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No Similar in Creation & Every Single Entity Is Unique

‘He manifests Himself every moment in yet another wondrous way’. (Holy Quran 55:29)

Ask for knowledge of Allah. It is hidden knowledge. It is not of this world and what is in it, and not of this temporary life. It is eternal knowledge. The knowledge of Allah, that you have permission to know, is not of His Essence (Dhat). No. You are not granted that, and you cannot approach it.

But of the knowledge of His names you may ask. Everything in existence belongs to one of them. Each Holy Name is an ocean, and through this you will be able to reach to Almighty Allah.

You may use your power to know about that which Allah creates, and then makes to appear in existence. From the creation of Allah Almighty you may reach until you find a way to know something and what you come to know will be an ocean that you may swim in up to eternity. Therefore we are asking for knowledge that brings us closer to the Divine Presence.

The main purpose of our existence is to reach to real life, and to the roots of our existence. To take power from the secrets of eternal life, so that leaves, flowers and fruits to appear through us. It is knowledge to know that He is Subhan (Glorified One), and that He is Sultan (Sovereign).

Allah Almighty says that nothing is created without a purpose and a reason. Therefore no thing is useless. Everything in existence, even the smallest atom, is in the sight of the Creator, known, and given its destination. It is foolish to say otherwise. So what about you? Allah Almighty gives everything its form and design, then makes it to appear. Countless are the designs! Your mind can’t carry it. It’s impossible to reach to the perfection, wisdom, knowledge, power, and capacity of the Creator.

The Creator says, “Come into being.” “Come and show yourself and say Subhan Allah (Glory be to Allah).” Even the smallest atom hears and obeys. Each and every atom or electron is given a different type of glorification, as each has its own special personality. As an example, you are different to another, and he is different to you. Likewise their glorification to their Lord is also unique and special.

It is ignorance not to use your mind to think about such things. We have been ordered to do so. As deep as you go, you will find greater Wisdom and Oceans of Power. May our Lord give us a chance to think on such things. It may lead us to His endless glory and Power Oceans.

The People of today are pathetic and to be pitied. They live today and think of only their stomachs and never give their minds a chance even to think on anything else. This is why their minds do not give a chance to their hearts, in order to be for their Lord, Allah Almighty. Most people are on the level of animals, or even less than that, because even animals are glorifying.

My Grandsheikh Abdullah (ral) said “The smallest piece of matter must have a name, if it is having a personality.” This is like everyone in a particular town having a different telephone number. Likewise each atom has a special private name for its personality, with which it is glorifying its creator.We are however sleeping, drunk from dunya and our stomachs. This is why we do not think on these important things. He is now as He was. There is no before for Him, and no after.

Be happy and proud to be in existence. It is the biggest chance for us. If He did not bring us into existence, then we would not be able to know about being in existence, or not. Subhan Allah!

He ordered for our forms to be made from earth. You cannot even imagine how! We can make a statue, or a picture, of a man, a woman, or of an animal and that is easy. However to give to the form of a lion, the characteristics of a lion is impossible for us. It is only when it is given its specialty, may you say that it’s a lion. You can’t look at a lion and say that it is a donkey. He created the specialties for the form of a donkey, to be a donkey, so that you may call it is a donkey. This is why you cannot say of a donkey that it is a tiger. The Creator creates the form, and then gives that form its specialties.

You cannot give the specialty of a tiger to a donkey. This is an important point and it is from the Greatness of Allah Almighty. He Creates, and then gives the characteristics and specialties. Thea lion, the dog, the bull, the fox, the bear, the tiger all have their specialties. Allah Almighty gives to each their specialties. If He does not give the specialty of a lion to a lion then it cannot be a lion. It will only be a mass of matter. You may see a form, but it is not a lion. Therefore to give that form the specialties of a lion, is for Him who is the Creator.

