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Precious is your Pleasure and Pleasing You is our Goal

As He likes, means that with which He is going to be pleased. Take more care to be for your Lords pleasure. With every action and work, try to be much more concerned that Allah Almighty is pleased with you. This is the highest point of belief and of good manners. Such actions, although people may see are best, are best when intended only to make Allah Almighty pleased with you.

Don’t think to try and please people. No. Never will this be important for you. Most clever ones only ask to please their Lord, and do what they do only for His pleasure. Our aim is that we reach to Allah Almighty’s Divine Presence, and to hope that He is pleased with us. We must be prepared for this, and we must train for this also. To reach is a trust that we must carry, granted from Allah Almighty. If you make your Lord pleased with you, then you have reached to everything. This cannot be measured by any material value. Therefore run after your Lord’s pleasure and try to please Him. There are twenty-for hours in a day, are you sometimes at least thinking, that you must do something to make your Lord happy with you. Are you thinking about it? Mostly we are not making such a special desire by ourselves which is to think about your Lord and to look for what you can do today, which is special. Yes. You do your official servant hood. You perform your five daily prayers, which is an order from Allah Almighty. Fasting is an order and to give charity is also an order from Allah Almighty. But over and above this, are you sitting and thinking that my Lord is looking to me, and expecting something special for Himself. Something to make Allah Almighty say, (not only on the day of resurrection, but everyday). “O my servant, I am happy with you.” You must think about it. It will give you much more honour. Try to make everything for your Lords pleasure, try to make Him pleased with you, and try to give Him pleasure. He is not in need to be given pleasure, but He likes this from His servants that they try to give Him pleasure and in order to make Him happy with them. He is happy with you as long as you are happy. Whoever is trying to make his Lord pleased, must be pleased. Whoever forgets, will be forgotten. Who does not forget, will not be forgotten. So don’t forget! Allah Almighty is saying, “O my servant, don’t forget me” “I am with you but you are not with me.” And He says, “Try to be with me and you will find what you were not even expecting.” The biggest miracle granted to servants, is the ability to keep to servant hood, continuously. He does not like it when a servant does something today, and leaves it tomorrow, or if he does some service for two days and then on the third day runs away. Even if this service is short, if he keeps to it, Allah likes that servant. This is because He likes to give to that servant continuously. As long as He is seeing that His servant is looking to Him and asking for His pleasure and to please Him, and is working for that, it is continuously raining blessings on that servant. Yes, Allah Almighty is asking from His servant, to ask from His endless blessings. Divine servant hood is servant hood for His Divine Presence, and it will never be a burden on you. We must ask that the blessings of Allah continue. If you have many taps, but you close every one, you will go without water. If you leave one of these taps open, then through that tap water will be coming to you. We are struggling with, and forcing our egos to keep to the servant hood for Allah Almighty. Even if you only do two rakaats of salaat (prayer) everyday, or maybe one hundred times La ilaha illallah and one hundred times salawat, that will keep you in relationship with heavens, and endless blessings must cfome on you. But if you leave it and close every tap, then no pleasure or please-ment will be granted to you from your Lord, Allah Almighty. As you are not giving Him pleasure, or asking to make Him pleased, with even such simple prayers, He is not going to make your life peaceful with happiness and pleasure. Accordingly as much as you like to be in a blessed and peaceful life, this is the way. Try as much as possible to keep connection, through your servant hood, to Allah Almighty’s Divine Presence. Allah gives much more from His heavenly lights to His friends, who are servants of His divine presence, and who make a lot of sajda (prostration).To make more prayers at night is impossible without enough desire and love through your heart for your Lord. (As well a big respect, hope and fear). It also requires great wisdom. Do you think that a car may move without fuel? Don’t pray to ask your Lord for more paradise and favours. No. Try to free yourself from that desire. Love your Lord, and ask only that He be pleased with you. When Allah is happy with your actions, character and manners, He will make you happy also. If not you can’t be happy. Its important for a person to move on a way that makes Allah pleased with him. Not every way is accepted by Allah Almighty. No. There are endless numbers of ways which Allah doesn’t accept. He doesn’t like every which way that the servant goes, which is not asking for His please-ment. And every way that he goes, which is asking for the pleasure of Allah, is liked and welcomed by Allah Almighty. So we should check if it is for His please-ment, or not. Allah is permanently watching His servant’s actions and conditions, and it is obligatory for a servant to know, that He is always looking at every movement and action of the servant. Allah never leaves you. The one who is reaching, and asking to come closer to Allah, will find an easy way to the Divine Presence. He will be clothed with happiness. If the servant refuses to come closer, then hells will take him. It is important in life, to ask to know, then to act. Ask, “For what have I been created?” Believe the answer, then occupy your ego with that purpose. To intend something for this life is nonsense. The person who lives for his Creator’s pleasure, is the clever one. Look for and at every occasion, in order to reach to a new act, that will bring you closer to the Divine Presence. May Allah make you successful, by making, Him, your Lord, be pleased with you. Try to reach to please Him, so that He is pleased with you. If anyone is pleased with His Lord, everything will please him. Likewise if a person is not making his Lord pleased with him, everything will be against him and enemies will run to kick him out. Allah Almighty has said , “I will be pleased with you, when you are pleased with me.” (This was said to Musa (alai) on Mount Sinai about four-thousand years ago). This is so easy. “When you are happy with me, I am happy with you”. “When you love me, I love you.” This is big and timeless wisdom. We are thankful to Allah Almighty for our good health, we also have a place to live in, we are eating, we have clothing, we have money, (and we are riding!). We have no reason to complain. We now say, “O Our Lord, we are pleased with you!” What about when things are not so good? What if He sends poverty or illness? We must also be happy with Him, then. Even if we have any burdens or are in difficulty, we must say, “O our Lord, we are thankful.” “All praise to you.” “I am your servant.” At these times of difficulty it will be clear if you are happy with Allah Almighty or not. It is easy to say that you are happy with your Lord, then that means that He is happy with you. That is the wisdom of Musa (alai’s) revelation. Hurry to make sajda, if you like your Lord to be pleased with you and if you wish to secure a safe end. Try as much as possible not to be heedless and try to be alert as much as possible. One second of heedlessness may send you into a deep valley, thrown from the Divine Presence.

