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Deputy of Allah & the Oceans of Power

How is honour given to mankind. Yes! mankind has been given honour. Even the Angels were asking for the honour that Allah Almighty gave to Adam (alai).

There are certain things in creation that is impossible to be seen with the naked eye. They are atoms, Zarra, We cannot see them even through an electronic microscope. The light (Noor) in our eyes cannot see them. There are large objects like the sun, moon and the stars which in their entirety cannot also be seen through the light of the naked eye. This is because of their immense largeness. Yes! there are also very small atoms which cannot even be cut into two pieces. If the cutting takes place and the parts are separated they shall cease to be. Who brings these into existence, the small and the large? It is Allah Almighty who brings them into existence. Yes! the thing that was brought into existence must know who brought it into existence. Everything from the tiniest particle to the largest should have a knowledge of itself and a recognition of its Creator.

They are not dead they are living. Everything in existence is living and each of them has a different kind of light. The highest level of light through the entirety of creation is for mankind, thereafter the animals, then the plants and then what we call inanimate things, such as rocks, earth etc. Those who do not know say that inanimate things do not have life. I ask them, if the earth has no life, how do plants receive life from them. The earth feeds the plants with life, because without the earth there can be no life for plants. The earth looks to the commands of its Creator, when its Creator sends rain on it. Allah Almighty sends the Secret of Life through water to the earth and the combination of the earth and water give life to the plants.

Even the smallest particle belonging to the earth must know its Creator and must glorify Him. This means everything in existence has knowledge. The Knowledge that Allah Almighty gave the earth is not the same as that which He gave to the plants. The Knowledge given to the plants is inferior to the knowledge that is given to the animals. Animals have not been given the knowledge that has been given to mankind. Even the Angels have not been given the type of knowledge that has been given to mankind.

The Angels have been given a lot of knowledge, but Adam (alai) was given much more knowledge and is honoured thereby. This is why Allah Almighty has appointed Seyyadina Adam (alai) and his children to be His deputies. The word Deputy means to be able to control the whole World. Without knowledge however the World cannot be controlled. Therefore it follows that if they are to control they must be given knowledge.

Through knowledge comes authority, if there is no knowledge there can be no authority. The knowledge that was needed to control the World was first granted to Seyyadina Adam (alai), for Allah Almighty says that He taught Adam (alai) everything. When Allah Almighty used the word everything it meant that Adam (alai) was to know everything throughout creation. With this knowledge also was given the Secret Power to be able to control everything in the Universe.

The True Potential of A Real Deputy.

Allah Almighty has endless Universes. When the potential Deputy or the candidate becomes a real Deputy, Allah Almighty shall give him a Universe to control. When such knowledge and control is given to a Deputy of Allah Almighty, he has only to say “BE” and the Universe is ready and comes into existence. He shall be like the sun to the earth. If there is no sun there shall be no life on earth. These deputies give life to the Universe like the sun gives light to the earth. This is done through their Secret Spiritual Power. They are given the capacity to control the Universe when they are able to control their egos.

If a person is able to control himself he is granted by Allah Almighty to be a real Deputy of Allah Almighty, and he shall be invited to the Divine Holy Presence of Holy Prophet Muhammad Rasoolullah, on whom be peace. Then the Prophet shall dress him with the Crown of the real Deputy. He shall then be like the sun to the Universe. He shall give from the Divine Lights that has been granted to him to the Universe.

Even the sun shines through the Divine Lights of the one who is His Deputy. This Secret Power goes from his heart to the sun and the sun is made to shine. If this Deputy is not in control, then this sun shall not shine. This is because of the fact that the value and importance of His Deputy is more valuable in the Divine Presence than the Universe.

Preperation for Real Deputy Stations.

"Who is he who can control himself? No one is able to control himself without being given authority. He must for this purpose join up with an authority. It is only then that he will be able to control himself"

If a person wants to become a doctor, lawyer or an architect he must be under and learn from a doctor, lawyer or an architect. In similar fashion the one who is seeking to become a Deputy of Allah Almighty should be trained at the hands of an Authority or Deputy of Allah Almighty. This is how he would be able to control himself and thereafter to be able to control the Universe.

