead if its rays were not reaching it. All those who are living on it are imitated creatures. Allah Almighty is making that huge star for them. You may say ‘star’, but its name is ‘Sun’. People are saying ‘Sun’ because it is through space. It sends rays and gives you something for your imitated being. It is made as a practice; a tajruba, an experiment. No Sun, no life. Then there is our real being, the deputy. Our real being is carrying that honor. It is not like ourselves, carrying to be deputies of Allah. How? How can it be that Allah Almighty is making deputies, one meter, two-meter people? Are you never thinking on such things? la`allahum yatafakkaroon. Allah Almighty is asking you to think on it. You must think that it can’t be through this size that you are going to be a deputy, it can’t be.

What do you think if a king or sultan is asking to dress a peasant to be his deputy? A farmer or a shepherd, making him sultan and also his deputy, then leaving him behind a flock or making him plough fields? How can it be, a deputy of the sultan is going to be a shepherd or a farmer? What is that? When Allah is making him a deputy, He is calling him, “Call that one. I am dressing him in a dress of honor to be My deputy of Scotland, or Wales, or Kent.” He is dressing him and sending him there and the Lord of Heavens is saying to the angels, “I am making a new creation to be my deputies.” He can do this? Allah Almighty is saying, la`allahum yatafakkaroon. “How? I am not granted a territory and He is dressing me with that honor?” Allah Almighty’s deputy (is granted) that endless honor. Through that endless honor he is granted endless power and granted endless lights and endless oceans through our Lord’s Dominions. No number or measure can measure it.

Therefore, Sayyidina `Ali (r) said, “You are thinking you are a small being, but who is looking to you? You are like a universe! "تظن أنك جرمٌ صغير ، وفيكَ انطوى العالمُ الأكبر - Tadhunnu annaka jirmun sagheer wa feeka natwi al-`aalim al-akbar - Do you think you are a speck when the whole universe is contained in you?”

Sayyidina Ali (as) saying "whole universe just in you." If a person is reaching to that level of understanding he is never going to be lonely, no. He is with that and everything in him also. He is in all as well as all is in him. He is in all and all in him. Its understanding giving honour to mankind & opening endless horizons of understanding. He (swt), that who Allah (swt) in all, and all in Him (swt).

The universe that you have been given within yourself is something like a very little drop in an ocean. There are five secret treasures hidden in your heart. The heart is not that piece of flesh in yourself. That is the physical body's heart. You have something else within yourself. That is your personality in the Divine Presence. You have been given five treasures, five universes. Each one is wider than the next and deeper. The deepest one, which has no limits, is the Throne of your Lord. It is the Throne of your Lord because nothing can contain your Lord. It is impossible. Neither the worlds nor the heaven can contain your Lord Almighty, only your heart, the hearts of the children of Adam contain it. This means there is no limit to your heart.

The Knowledge of Yourself is the Knowledge of the whole Universe

When we look within ourselves, then we may look at the whole universe. Then you may look at, you may know about yourself. When you know about yourself, you are going to know about everyone else, also. When you are pleased with yourself, at the same time you are going to be pleased with everyone else. When your true personality appears, you will take care to respect yourself.

Prophets have come to us to open that door through which we can look at our realities in the Divine Presence. Step by step, if you are following in their footsteps, it will open for you to look at yourself, to know yourself. We don’t know ourselves; we need a Divine Mirror to look in to see ourselves. You are asking why we come to this life. It is to be witnesses of ourselves. We have been sent to attain perfection, to look at ourselves and say: “We are something also.” I cannot give more than this description until you taste it for yourself. When you taste, you will know. May Allah grant us to taste... Bi hurmati’l Habib... Fatiha.

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