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Interpretation of  Quran & the Oceans of Knowledge

Allah Almighty says that whatever that a person may ask for is to be found in the Holy Quran. He says Quranul kareem kithabul mubeen, but we cannot enter into these Oceans of Knowledge because it is for Sahib Makamul Mahmud who is Seyyadina Muhammad, on whom be peace. It is he who has been authorised to enter into these Oceans and to bring out pearls from it. He is the one who during a period of twenty three years made the Holy Quran clear to the Sahabas.

Everything must be found in the Holy Quran. Everything that everyone does must therefore also be found in the Holy Quran. If a person says that this meeting or association is not mentioned in the Holy Quran there will be danger for his Iman, for his belief. Yes, if Allah Almighty says that everything is in the Quran, it must then be so. This meeting too should be mentioned in it.

The verse of the Holy Quran, "Le fee hee Zikrukum" (21:10), is proof of this. Allah Almighty says “Oh! mankind you have been mentioned in the Holy Quran”.

“You cannot say “how can this be”? You must believe in it. You must believe in the endless Power of Allah Almighty, in Kudratallah. You have been created weak; therefore do not try to measure huge things with your small mind. Huge things belong to Allah Almighty and that is His attribute forever.

He says that everything about you is in the Holy Quran. You must believe in it.

This is why the Prophet, on whom be peace, gave “Thafseer” or explanations of the Holy Quran for a period of over twenty years. Without this giving you cannot enter into these Oceans. This is why you are not able to read Quran Kareem or the Hadees (Traditions) of the Prophet and give an interpretation as to its meaning. You have not been authorised to do this. Therefore you must not try to give meanings to this.

Today however, people who are not authorised are giving all types of meanings and interpretations of the Hadees of the Prophet, on whom be peace, and they say “I know Thafseer, I know the explanation”.

The Ulemas (Scholars) of (old) days authorised their successors and their students only after teaching them for a period of time. This period may have been for over ten years, fifteen years, twenty years, twenty five years, thirty years or maybe even for over forty years. It is only after teaching their students for such a long period of time that they gave their students the authority to speak to people about the Holy Quran and the Hadees.

I am therefore ashamed to give the meaning of a verse (Ayah) of the Quran or of the Hadees and to say that this is its meaning. Yes, I am ashamed to do this even though I have the authority from my teacher under whom I learnt. He gave me this authority fifty years ago. My teacher gave me authority in the traditional way. I was authorised to speak on Quran Kareem and on Hadees. It was given to me in writing, “I am giving authority to my student Muhammad Nazim bin Adil to speak to people on the Quran and on the Hadees, I give that authority to him”. My teacher was also an authorised person. He was authorised by his teacher and likewise and so on until from teacher to teacher it reaches to the authority of the Beloved Rasoolullah , on whom be peace.

If a person gives meanings and interpretations to verses of Quran or Hadees and addresses people on it, and also if that person has not been authorised to do so by such an authority, he will be held responsible by Allah Almighty for the meanings that he gives to people. It is wrong, yes, very wrong for unauthorised people to give Bayan (religious preaching). They do not have permission to do that. Allah Almighty is their witness when they interpret without authority. They carry entirely the responsibility for this.

On Hadith: Sayings of Prophet Muhammad (sal) which interpret Quranic Verses...

The Prophet Muhammed, on whom be peace, explained the meanings of the Quran for a period of twenty three years. The Prophet, on whom be peace, also spoke many Hadees during this period, perhaps millions of them. The Wahabi people take only a few hundred Hadees from one book or the other and say that these are all the Hadees that they accept to be the sayings of the Prophet. No! this cannot be so. The Prophet spoke for a period of twenty three years after the revelation came to him. He spoke not only for his Sahaba (Companions) but for the entirety of his Nation (Umma), He spoke to teach the whole World. How can this be that he only spoke a few hundred Hadees which are to be accepted?

Even when I speak to people they do not allow me to stop speaking. They want me to speak more. I am nothing compared to the Prophet, on whom be peace. Then what about the Prophet, on whom be peace, how much more would he have spoken. The Prophet Muhammed, on whom be peace, is an Ocean of Knowledge. In comparison to the knowledge of the Prophet, on whom be peace, the knowledge of all the Alims (learned scholars) put together would be like a drop of water compared to the mighty Oceans. Then how do we say that we know something.

People came from all over and from all directions to speak to the Prophet, on whom be peace, and he spoke to all of them. They came like unending rivers and he spoke to them. Therefore I am wondering why is it that out of all the things that the Prophet said only a few hundred Hadees of the Prophet, on whom be peace, are today acceptable to some people.

Yes, he spoke so much and people are only accepting a few Hadees.

When the revelation of the Quran (Wahi), came to the Prophet, on whom be peace, he spoke to them about it, and he spoke so much else also. If people are not accepting this they cannot accept the Risalath or Prophethood of Seyyadina Muhammad, on whom be peace. These people claim that they are Doctors but they are ignorant ones. Yes, they say that they have received their Doctorates from England or from France or from some other such place. With their small minds they say that this Hadees is true and that Hadees is false. They say that a certain Hadees is weak and therefore it cannot be accepted. How can they say this? It is not Adab (good manners) to say such a thing.

