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Divine Attraction And The Conquest Of The Hearts

It is more important to be able to conquer hearts than to conquer the whole world. This is very important. The special attribute of Rasoolullah (sal) was to conquer the hearts of people.


When hearts are conquered they come to surrender. Rasoolullah (sal) worked for thirteen years to establish faith. To establish Iman. When he established Iman he was able to conquer the hearts of people because the centre of Iman (Makkarun Iman) is the heart. This is how the Companions (Sahaba) of the Prophet Muhammad (sal) surrendered to Allah Almighty and were able to reach to the level of Rasoolullah (sal). This was the way by which they reached to the light of Iman (Noor ul Iman) and then this method reached out to the far east and far west and to all places.

Therefore today we are in need of “Conquerors of Hearts” and not Doctors of Law (Shariat). Yes, we need people who are able to conquer the hearts of people and thereafter to be able to control these hearts. If after conquering hearts they are not controlled, Shaitan can easily come back again to take control. There is no way of conquering hearts except by the methodology of zikr and by the way of tariqats- sufi Orders.

Today the spiritual power in all the other forty tariqats (all tariqats except Naqshabandi) have come to a standstill. Amongst the forty-one tariqats accepted by the Ahli Sunnat wa Jamaah, forty of them have now come to a halt. There is no more spiritual power. Only a temporarily renewed power may come sometimes to them. These forty tariqats were once like forty fountains or forty taps which were running with Divine Blessings. Today all of them have stopped and there are no more blessings coming from them, which can conquer the hearts of people and control them. This can only be done today by the naqshabandi tariqat because no other tariqat has Kamil ul Irshad (perfect spiritual attraction).

The people of the other tariqats who are keeping zikr have only been authorized previously (tabarukaah). They have been authorized to recite or to make zikr but as for Irshad (attraction) they have no power. When their Sheikhh dies or passes away they are not able to continue with at least someone equal to that previous Sheikhh’s power. Therefore this power keeps gradually fading and declining.Today there is a need for much more power and for more authorized people to make Irshad (attraction) and to be able to conquer hearts, to open the hearts of people and to control them. If any of you know of such a person in these other tariqats please be good enough to inform me of them.

Through the East and through the West all these tariqats are now only officially functioning and you cannot find real power in them. As for the people who follow these tariqats, they only get a little bit of refreshment from zikr when they sit for these zikrs. When they get up and leave there is no more power to control them. This is the sign of the approaching of Mahdi (alai). It is also the same for the Ulema (Doctors of Law and learned men). Their spirituality is also failing. Today there are very few real Ulema to address people and to be able to teach them what they may be in need of. The Ulema also is declining.

All power today comes through the Naqshabandi Order because this power is growing and not decreasing, and it is able to affect the hearts of all people. The Naqshabandi Tariqat also has Jaziba. Jazbat at Tariqat. Jaziba means attraction – Divine Attraction – it is the attraction that is to be able to carry the hearts of people and to control them. This only comes through the Naqshabandi Tariqat and to whoever having his heart connected to it. We hope that Allah Almighty makes His servants to connect their hearts. We are more than ever in need of that power today.

We hope that quarreling and fighting may not separate people and that they become attracted to the way of Allah Almighty. People need to have peace in their hearts by the way of zikr. All tariqast today use only the zikr that is done with their tongues. It is only the Naqshabandi Tariqat which uses zikr through the hearts and only this ‘heart zikr’ can control hearts. If zikr does not come through the heart of a person, Shaitan always reaches to that heart. When there is zikr in one’s heart Shaitan must neccesarily escape and go away from that heart. Today the zikr of these other forty tariqats do not enter hearts. There is no authority for them to look into hearts and to control them. This is done today only by the way of the most distinguished Naqshabandi Tariqat.

