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I made your essence a mirror for My Essence

According to our own state, we are asking for the sohba of Shah-i Mardan. tariqatuna as-sohba. All the awliya have said: Our path is the path of association, in order to awaken people; to remove the veils; in order to bring you out of darkness, to bring you into the Light; in order to help you reach to the secrets of the heavens. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar wa li-Llahi l-Hamd. Come to us, O Shah-i Mardan. Grant us the strength to listen and to speak. If man does not seek to find out the truth about himself, he has no value. This kind of sohba you will find only in the gathering of Shah-i Mardan. You will not find it in your imagination. For those who do not know Shah-i Mardan, he is cousin of the Prince of Creation (sas), his uncle's son. He was given knowledge. Listen and understand.

We have been created - for what? For ma'rifatullah, for the knowledge of God. wa m? khalaqtu ljinna wa l-'insa 'illa li-ya‘bud?ni (51:56) ay, li-ya‘rif?n, for that they might know Me. So that they might ascend from the level of animals to the heavens; to show them the ways that lead to the heavens.

In this way I created, He (swt) says, our Prophet, the Sultan of Prophets. He speaks to His Beloved: I made your essence a mirror for My Essence, in your essence those who wish to see Me, come to know Me. I made your essence a mirror for My Essence, O Beloved, so that they might understand you, so they might comprehend the secret of the universe.

Allah Almighty says: aradtu an ‘uraf, fa khalaqtu l-khalqa li ya‘rif?n?, ay, li ya‘bid?n?.

Allahu Akbar.

I wished to be known.

For what? kuntu kanzan mahfiyyan.

Shaykh Mehmet Effendi, take note of this.

Kuntu, kuntu, k?n

- this signifies past eternity, does it not?

kuntu kanzan mahfiyyan aradtu an ‘uraf

- I was a Hidden Treasure, from the eternal past, and I wished to be known, I wished to rend the veil and show Myself, to make Myself known.

fa khalaqtu l-khalqa so I called Creation into being, li ya‘rif?n?, ay li yadhkur?n?, so they might know Me, and remember Me.

O you ignorant people, Say: Allah! Why are you running in the streets? Say Allah, Who has created you. Speak His Glorious Name! Say: Allahu Allah, Allahu Rabbi, m? li siw?hu illa Hu. Please come, O Shah- i Mardan. Don't wait. Why are you sleeping, O you who are seeking paradise? He, the Merciful, brought you into existence so that you might know Him, ya. We shall know our Lord Ohh, ohh.. There is no end to what He will make known to us. There is no limit to what He makes known to man.

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