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Our Soul Stretches through the Entire Universe

Allah Almighty may create everyone in any way! He is not in need to use material, no. Material is for you, for your understanding, but in divinely Presence there is no material and no existence for anything. Millions and billions and trillions of universes like this huge universe, He may create with only an Order. He is only going to say: “Be!” that means: “Come in existence”, and it is ready. It is ready and its existence through our sight, through our knowledge, we have material, but in front of Him it is nothing, it is only an Order. There is no need to use material for creation; He is never using material for the creation of universes or Heavens, no! If he was using material, that material must be from Him and He is never in need to have material, because His Existence is never depending on material, but everything in existence their being depends on material. Therefore, material is for creatures and the Creator is never using any material for His creation. He is only using an Order; no material. His Order is only, by saying: “Be, come in existence”, and finished. Just that Order according to His Will is coming and the creation is appearing. But you can’t touch it.

Sheikh Ahmad as Sughuri

"Abu Ahmad, Abdu Rahman Sughuri Hazretleri, one of our Golden Chain’s Grandsheikhs, he was saying: “Just I have been in Hijaz, on Hajj, 37 times: Seven times with my physical being and thirty times with my real being, spiritually.”

With his spiritual Body he was in many places at the same time, in Mecca and in Arafat in that particular Hajj present with his Mureeds, meeting them and conversing with them. But when people were trying to take and kiss his hand, he was not giving it to them, saying: “I have also excuse for my Wudhu, don’t touch my hand”, because if they were touching him they would realize that there is, nothing there… and people may fear. Therefore, he had to hide his hands, not giving it to people, because it was only an appearance without material.

People think that this physical being is more important, No. What is Important is your spiritual being. Through the spiritual being there is no material. Your spirituality has no material, no. Therefore: Allah says

“Asalunaka ‘ani-l ruh. Quli: ar-ruh min amri Rabbi”.

Say that the Ruh is under the command of your Lord”

When people were asking from the Seal of Prophets to say something about our spirituality, our souls, Allah Almighty was saying: “O My Beloved one! Say to them that: ‘It is an Order from my Lord!” It is an Order and you can’t understand. You may understand only something about material beings, but beyond that you are never going to understand anything.

The soul is only an Order through your physical being and all worlds and so many creations all of them they have materials; and there are different materials for their creation. They have material for their physical beings, but for their souls, no; Allah Almighty is not using for our souls any material. Therefore the souls and our physical being are never going to be the same and the arguing between souls and material beings is never it is going to be ended. Our material being is asking to be boss, and our spiritual being is saying:

“No, you can’t be my boss, because what I am carrying from divinely Power, you haven’t.” You have not that power, because the material world, everything that belongs to materiality, it is in limits, but what we have been granted through our souls it is not going to be in limits.

Our Power through our souls is reaching to the ends of creation and the power of our souls in such a position may be present everywhere, because our soul is never going to be prevented by our material being.

The area of our souls, their field, is unlimited, but our physical beings’ field is only a very short and small area, which is making people to loose the essence for their real being.

People never understand that we have a physical being that is never going to be in existence without material and that there is another existence through ourselves, that is our spiritual being, which is never getting to be in need of material and never going to be in limits, because it is an Order from Allah Almighty.

Therefore no one can be reaching to the real knowledge about the Lord of Heavens, until they are reaching to a real understanding of their spirituality.

Through spirituality you can reach- some knowledge from the Creator!

People now are asking: “How is Allah?” “Where He is?” And: “When He was?” And: ”Up to where He is going to be?” These are nonsense questions because it is not your responsible area to ask, as long as you are in prison through the material world. You must cut it out!

When you are cutting this prison, you can find yourself in a world that has no materiality, only spirituality.

Therefore you must try to melt it, to destroy your material being, either here (Die before you Die) or after death. Then you should find yourself in an Ocean of Spirituality that belongs to Allah Almighty’s Will.

When He is going to say: “Come in existence” it is coming in existence, and that existence of our souls may be understood through our spiritual being. And our spiritual being- as our Grandsheikh was saying- it is like a drop that is coming down from the clouds and reaching to the ocean: It is becoming an ocean- you can’t find it, you can’t bring a limit for it- that drop, our soul just reached to an Ocean that never can be known!

In order to reach to these levels, people are in need of some training, some practising, to break down their material being and for that drop our soul- that is in your material being- to be free; as that drop’s and enters the ocean and is going to be (becomes) the ocean. But you need to break down that material being! For the material being there is no room in Existence! It is an imitated existence. But our soul, when it is coming to be free, without the hindrance of our physical being, it is reaching to the Oceans of Unity of Allah Almighty and it is going to disappear in them… May Allah give us a good understanding for His Knowledge, to be able to understand something from it. As long as you are surrounded by materiality, it is impossible to approach an understanding of our Lord’s divinely Position. Therefore we are asking and try to reach to that point and to save ourselves from the heaviness and darkness of materiality, to reach to peace and contentment and the Oceans of Lights of the Oceans of Power through His Almighty’s Unity Oceans. May Allah grant us and bless you and forgive me. For the honour of the Seal of Prophets, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

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