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Modern Medicine Mafia and the Patient is the Victim

Oh our Lord! All our praising, all our respects and all of our thanks are only to You. You created the whole of creation. You created this earth, You created Adam and Eve and from this one couple you brought forth billions of people. You are our Lord who is the only Creator? You give life and You take away life. You can do everything.

When we are saying, “Destur, ya Rijalallah,” we are asking support from Holy People. When we are saying “Avuzu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim.” We are escaping from Shaitan and going to Allah. Shaitan is the most dangerous one for mankind. Allah Almighty has ordered us to run away from him and to ask protection from Allah Almighty. When we are saying “Bismillah ir Rahman hir Rahim” we are running away from Shaitan and we are asking shelter from Allah Almighty. He then gives us his Divine Protection.

We are the weakest from creation and our life is between two breaths. It is with His command, with Allah Almighty’s order that we are breathing. If he does not give permission we cannot breath. When you inhale it is with his order. So it is when you exhale. The breaths come in and go out.

He Allah Almighty is the creator. He can and is able to create man without the need to breath butAllah Almighty likes to show mankind how weak they are. Even if for one moment or even half of moment a very strong man has to go without breathing he may fall down and die. But ignorant mankind thinks that they are very powerful. What is this power if one moment can take away this persons life. He Allah Almighty is showing to His servants in order that they may learn that they are such weak ones and not powerful ones. But people are really ignorant ones.

Particularly in our days people are ignorant as they think that they have invented so many instruments particularly computers and they say, “This is the top level of technology.” Yes, they are so proud and they forget that they are really, weak ones. You can make a computer but doing this does not take away the fact that you are a weak one. Yes, that is an instrument but then still, the one who has made it is a weak one.

Some times when people fall ill they are taken to a hospital and put into an intensive care unit andthey plug so many machines all over the patient’s body. Can these material instruments giveanything to your soul? They think that technology may support you and give you something. No. It does not give you anything. It only makes you suffer more. Yes that person is going tobe suffering much more with all these things on him. Yet they say they are taking high care,intensive care.

They think that keeping that person in that narrow place and putting on him so many gadgets is going to put him in a restful state. They are such liars. If they do not put such things on the patient, this person’s life would be much easier but inserting all these things into this person is only making this person to suffer more pain. Yes he can’t speak, he can’t move and can’t even by way of gesture indicate that “I am in trouble and you are giving to me much more trouble and sufferings. Take all these away from me. I don’t like this” Yes he can’t even say that. But still the physicians say, “no he must be in the intensive care room and we have prepared this for him.”

Before you come to the graveyard they are preparing this place for you and they put on you so many gadgets trying to make you happy and to make you to live even more. Ya Hu! That person is saying, “I am finished and I don’t like this” but then he can’t even speak out. That is technology- giving much more trouble to people. Technology has no familiarity for a person. Or to put in another way technology is not a friendly thing for that person because that belongs to materiality. Man needs spirituality.

In the old times when a person becomes weak and ill he feels that his last hours are arriving. The relatives are called and also some Holy People and Spiritual People. These Holy People may give that person of his holy breathings, which makes the patience sufferings to come down andto feel at rest and to feel at peace in himself. But these material things on the other hand givemuch more sufferings to that person. Yes! You can’t cry, you can’t shout out nor can you give any signs of sufferings for the people are around you.

Yes Allah Almighty has created man weak. But in our days, in the 21st century people are thinking that they are so powerful with their technology. Technology does not give peace or rest to that person. Instead it only gives more sufferings and pain. This pain comes to him as if a beginning of punishment in the graveyard.

You cannot even tell people this because they don’t understand. This is because they are believing in technology and not in the Lord of Heavens. They trust technology much more than they trust their Lord. And these are two different directions. You can’t cure a person with artificial or chemical things. They think that an artificial cure is much better than natural medicine. Therefore there are many factories now which has become the biggest mafia on earth who make these artificial or chemical medicine and people are trusting on these artificial and chemical medicines much more. I must say that they are not trusting on natural medicine and herbal medicine that Allah Almighty created for a cure but their are full trust is on these physicians who may not even be believing in the Lord of Heavens. Their belief is that they can cure people only by such artificial and chemical medicines.

When they have tried out these medicines and when they fail to cure that person the physician tells the patient, “Our artificial and chemical drugs have failed. Now we must cut that organ off.” And then they use a knife and also other terrible machines, which Shaitan teaches them to make. If you are to be put into these machines you will be very fearful. Even if you are not a sick person you will feel unrest because of these machines that they are using for ill people.

