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Generosity is the Door to Endless Satisfaction & Fulfillment

O people, even if you are given the whole world, if all of dunya is for you, you must take from it only what is enough for you. Don’t take more for yourself! If you take more, it may be others’ share. If anyone takes more than enough for himself, he takes from dunya a bit of its poison, a dangerous thing for him. No good; don’t take! May destroy you physically or spiritually.

You can’t take except what you need. There is no meaning of saving up dunya when you can’t use it. But Shaytan wants everyone to make big amounts to save, not to put to use for mankind, not to give benefit. That is the worst characteristic of egos.

Stinginess is like a tree and its branches are coming on earth. If a man is mean, he catches a branch of that tree. That tree grows in Hell; if anyone catches hold of that tree, it takes him to Hell. And generosity is also like a tree, its branches on earth. If anyone catches one branch, that tree takes him to Paradise. Even if not believing yet, Allah may finally take generous people to Paradise.

Nothing makes people happier and more at peace than to be generous. Nothing gives trouble to the heart like miserliness always suffe-ring when losing anything. And then when going to die: «Oh, how can I leave my flocks, my cars, my buildings!» The worst suffering is for those tying their hearts to this world’s materials. Tariqat orders to put your heart with your Lord. He is not going to leave you, here or hereafter. This is peace and satisfaction for everyone.

You may be in any religion, but this reality is not going to change. Endless peace and enjoyment is for people leaving enjoyment of this world, and tying their hearts to the Lord. There are two kinds of enjoyment. Enjoy-ment of the body is so short and has so many limiting conditions which must be met. Enjoyment of the heart is most complete. You cannot describe that enjoyment. If having a headache, it stops, bad thoughts, stop, every bad thing stops when sitting in the Lord’s presence and calling to Him, speaking to Him.

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