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Few are those who are Thankful

We get inspirations from the Holy Quran. Allah Almighty says in there: '...qalilan ma tashkurun...'- few are those who are thankful. And Allah gave us everything- vision and hearing, a soul and a heart to understand, and He didn't give this to other creatures. So big favours, gifts, but man is complaining and doesn't give thanks, doesn't say: ,Shukr, ya Rabbi!' ,O My servants', Allah says, ,you are not thankful to Me, except for a few of you. Most of you are making Kufr and are not thankful, but greedy. What would you do if I created you to be an insect or a donkey? Or a rat in the canalisation? Are you not happy that you have been created as a man? What more do you want? Say, and I shall give to you.' What would you do if you had been created blind? For the sense of vision we owe Him thanks, Shukr, day and night. Allah says: ,I gave you a soul, a heart, and everything is in it- what else do you want?' And they bring so many children to me that have a hole in the heart and it needs to be sewn... How you are not grateful? But people are only human from the outward form, inside they are like wild beasts.

Therefore all this Bala (Cursing) is coming on them. People deny Allah, they don't want to know about Him, they disrespect His orders and play with His favours. And they think there is no one to register all what they are doing. Rahmet (Divine Mercy) is sent down from Heavens on people, but they send only bad behaviour back up. They try to turn people to the way of Kufr, not to the way of Shukr... May Allah send us the Sahibu Zaman...


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