If a person relates to you a Hadees, it is Adab, a good manner to accept it for the sake of the saying that it is a Hadees. This is giving respect to Rasoolullah , on whom be peace. You may however say that you have not heard of it before, but do not throw it away and say that it is a weak Hadees. Yes, we must give this respect just for the sake that it is a Hadees. It is a good manner to do so.

Today the whole culture of Islam has been put into one book or one volume. Is the culture of Islam so small that you can do this? Therefore our levels of belief keep getting gradually lower. It is slowly loosing its power. Our belief levels keep getting weaker and weaker and then there shall not be the Power of Iman.

This is why people are suffering great calamities and have so many problems. There is now not enough power for our Iman to be able to bring solutions for us. The Muslim World today, because of this is like a boiling pot. The enemies of Islam are making everything difficult for the Muslims and the Christian World is helping them to do this.

I heard recently that thousands of Muslims have been thrown out of their mosques and their homes. Yet, the Islamic World is still quarrelling and fighting amongst themselves. This is because our Iman levels have come down. Allah Almighty has ordered us to be united and we are separated from each other.

The Endless Ocean That The Quran Truly Represents...

The vast body of water that surrounds the land masses is known as an Ocean, It is one of the great seas that divides the continents. A thimble is a cap that is used to protect the end of the finger when pushing a needle through cloth. This being the situation how one could put an Ocean into a thimble. Neither can a person put some water from the Indian Ocean into a thimble and call that the Indian Ocean. But the Wahabis are well known for this. They try to put some water into a thimble and call it an Ocean.

A translator has only a little knowledge of the Quran and his knowledge can be compared to a thimble and the Quran to an Ocean. He translates the Quran and says that he has written the translation of the Quran and the interpretation of it.

The Quran Kareem is an Ocean. How can the Wahabis translate and interpret the Quran? They cannot. They disrespect the Holy Quran by doing this. But the Saints respect the Holy Quran when they say that the Holy Quran through every letter is like an Ocean. Alif Laam Meem, these three letters are like three Oceans. Alif, contains an Ocean of Knowledge. Therefore the Saints as a mark of respect would not interpret less than 24,000 meanings on that letter Alif . The letter Laam has another 24,000 meanings, the minimum, and Meem at least another 24,000 meanings. Alif, Laam, Meem contains at least three different meanings to each other. This is the reason that it is not good for a person to bring down the meanings of the Holy Quran by giving only a few meanings. This is why the Saints are ashamed to interpret even a verse of the Holy Quran.

The Saints give at least a minimum of 24,000 meanings to each letter from the Holy Quran. How then is it that these ordinary people give only a very few meanings and say that, it is the interpretation. We cannot accept it because they cannot give as much as a Saint. This being the situation can we accept their translation of the Holy verses in a few sentences in English, French, German or any other language. They say “this translation is according to my understanding”, we cannot accept this because we do not get the proper translation or the interpretation. They are ignorant of the fact that the Divine Verses cannot be translated or interpreted even with their high intellectual capacity. Hence, these people are exhibiting the highest degrees of ignorance.

Therefore, in the early days, the the learned religious people did not allow the others to interpret the Holy Quran because they knew that they did not have the knowledge to do so. They also knew that those who listened to this interpretation would also misunderstand and would be mislead, and as a result they would start loosing faith in the Alims.

The Alim may look at the Holy Verses and give some meaning. Without an Alim you cannot read Thafseer and you cannot read the translation. Even an Alim can only give a few meanings. Therefore how can others translate or interpret these Holy verses. A person should have personal knowledge through wisdom to interpret, but even with that knowledge you must not translate the Quran or the Hadees."

Presently the Wahabis are trying to stop people from following the Imams. They tell you to read the Quran and that you will find your way through the Quran. I would like to ask them as to which Quran they are referring to, and is it the translation. They are so foolish, and they are trying to direct people by way of their so called path by telling them to follow only the translations and not the Imams or the Madhabs. They are asking the people to find their own way without following Imam Shafi, Imam Hanafi, Imam Hambali and Imam Maliki.

The Wahabis are advising people by telling them not to follow these Imams. Due to these Wahabi teachings the Islamic World is in danger. It is a very difficult time for Muslims throughout the Islamic World.

"Each person is trying to translate the Quran and give his own view on it, and not the Divine Meaning, because they cannot and the Wahabis are encouraging them to do this. They are also trying to prevent people from following the Imams. This is a very bad situation."

The Islamic World is in danger. Therefore the only way that we can take steps to mitigate the Wahabi‘s actions is by following an Imam and to follow the Madhabs. If you follow you will be safe, if you do not follow you are in danger.

There are so many people who make Bayan. They cannot give Bayan, because they have not been authorised by an Alim. Therefore they have no authority to give Bayan and through this great danger, most people are being misled and only a very few have survived in the right path. People who are trying to go out of Madhabs and who do not follow Imams have fallen into a valley. No one can save them. But there is a way that way is to follow the way of the four Imams. The mission of Shaitan and his army is to change everything and to make people go in the wrong direction. May Allah Almighty forgive and protect us and our belief from Shaitan.


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