Shah Bahuddeen Naqshaband (ral),the Imam of the Naqshabandi Tariqa gives authority and prepares his followers through his associations to reach to their real Deputy stations. This is why Tariqas are necessary as they are the chain of authority. Tariqas therefore take people to their real Deputy positions. The ignorant ones do not however understand this. They teach that Tariqas are for the collecting of Dunya.

If a real Authority from a Tariqa looks at this dunya he would be thrown away and this Secret would be taken away from him. Therefore their looking is not like our looking. Their Secret Power shall with their looking give to the earth, to the flowers, to the plants, to the animals or to man according to their needs. This is given through their Secret Light.

This is why the Prophet, on whom be peace, said that the looking of a Moomin must be for wisdom. This is why the whole World is under the control of them and they are also able to be in so many places at the same time, They also have many eyes among people and also among nature. They do this with authority, and this authority is from Tariqa. Bringing people to their real Deputy positions is the way of real Tariqas.

The Hidden Reality Behind Karamath (Miracles).

We do not come here to eat, drink and enjoy ourselves. Even animals do that. We come here as the Prophets came. Every Prophet was asked to show their nations, Alamul Kubra, the Oceans of Power, the Oceans of Worlds. To show them these Oceans and to carry them to these Oceans. They showed to the people extraordinary miracles through their Power Oceans. The people wondered and marvelled at these miracles. The Saints too show people miracles (Karamath) through their extraordinary Power Oceans. What is the reason for them to show people miracles. This is to make people realise the power that has been given to the real deputies of Allah Almighty, and to make them become interested in the real Deputy positions that have been given to them.

The people are at wonderment at the miraculous feats of these real deputies of Allah Almighty. They should not think that the deputies of Allah Almighty are controlling the Universes with their physical powers. Physical powers are nothing and it is weaker than the ants when compared to the “Deputy Power” which is huge and gigantic. Therefore the Saints are huge and gigantic with the Secret Knowledge given to them by the Prophet, on whom be peace.

"It is said that when a weak servant is adorned by the crown of the Deputy of Allah Almighty the light that comes from him shall make the light of the sun and stars be like candles in comparison to the sun when the sun is shining"

Even if one were to put a million candles in the sunlight the light of the sun shall make these candles disappear. Such is the light of the sun and the stars compared to the light of the Deputy of Allah Almighty. Yes! it is a huge power that is to be granted to us through our hearts. We are in need for an opening of our hearts.

It is not possible for us to reach to that opening if we are not going in the way of Tariqas. If we do not follow this private way and the private training of the Holy Quran, we shall never reach to that opening. We should then be of the common people and not of them. For example, it is like the sky with the sun and the stars which are the deputies and the millions and billions of lightless things going around space who are the common people

The common people are the unenlightened ones, They have no Noor and no opening. We are Tariqa people and we are trying for an opening. Allah Almighty will ask us “Why are you coming to me without an opening, what did you do for so many years, and I gave you everything for your opening, why didn’t you open up your hearts and. why is it that you did not reach to the level of real beings”.

May Allah Almighty give us good understanding so as to make us follow a person who will take us towards this direction, where there are the treasures of our Lord. When you follow such a person you may move towards it. Yes! if you are know and believe you must go in this direction but if you do not know and if you do not believe even if the whole World calls you, you will not go in this direction.

Therefore we are asking for good understanding from Allah Almighty. We are asking Him to let us know about ourselves and as to what we should do and as to how we should do it. We ask Allah Almighty to grant to our hearts a desire for such treasures. This association is only to make your hearts to desire these treasures and openings. If that desire comes into existence it is going to be so easy for you. Therefore you must ask to follow and you must reach. May Allah Almighty grant you success.



A very beautiful sohbet Indeed. Thank you Moulana

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