Allah Almighty also created man. He gives ‘general’ specialties to billions so that they are from mankind. Then He granted to everyone of mankind their different specialties. This is why that you are not Jamalludin, and you can’t say that Jamalludin is Farhat, or that he is Nabil. Then He gives specialties and peculiarities to races. To the German race one type of specialty and to Arab race another. People from Indonesia say, “I am not Malaysian, I am an Indonesian.” Australians will not accept to be from New Zealand. Each race has been granted its specialty, and they are all happy with it. This is to make us think about the Greatness of our Lord.

When ants are run towards the left or towards the right, they are directed. This must be so because it cannot take one step even without being directed to it, or towards its destination. Therefore a perfect believer will say, “O our Lord,” “You are so Great.” “There cannot be another like you.” “There is only You.” “Oneness is for You.” “Every Greatness is for You.”

You can’t know how many specialties has an ant, and all of them come together to exist within one ant! You may find throughout the continents, countless kinds of ants and each one is different from the other.

There is a command from Rasoolullah (sal).

You must try and understand something about His creatures and about their characteristics and their specialties. Don’t try to understand the Essence of Allah. This is a command from Rasoolullah (sal) Every creature is granted characteristics and specialities, which they then come into existence with. Allahu Akbar! May Allah grant us something from His lights because if a person falls into darkness, he cannot know anything about what surrounds himself. With light it opens and he may see what is there. You must use your mind. You must understand that Allah Almighty’s Endless Power Oceans, Endless Ability, and Endless Will, to do everything, is as He likes.

Follow Him on His most beloved servant’s way. If we follow, the ‘honour of the worlds’, Seyyidina Mohammed (sal) we may understand something and an opening must come. The gifts of Allah are ever increasing and they are not for Him. No. It is for His servants. The creation is always continuing. His kingdom, which belongs to Himself, is a hidden treasure, and impossible to know about. Allah is now as He was before.

The creation is always asking, “Is there more?” And The Creator is answering, “We have more.”

If you were to split a second into four, or even thousands or millions of pieces, always between two parts there is a time. Your mind may accept that you may divide it into one hundred parts, and it may reach to say one million parts. That means that it can also be split into trillions or more. There is a secret there and no one knows, from pre-eternity to eternity, every part which is between other parts, where within exists a time. Also each of these times has a duty, which is not similar to another.The mind is static and not able to move, but the soul is fluid and moving. It can enter. The soul may encapsulate, but not the mind. The mind is working on earth. and not for Malakut (the higher dimension).

There are very few who reach to the side of the soul where no worries exist. Don’t think that one person’s blood is the same as a second one’s. No. Everything in everyone is unique. Doctors are saying, “Nearly the same,” and “You may use it.” But don’t think that one person’s blood is going to be one hundred percent suitable for another person. No this is impossible. Everyone is only one and unique. Allah Almighty never makes a copy. No, this is not so. One of His Holy names is l-Mubdi’u. He is creating and everyones creation is only one (unique). No similar. That Holy name is gives this huge meaning. Don’t think that Allah Almighty is creating like production in a factory. This is not so.

The veins through our body and our nervous system. How is it sustained? Who arranged it? How am I in existence and living? How is this breathing system working? How is this digestion system! How are my eyes looking? Who designed our ears and placed them where there are, and not on the top of our head. How are you asking, “How is Allah?!” Ask “How am I?” Asking a thousand ‘hows?’ Shaitan is making people to ask what is not for them. You can’t imagine eternity. People are using their mind in an un-safe way. You must know your limits and don’t be proud. You are here to learn about something, which belongs to eternity.

Don’t try and learn about what is around yourself. Learn about the designer. One hours contemplation is worth seventy years worship. Go even unto China in search of knowledge. (Hadith) By this Rasoolullah (sal) did not mean ordinary knowledge that you find everywhere. No. He meant secret and hidden knowledge, which are not for everyone. (at that time China was the furthest and most unknown of all lands). For such knowledge, you must ask from one who knows. You must go then.


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