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Sahib uz Zamaan Seyyadina Muhammmed Mahdi Alaihi Salam

Seyyadina Muhammed Mandi alai salam was up to his fifteen year with his parents. He did not disappear thereafter. No! Until he was 15 years old he was at his birthplace, Wadi Fatima, which is a green valley. When you leave Jeddah towards Madinah you will pass through that very good, green valley. His father and his mother were both descendants of the Holy Prophet Muhammed (sal), from the lines of both Imam Hasan and Imam Husayn.

When he was about fifteen years of age he began to be noticed by people because his growth was miraculous. By the Prophet Muhammmed (sal) order, he was taken away behind Mount Qaf. Five kinds of the Friends Of Allah took him there. Their Imam is Shihabuddin. Then he was ordered to be in the Empty Quarters. That is where Yemen and Hijaz join. It is a dead desert. No one can go there because there are moving sands. If you put your foot there, you will fall down. Here there is a huge cave. Inside that cave there is the Dome of Happiness which has been built by the Angels. Seyyadina Muhammed Mandi alai salam, peace be upon him, and ninety-nine caliphs are there. He is protected and guarded by the jinn. If somebody comes, they send out electricity and kill him and throw him away. No one can approach that cave. They are waiting and expecting the Divine Command of Allah Almighty to appear. His appearance should be soon, with the Will of Allah.

When he appears, he will say, "Allah is the Greatest! Allah is the Greatest! Allah is the Greatest!" (Allahu akbar!). This will be heard from the East to the West without any doubt. Angel Gabriel will shout, "Allah's Viceregent has appeared! Join his army, oh believers!" Everything will be clear. It will not be a secret appearance. He will appear with power. With so much power that everything will be taken away that technology is supporting now and in which people are now trusting. He is coming with miraculous power and he will open the seed of faith and make it grow in the hearts of the people. After the Great War has come on earth, they will be ready like a candle is ready for a match. That is how quick their light will appear. When he comes he will bring so many new people with him who will be coming from around this earth. There are so many unknown worlds.

Once I was in Medina with Grandsheik for seclusion. He was ordered to be invited by Mandi alai salam. To travel from Medina to that place it takes about forty days. Yes and it is an area with quicksand. You cannot step on it. You will be pulled down like water. Grandsheik took me to that place but not by ordinary modes of transport but by saying, "Close your eyes and open them again," because at that time we were using spiritual powers. In a second of time we were there and Mandi alaihi salam opened his arms to greet us and to stop us from coming inside. The entrance was forty meters wide. His hands reached to his knees. That was the introduction, a physical meeting. From that time on he ordered me to be there spiritually. My spirit never moves away from that meeting. My spiritual body went into the cave but my physical body returned. Now one of my spiritual bodies is with them. As much as it is necessary for me to be there, the way he orders, my spiritual body will be there and one of my spiritual bodies never moves away from there. Seyyadina Mandi alaihi salam's first appearance was in Hijaz, in Mekka, on Mount Arafat. That was around the year 1960. It was a private appearance, only for the Saints. Twelve Thousand (12,000) Saints (Awliya) came and put their hands on his hand and took the Oath of Allegiance (Bayyath) from him. There is a second kind of Bayyath in dreams, for people who are not prepared to meet Mandi alaihi salam physically. Then the common people will take Bayyath with him when this order arrives.

Now everything is going in so many different ways and accidents are happening with everything. When one has an accident, another comes, and another and another. Therefore the ways are closed no one can move. We are waiting now for Seyyidina Mandi alaihi salam to come. Religious officials will never want him to come, and he is going to fight those people who claim that they are religious people and at the same time officials. Official "religious" people will not like him and as they are fighting now, they are going to fight when he comes.

We hope to be Seyyadina Mandi alaihi salam's helpers. We are asking Almighty Allah to let us reach to his happy times and to his happy days.


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