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Diving in the Endless Unity Oceans

“Everyone must do his mission. What is their mission? To say, "Only He (Allah) is in existence, (Mawlana Shaykh stands.) Only Allah Almighty and nothing else!” (Mawlana Shaykh sits.) That is the meaning of laa mawjooda illa-Llah. (There is no existence but Allah)”

(Once) the Seal of Prophets (s), was asked about afdalu 'l-`aamaal (Best of Actions). When the Seal of Prophets (s) had been asked what is from the best work or best action of a person? The Seal of Prophets said, "Al-`ilmu bil-Llah," the ‘KNOWLEDGE OF ALLAH’. People were Surprised. Why were they surprised? Because they were asking for something that a servant may do, something that belongs to our physical being's efforts. But his answer was that it never belongs to the effort of our physical being, but it is beyond that, beyond! The answer of the Seal of Prophets (s) was very high, because what we are doing physically of `ibaadat, worshiping, is relating to majal –(consciousness of Individual being -Ego). But this station that the Seal of Prophets (s) was expressing is beyond our efforts. The 'drop' has a being through its creation and when moving from its appointed point and then leaving it's being, it reaches an ocean, and its identity simply disappears. There only remains the Identity of the Lord of Creation. That hadith an-nabawi ash-shareef is such an ocean, such an ocean.

“What can you do that is the most valuable action in your whole life? Is it to ride a horse your whole life? Or is it to use that horse to reach the Divine Presence? For what are you praying, for what are you fasting, for what are you doing so much? Is that our real target? No

On the Night Journey of Seal of Prophets (s), he rode from Meccat al-Mukarramah to Quds ash-Shareef. What do you think was the real target? When the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) went on Mihraj he reached a certain point with Angel Gibreel (alai) when the Angel said to the Prophet (peace be upon him) “Only you can enter beyond this point. If I move further I will be destroyed and there shall thereafter be no existence for me”. The Prophet said “yes, I will enter” and he went beyond this point to the utmost limits and reached the real target, the Divine Presence. When he did this his personality was destroyed and he became a Light of Allah Almighty. By becoming this Light he reached to Allah Almighty.Therefore, what we are doing, is not a target for ourselves, the real target is to reach through that Infinity Ocean up to the Divine Presence. There you are going to say la ilaaha illa-Llah, laa ilaaha illa-Llah, laa mawjooda illa-Llah, laa mawjooda illa Ant! "There is none in existence except You."

A hundred years ago no one of you was present, and in a hundred years you will also not be here. It means we are nothing. Between those two periods of being nothing you also have to accept that you are nothing. Accept this reality. Don't live in imagination. Your ego doesn't want to disappear in the Unity Ocean of Allah. The biggest challenge for humans is to accept that they are nothing. They insist on being something. This is why they are quarrelling continuously until they are completely worn out. The batteries of a tape recorder will be finished one day and thrown away. You have also been given a battery for your physical body. It helps you to be seen in this existence. Those who can reach real Heavenly Power before they die are the real lucky ones. They will never be dust in their tombs, like all prophets and all holy people never turn to dust. Their bodies are as if they were alive, even their blood is circulating. This is why Allah has sent Heavenly Beings to be amongst people.

All prophets and their inheritors have reached Heavenly Power Stations and are offering people such connections. If anyone (wants such a connection), they have to pay. That which you say belongs to you. You might say, "I will give everything except my soul!" But no, you have to give your soul too! When the power within your soul has been arranged, I will put it back. The Angel Gibril came to Muhammad* when he was around 7 years old and cut him open. He arranged everything and then left. This was repeated during the Night Journey. It is an example for everyone who wants to reach real power from Heavens. They must be operated in their hearts. Not the operation of a surgeon, but a heavenly one. Every inheritor of Muhammad* needs such an operation. Everyone who has had this done, can then do it to others. These are very rare people. If you ask for them, you will reach them. It will be a bit difficult for common people, but everyone is welcome who asks for it.

When (One is) trying to reach to Allah Almighty’s divinely Presence, they are in need (of) some training, some practising, to break down their material being and (for) that drop (our soul)- that it is through your material being- to be free; as that drop (to be) coming and entering (the) ocean (and) going to be (the) ocean. But you need to break down that material being! For (the) material being (there is) no room in Existence! It is an imitated existence. But (our) soul, when (it is) coming (to be free), without (the) hindrance (of our physical being), (it is) reaching to the Oceans of Unity of Allah Almighty and (it is) going to disappear (in them)…

When you have no more existence Allah will dress you with your real body, with your real existence which will last forever. Haqqani!

