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He Who Has Seen Me Has Seen Haqq (The Truth)

Why did Allah Almighty send Prophets to preach to mankind instead of Angels?

This is because they are of the same kind. The Prophets are from Mankind. Yes, you do not see a crow flying with the sparrows. When every kind is with its kind there is familiarity. Donkeys are with donkeys, dogs with dogs and horses with horses. If Angels were sent instead of Prophets to preach to man there wouldn’t have been this familiarity.

The senses of the Angels are not like our senses. They do not feel the way we do because they do not have the Nafs we have. The Angels are egoless, whereas we have our egos. Therefore had they come as Prophets they would not have understood the situation of Mankind, as they would not have been familiar with them. Therefore Allah Almighty sent men to mankind to be Prophets.

Allah Almighty could have sent His Divine Books from the Heavens or from the Earth, but he did not do that. Instead He sent Prophets to Mankind from among themselves. However,

it is He who speaks through them. He spoke the Divine Book and the Divine Words, and He gave the Prophets the power to be His Deputies.

Sayyidina Muhammed (on whom be peace), was the Deputy of Allah Almighty. When he spoke, Allah Almighty spoke through him. Do not think that Sayyidina Muhammed (on whom be peace), was speaking by himself. Allah Almighty says, “What he speaks is from Me, he speaks on My behalf and he is My translator to you”.

Hidden Essence of Allah....

Muhammad (sal) is in existence, He is in time and He is in space.

but, there is no time with Allah Almighty....and there is no space with Allah Almighty.....Every time, everywhere and through everything 'He is all in all'

Do not ask how this is. You cannot understand how!

A Jew asked Sayyidina Ali (ral) “How is Allah Almighty?” Ali (ral) replied saying “You cannot ask, how? It is a big question.

You cannot simply ask, how?

You cannot even give an answer about yourself as to your how'ness, how then can you ask about your Creator and how is it that He is your Lord and how is it that He is everywhere at all times.

One of the Divine Attributes of Allah Almighty is that He is not like anything that we know of. Yes, there is nothing like Him. You cannot imagine Him because imagination is something created and is of yourself. He is the Creator and we are the creatures.

Manifested Through Muhammad (sal)

The Creator is one thing and creation is something else. This is why it is impossible to be able even to imagine Allah Almighty. Yes, we know that He is closer to us than even ourselves. How is it then that it is possible to imagine him?

Allah Almighty knows everything. He wanted to create a Deputy of Himself, who shall be the Deputy of Allah Almighty to all the other creations from the pre-eternal to the eternal.

He created this Deputy to be Sayyidina Muhammed (on whom be peace). Sayyidina Muhammed (on whom be peace), is also one and he is also unique like His Creator.

There is no one like Sayyidina Muhammed (on whom be peace).

He is the Absolute Deputy of Allah Almighty, from the beginning to the end and from the pre-eternal to the eternal.

What is the purpose of being Allah Almighty’s Deputy?

Sayyidina Muhammed (on whom be peace), said, “Those who have seen me have seen Haqq. We must understand what he says.

If you want to see Haqq look to the Prophet and you shall see Haqq with him. Allah Almighty is with him. It is impossible to imagine Allah Almighty as I said before, but it is possible to imagine and to know Sayyidina Muhammed (on whom be peace).

Yes, you can understand that the Prophet is with you. When Allah Almighty says Wa Huwa Ma Kunthum Aiyna Ma Kunthum, you cannot imagine it, but when Allah Almighty says Fee Kum Rasulullah it is possible to understand that the Prophet is with us. The Arabic means “with you, your assembly, your community, your Umma and yourself”, and that is the reason that you are able to feel and imagine that the Prophet is with you. In this manner you would be able to meet the Prophet or any of his inheritors, and you may be even able to ask any questions from them.

You can also feel and imagine that they may be with you with their Spiritual Power and that they may also be simultaneously with billions of other people! This is because you can know and imagine that their Spiritual Power can fill the Universe.......The Universe is small compared with their Spiritual Power!

For every Saint there is a Spiritual Scent. Each Saint has a special kind of smell just as each flower has a distinct kind of smell. When a Mureed improves spiritually he must know the scent of his Sheikh. When the smell of his Sheikh comes to him, he must know that his Sheikh is with him.

If someone comes into a tannery, where they make leather out of the skin of animals, he would immediately catch hold of his nose to prevent himself breathing due to the bad smell. But the people who work in the tannery are accustomed to the bad smell and they are not even aware of it. In the same fashion the whole World is full of bad smells and the people who are now living in it have got accustomed to it. But when one comes into a clean atmosphere which Allah Almighty shall make for his sincere servant, he would be able to smell the scent of every Saint. This is a private atmosphere.

To reach this you must try to follow the advice of the Saints and keep to their ways.

Then gradually or maybe even suddenly an opening can come to you so that you will be able to smell and to see the unseen Worlds!


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