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Repetition Of Names Increases The Love For The Named

Allah Almighty has honoured us by making us to be from the nation of His beloved Prophet Seyyadina Muhammed (sal). We are in need to increase our iman (certitude of belief) in the existence of Allah Almighty and His unity. It is obligatory for a person coming into Islam to be a witness of the existence of the unity of Allah Almighty. This is why he must say, “la ilaha illallah”. This will not be complete until he also says, “Muhammad ur Rasoolullah.” This means that he witnesses also that Seyyadina Muhammed (sal) is the Messenger, Prophet and servant of Allah. We say this with our tongues but the real station of iman is when this is planted in our hearts. This is like planting a seed in our hearts.

When we plant “la ilaha illah Muhammad ur Rasoolullah” in our hearts we are planting the seeds of iman in our hearts and therefore we must take care of it. We must look after it and make it grow so that it becomes as big as a tree which gives flowers and then fruits. This is when we take benefit from our iman and also others may benefit through our iman. Real believers love to benefit others. This is why we say that real believers (moomins) are not living for themselves but that they live for others.

This is why real iman belongs to the attributes of the Prophet Muhammed (sal) because one of his main attributes was to live for others rather than live for himself. When the Prophet (sal) was born his lips were moving and he was saying, “ummathi, ummathi, ummathi”. He was asking for his nation with his first words and he continued to live his whole life still asking for his nation. When he was passing away and leaving this life, even at that time, he was asking Allah Almighty for his ummath (nation). Even in the Divine Presence he will be asking Allah Almighty for his nation. Even on the day of resurrection he will ask for his nation. He shall still ask for his nation at maksha arafa – through meezan (scale). On the siraat (bridge) he shall ask for his umma. He shall also ask for them at the entrance to paradise. This is why we say that Rasoolullah (sal) lived for others and not for himself.

​The followers of the Prophet (sal) too are living for the nation of the Prophet (sal) and not for themselves. When the tree of iman grows in heart of a person, it gives its fruits to him and also to everyone who comes to see him. What gives power to the tree of iman to the hearts is love. Love for Allah and love for the Prophet Muhammed (sal) This is Muhabbat ur Rasoolullah. If there is no love then no iman grows. First love for Allah enters through the hearts and then comes iman. Then love for Rasoolullah (sal). This love gives power to iman. If this love is missing, iman can never grow. This is a very important thing to know because if you do not know this you cannot reach to Rasoolullah (sal) and Allah Almighty.

There is a hadis that says, “Man-Ahaba-shai’an-asfala-Zikrahu”. When a person love someone very much he loves to mention this person’s name repeatedly and always think of that person. When you repeatedly mention the name of the person you love and constantly remember that person then more love comes into your heart.

Similarly when a person mentions and repeats the name “Allah Allah” more love for Allah Almighty comes into this person’s heart. When this servant (abid) makes this zikr Allah Almighty looks and says, “My servant is calling My name and making zikr on Me (remembering Me). He is calling Me by My greatest and holiest name “Allah Allah”. What is he asking from Me?” Allah Almighty knows what His servant is asking.

This is so even though the servant may not know. When you say, “Allah Allah Allah” or “Haq Haq Haq” or “Hu Hu Hu” or “Ya kaiyoom” or any other holy name, Divine Appearances come from that holy name that you are mentioning.

Divine Mercy and Divine Appearances come into our hearts from the holy names that we mention and He knows that we are in need of His love. You cannot however reach to the love of Allah Almighty unless you first reach to the love of Rasoolullah (sal). You will not be able to approach the love for Allah Almighty, if you do not have love for His most beloved one.

The love in the heart of the Prophet (sal) is very immense and powerful. It has great force. It is like a big waterfall. You may have seen water falling down from the mountain which we call a waterfall. This is nothing compared to the love that runs through the heart of Seyyadina Muhammed (sal). Put your fingers into your ear and listen. You hear the sound as if from a waterfall. This only a small example that I am giving to you today in order that you may understand the love that runs through the heart of the Prophet (sal). This is from the Divine Love Force.

No one can carry this great force of love. All prophets took love from the heart of Prophet (sal) and so did all the Sahaba (companions). The saints (awliya) too take this love from the heart of the Prophet (sal). It is this love that the awliya send through their hearts to the hearts of their followers – the love of Muhammad (sal).

This is why we are ordered to say salawaath-sending blessings on the Prophet (sal). Every time that you send salawaath) he is taking love (muhabba) and giving love. You will not find through any other thing blessings than through love. If you are growing in love it means that you are taking more baraka (blessings) from Allah Almighty. This is why when a person says salawaath on Prophet (sal) he approaches closer to Rasoolullah (sal).

The Prophet (sal) gives them more love and they are also taking more love from the Prophet (sal) and thereby reaching to the love of Allah Almighty. They are taking this through the love of Rasoolullah (sal) without whom no one can reach to the love of Allah Almighty (Muhabbathullah).

It is not possible for one to reach to the love of Allah Almighty without reaching through the love of Prophet (sal). It is impossible. Therefore when you are saying, “la ilaha illallah”, we say, “Muhammad ur Rasoolullah” and when you say “Allah Allah”, we say “Allahumma salli ala muhammadin wa ala a’li muhammadin wa salli.” Without salawaath Allah Almighty does not accept our Zikr. Therefore every time we say zikr we must also say salawaath on the Prophet (sal).

Now some empty headed people who have the characteristics of the Jews which is enviousness are refusing to say salawaath. The Jews were the most envious people to Rasoolullah (sal).They are also ignorant. Now these envious people are going against the Prophet (sal) and selling their iman or belief for money. They are against the recitation of salawaath and also against the love for the Prophet (sal). They say that muhabbath Rasoolullah (sal) or love for the Prophet (sal) is shirk. Shirk means associating partners with Allah. They are mushrik – those that associates partners with Allah-because they are rejecting Rasoolullah (sal) and by doing this only feeding their egos.

Without love for Rasoolullah (sal) how can iman go through our hearts? So many people during our days do not understand this point. They are very reluctant to say salawaath to Prophet (sal). Since we belong to “Ahlul Sunna Wa Jamm’ath” we are keeping our ways with love for Rasoolullah (sal). These bad people however have lost their way and now are following Shaitan. They are following Dajjal and going against Rasoolullah (sal) and they are on the wrong way. They are asking all Muslims not to love Rasoolullah (sal) and not to recite salawaath on him. If there is no salawaaths no barakah. All blessings are for salawaath. That is Hijaza and we will keep to it up to the end both here and the hereafter in our fight against these foolish ones.


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