Therefore, you must try to melt it, to destroy your material being, either here or after death. Then you should find yourself in an Ocean of Spirituality that belongs to Allah Almighty’s Will. When He is going to say: “Come in existence” (it is) coming (in existence). That existence of our souls may be understood through our spiritual being. Our Grandsheikh was saying about And our spiritual being - it is like a drop that is coming down from the clouds and reaching to the ocean and becomes the ocean- you can’t find it, you can’t bring a limit for it- that (drop) just reached to an Ocean that never can be known (fully). Even though (the drop) disappeared, it will continue to exist in the Unity Ocean of Allah.

When you have given this temporary being to Allah, He will dress you in Wujud-ul-Haqqani, the appearance of Truth. He will grant you from His Divine Existence and will dress you in a body which is real and will be with you forever.

No one can be reaching to (the) real knowledge about the Lord of Heavens, until they are reaching to a real understanding of their spirituality. Through spirituality you can reach- some knowledge from the Creator. But don’t think that your material being can think on it and can be able to bring any real information for the Creator! People now are asking: “How is Allah?” “Where He is?” And: “When He was?” And: ”Up to where He is going to be?” These are nonsense questions because it is not your responsible area to ask, AS LONG AS YOU ARE IN PRISON THROUGH (THE) MATERIAL WORLD. You must cut it out! When you are cutting this prison, you can find yourself in a world that (there is) no materiality, only spirituality. And spirituality, you can’t bring any description on it, no! Anything you can bring for an understanding of spirituality, (the) material being (is) never understanding. It is impossible, no! This is something, that is something else. With your material being you can’t understand your spiritual being.

Therefore Sayyidina Ali (as) is saying (something about our spiritual being): "whole universe just in you." If a person reaching to that level of understanding he is never going to be lonely, no. He is with that and everything in him also. He is in all as well as all is in him. He is in all and all in him. A drop coming from clouds falling into sea that is becoming sea. You can't find where it is. Finish! As long as you are imprisoning your soul and spiritual being you are single, and your soul asking to break the walls of you material prison and to reach to the ocean, or Unity Oceans of Allah Almighty. When you reach Unity Ocean of Allah Almighty, no ore singleness, finished!

When a man knows himself, this opens the way of ‘marifat’, the divine knowledge of Allah. Through our tasting and knowledge about ourselves there is going to open in front of us divine knowledge, which gives us way to know about Allah, marifatullah.

Our Grandsheik Abdullah Daghistani, may Allah bless him, spoke about Muhiddin Ibn Arabi and said when he was in Divine Presence and he himself ceased to be in existence. He had entered the Divine Unity Oceans and was no more in existence. His existence was the Existence of the Lord Almighty Allah.

(In this State) He was taking Divine Knowledges from the Divine Presence and writing it down in his books. Allah's words are inexhaustible as per the Qur’anic verse in Surat al-Kahf. Say, "If all the sea were ink for my Sustainer's Words, the sea would indeed be exhausted before my Sustainer's Words are exhausted! And [thus it would be] if we were to add to it sea upon sea." (al-Kahf, 18:109).

Even if we brought seven more seas, no matter how, the Creation of Allah is great, great, great, but with the greatness of Allah it can disappear from existence with no trace! We are at the lowest stations if we were to use the pen to write the words of Allah. He has no end and no beginning and the human being is the wonder of Creation. Allah Almighty has put into the human being the most amazing of wonders, so that he can understand something. What do we understand? If we were to write what we understood, if we were to use seven seas for the words of Allah it would be as if nothing, not enough. Even if we were to bring seventy, seven hundred, seventy thousand, seventy million, or seventy billion seas, it would not be enough to use as ink to write Allah’s words. Where are these words and these instructions coming from? Everything that comes as divine inspiration does not end. Divine inspirations that come to the heart of believers do not end or finish and you will not be able to differentiate between the beginning and end. Allah’s gifts are never-ending. Allahu Akbar! If people were to hear one Divine Word, they would get drunk and drown in Unity Oceans. They (Normal People) would say, “O Shaykh! Do not open Unity Oceans.” Allahu Akbar.

You must know that you are nothing and your Lord is everything. Try to reach everything. Don't stay within yourself, within your own nothingness but run to Him. Try to return to His Endless Unity Oceans. That is why we say that He has no partners. Try to come to the unity oceans to be with Him, to be with His Real Existence which will be enjoyed endlessly forever. There you will be in love forever, in endless beauty oceans forever, in endless love oceans forever, in endless wisdom oceans forever, in endless power oceans endlessly and in mercy oceans forever. Prepare yourself! We are shadows and the time will come for our shadows to disappear. Try to turn to your Lord's Endless Unity Oceans and swim there endlessly forever. Endless, endless oceans...

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