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Love Quotes -By Moulana Sheikh Nazim (Qd)

Love is the Religion, Love is the Way

For the Honour of our Lord, Lord of Heavens, Lord of Love. It (This Love) is a small drop from the oceans of endless Love Oceans. Love that is the reason for Creation! We must use it first for our Creator and then His creatures. Love is Our Religion. - Moulana Sheikh Nazim

Our Way is the Way of Love. Leave what is keeping you from following that Path and turn to follow it with perseverance; follow this path all the way to your destination.

- Moulana Sheikh Nazim

Without love there is no taste within faith. In every religion love is the first power. When you love you will respect and you will follow. You cannot follow anyone without love.

-Moulana Sheikh Nazim

That Divine Love must be tasted. As much as I may repeat the words: "Honey, honey, honey... or describe the characteristics and flavour of honey, you are not going to taste it, not going to be satisfied. These realities must be tasted, and unless you have reached that point you cannot understand more than these words.

-Moulana Sheikh Nazim

One of the greatest Saints was Rabia at Adawiyya. We call her Rabia Sultana, because she was dressed in the robes of the Sultan. She used to address the Lord: "Oh my Lord, I am not coming to You because I am eager to get into Your paradise. I am also not coming to You because I am afraid of hell. I am free of that. I come to You through my love for You. You are the only One I can give myself to with full love" (in order to be close to you)

-Moulana Sheikh Nazim

Don't pray to ask your Lord for more paradise and favors. No. Try to free yourself from that desire. Love your Lord, and ask only for His please-ment.

-Moulana Sheikh Nazim

Glorifying Allah with the knowledge of his Beauty leads to Loving him

The Warm & Gentle Sea that Draws us to the Source

The Goal of Love is Union with the Beloved

Endless Love Oceans

The Longing for the Beloved

The Hard parth of a Lover

The Final Destiny of Man

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