If for example you go to the doctors to check up your eyes. They tell the patient, “What is this? What is that? Sit down there!” “Tie their hands, keep their heads in a position and tell them not to move the head”. “Take his feet! Tie it!” And they put another belt around him, then they tell you, “we are looking at what is happening through your eyes. Don’t shut your eyes. Open your eyes.” That person is finished. He ends up trembling. They tell him, “Don’t tremble. This is all a big machine. This is all my patient. This is only a small machine. If you do not take care now we may have to send you to a bigger machine. If you are seeing now 10% of vision at that time you may reach to 5% of vision and there is also a big machine for that. If that big machine does not work we will have to do surgery on your eyes and then in the night times you won’t be able to see anything. If you do not see in the night time, day and night is going to be the same”.

Then they tell him, “you have to pay our fees now, and they take him inside to take their payment. They say, “That first machine we used on you will cost you 100 pounds. The second one, which is the more important machine, is 500 pounds and for all the other things we will charge you another 500 pounds. How much is that going to be and for the group of jackals you must pay another 1000 pounds more- all in all 2000 pounds or something like that and then they take all his clothes off and make him remain in his underwear saying, “take this” and when he goes outside they are calling to him and saying, “a dangerous and crazy person has just escaped from our hospital. Please catch him and put him in the mental house”

These artificial and chemical things may only cure buildings. You must believe this. Now in the whole world the biggest mafia and first class money making mafia are hospitals and doctors. It is as if that, half of the buildings in the whole world are going to become hospitals and clinics and the other half of it (big mafia also) may be mental houses and beyond this too there are so many other institutes for people who use dangerous drugs. Yes these are big centers also.

These material things that doctors are claiming are curing people are bringing such endless sufferings and troubles, miseries and problems to people because they are refusing everything that Allah Almighty created for his servants. They have left it now. They are saying, “No we are not using it as we have better medicines.” You cannot do this. If you are doing this you are bringing harm. There are saying, “One side brings benefit the other side destroys.” This is called ‘side effects’. One side is supposed to be building and the other side is destroying.

This is the modern cure that people are trusting on now. They do now however trust in the real medicine that Allah Almighty has created for mankind through countless plants and fruits. And there are so many good things that He has created.

​We are therefore saying something in order to make your minds to work a little. Today the minds of people are frozen. It is so difficult to make an effect on their frozen minds and to make them believe that artificial medicine is not going to give any benefit. But people say, “no we cannot believe you because when we take these artificial medicine our pain goes away and we are resting”. This is something that Shaitan is making mankind to trust on and to believe that material aspects may benefit and cure people and Shaitan is saying, “Don’t trust on herbal medicine. No!” and now the whole world is in trouble now. They fall into trouble and the reason is this.

Therefore we are saying again that Allah Almighty created man to be weak and perhaps man is the weakest creature on earth. He is also giving to mankind something to take away their weakness. But people are not accepting that because Shaitan is saying to them, “Don’t believe what prophets are saying to you. You must believe me. Drink this and eat this and it should cure your illness”. If this does not work then he says to the doctors, “cut their organs off” “we are now curing you and till the end of your life you will not suffer”

Then they finally put that person in a small room like a grave saying to them, “this is good for you”. One doctor comes and says, “Put that machine on. It is not enough, fix this one here also” Then another doctor comes and says, “fix these gadgets onto this patient” and then that person is in heavy pains and troubles and sufferings, he cannot even breath because they have put something into his mouth too.

Oh! People come and accept the heavenly cures that Allah Almighty is sending to you through his beloved holy servants, and prophets in order to live happily. Allah Almighty is promising to give you a healthy and wealthy life in this world and he is also promising to give you, if you are listening and obeying his advices, an eternal life, but still people are running away. Yes they are running after Shaitan and not trying to follow the Prophets.

This is a very humble meeting. Not even a handful of people are coming here. Billions of people are however running after Shaitan and shaitanic teachings. And you are looking and seeing what has happened, what is happening and what will happen.

Oh! People come to Allah! Come and believe in your Lord’s advices. Come and follow his good people. Particularly, His good servants and particularly the most beloved and honoured servant of Allah Almighty, Seyyadina Muhammad (sal). If people are asking to reach to a good life both here and in the hereafter they must follow Seyyadina Muhammed (sal).

Then what about Jesus Christ or Moses? When Seyyadina Omar was once looking at some pages of the Torah the Prophet (sal) said to Omar (ral), “Oh Omar! Don’t look at those pages because even if Esa (alai) the son of Mary or Moses were living in my period there is still no other way except that they follow me. Finished. Everyone must follow the Seal of Prophets to reach to a safe life and to enjoy life here and to have eternal life after this life. May Allah forgive us and bless you for the honor of the most honored one Seyyadina Muhammed (sal). Fathiha.


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