All Imams are using their power now only through the Naqshabandi Tariqat including Seyyadi Abdul Qadir Jilani (qad). He is also dressed by this power so that he may control his murids (followers) from his time till today. There is only one Imam or main pillar in the Qadiriya Tariqat and that Imam is Muhiyadeen Abdul Qadir Jilani (qad). He is also now using Naqshabandi power for controlling hearts. His contact is the Sultan ul Awliya (the highest ranking saint of the time) who is in power today for the whole world. His heart is in contact with this Sultan ul Awliya. The Imams of the other forty tariqats are also reach to this power in the same way that Abdul Qadir Jilani (Qad) reaches this Naqshabandi Power and then they are controlling their murids through this way.

If zikr does not reach to the hearts, the body does not surrender. If the body does not surrender then our hearts are not yet prepared to carry real Iman (faith). zikr is what drives away Shaitan to go out from the hearts. Neither heavenly trusts nor heavenly blessings can come to the hearts of murids as long as Shaitan is able to approach their hearts. When Shaitan is in their hearts they will have no ‘Openings,’ (kashf). These murids will not able to look to Malakut and to the Heavens, and to everything that is veiled from them. They will not be able to look at all this except through the power and lights of zikr (noor-ul-zikr) which should reach to their hearts. If this light of zikr reaches to their hearts they will be able to look in front of them and behind them.

They will also be able to look into the past and into the future. When they reach to that hidden knowledge (kashf), in whichever direction that they send that light (noor), that direction shall become clear and open to them and they shall be able to see. Therefore, the Naqshabandi Tariqat is the way for all non-Muslims as Iman (faith) for them is coming through that way now. The other tariqats are now not able to carry non-Muslims except for a short time. After this short time the non-Muslims will leave. I am looking into so many tariqats. In Europe they are only carrying non-Muslims for a short period of time. Then after this short period these non-Muslims leave these tariqats and in the process leave Islam also. When they come and meet with the Naqshabandi Order, this Order is able to carry everyone from East to West.

Mahdi (alai) shall come and we hope that he will come soon. The events that are happening today are carrying on to that big event of Dunya Zuhural -the last days. Mahdi (alai) should come after the great war. The war is to make preparation for his mission. Therefore, first there must be a war, and then Mahdi (alai) will come. There is no power on earth that will be able to stop this great war except the miraculous power of Mahdi (alai). It will cease only with the miraculous power of Islam. Almighty Allah will show this huge power which is Islam to the non-Muslims and to the unbelievers.

Only one power, the power of Takbir from an ocean of power will be used. Only the words “Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar” will be used to stop all the technology that the non-Muslims and Kafirs (disbelievers) are trusting on to bring down Islam. Allah Almighty has given that authority to Mahdi (alai) to bring down non-believers. The power of technology shall be taken away from them and their weapons will stop working.

It is only for one Saint whohas been authorized that there is the power to switch on and off technology. He should switch it off. Mahdi (alai) is authorized for that. During the coming of Mahdi (alai) there shall also be with him the last Sheikhh of the Naqshabandi Order. The Naqshabandi Order has 7007 Imams and all of them are in the same rank. In the Qadiri Tariqat there is only one Imam, who is Sultan ul Awliya Seyyadi Muhiyadeen. In Naqshabandi 7007 have this power. Yes and the last one shall be with Mahdi (alai).

Mahdi (alai) shall look at the outward aspect, to arrange everything and every action according to shariat without leaving anything and anyone who are against it. He is not going to look to hearts. The hearts are left for the last Imam of the Naqshabandi Order. He would be able to look at the hearts of all the people and to bring them under Divine Control and Shaitan is will be prohibited to approach their hearts.

Therefore now little by little spiritual power is reaching to the East and West. This spiritual power is working on hearts. Our mission is within limits, physically, but spiritually it is most powerful, as unlike a physical body a spiritual body is not only one, but in number, they are as many as mankind may need.

It is preparation time now, for hearts to accept zikrullah (remembrance of Allah) and to accept also Noor (light) and to work on the lights of Iman (faith) so that they will be prepared to be in the Divine Presence and in the Holy Presence of Rasoolullah (sal).

We are now only making some short practices and showing some signs on it so that it will be easy to build the real power of the Naqshabandi Order. May Allah Almighty bless you and light up your hearts and our hearts with His Holy Zikr.


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