There are two ways. One is to be for the pleasure of Allah Almighty, the other to please your ego. There is no third way. All rights are for Allah only and every moment is also only for Allah. Not for the ego! Every breath should be for Allah, not for the ego. For your ego nothing! Yes. The highest degree of belief, in the life of mankind, is to give the last decision, as first, to your Lord, and say, “Only I am for you my Lord, and everything I do is for you only.” “Every moment is for Your pleasure and every action I do, it is for You, O our Lord, to make you Happy.” Until this is our attitude we cannot live a good life. Everyday, when you take your first step, when you place your foot on the ground, say, “O my Lord, I am stepping for you.” “Help me.” “With Your Divine Help, when you are pleased with me, I will be able to go against my ego, and even move huge mountains.” Yes, with Allah’s help you may do anything, and do it easily. So control your steps daily, and step by step, correct your steps, to reach to the Divine Pleasure of Allah Almighty.

Try to be for your Lord’s pleasure and please-ment. It will be forever. Whatever you do, do it for His pleasure, then He gives you pleasure. He likes this. If His mercy oceans covers you from every direction, like a fish in an ocean is covered by the sea, no place ever dry, then you should be in perfect peace. To run away from His blessings and mercy oceans is like running away from green valleys full of water, to an unknown dessert. Our actions are like this, taking us away from streams of lights. Everything in this world was ordered to give you pleasure by the Lord of heavens, and not to give you problems. Whatever we are in need of should be ready and in front of us, so we are not to run after anything. Allah said, “They are My servants, and they must be pleased with everything, and from every direction they should be in pleasure, pleased with Me, so that I am pleased with them. Nothing may harm or hurt him, or give him sadness, no, only pleasure.”

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