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Saints are The Shelters For Mankind & On Visiting the Tombs of Saints

Allah Almighty is with His Beloved servant Muhammad, on whom be peace, and also with His Saints. He says “Oh! Umma, of my Beloved servant Muhammad, on whom be peace. I want you to come to Me when you are feeling weak because you have been created weak. But My Beloved Saint, thou has completed the purpose of thy creation, therefore I am with you, always with you”. Therefore we must visit the Saints. They are Allah Almighty’s Beloved Ones with whom He is.

Therefore you must find Allah Almighty with the Saints because Allah Almighty is with them and they are with Him. Do not think that when a saint dies that he leaves Allah Almighty because he leaves the physical body. His Spiritual Body, his real being, is going to be with Allah Almighty, and will be obeying Him forever. Therefore visiting their Ziyarams (tombs) is like visiting Allah Almighty. Allah Almighty is with every Saint and every Moomin (true believer). But Allah Almighty is not with the kafirs because they do not believe in the concept of the Oneness of Allah Almighty and the Prophethood of Muhammad (sal} and also because they do bad, and because they have no space in their hearts for Allah Almighty.

The Moominullah and the Waliullah (the believer in Allah and the friend of Allah) are with Allah Almighty. Therefore whoever who visits the Saints is visiting Allah Almighty. No doubt. When Allah Almighty says “Come to Me when you are weak”, it really means “Come to My representative, My Beloved servant Muhammad, on whom be peace, or to My Beloved Saints.

Allah Almighty also says “you may find My beloved servants at all times among yourselves as gems amongst stones. There must be such precious servants amongst mankind during every time. As you look for gems look for gems amongst mankind. Look for them and find them. People are risking their lives and going under the ground in search of these small stones which are known as gems. Therefore Allah Almighty is asking, “Why is it, that you are not looking for gems amongst my servants. Look for them. If you look you shall find them, and when you find them keep them with you because Allah Almighty is with them.

If Shaitan gives you trouble run to the Saints because when you are with a Saint of Allah Almighty, Shaitan runs away. There is a story in relation, to the Power of Saints. There was a big Alim (Islamic scholar) in the early days, who was very sick and was dying. When he was in this situation Shaitan approached him to cheat him. In the meantime, a Saint by the name of Ibrahim Min Sharri Rahmathullah, was coming to see this Alim, and as soon as this Saint reached to the door of this Alim‘s house the Alim said Alhamdulillah, Shaitan just left me, when with your lights you came near me”.

Therefore remember that Shaitan escapes from every Saint because they are surrounded with Divine Lights, but blind people who’s hearts are closed can never see the Power of these lights. Both living and those who have now passed away are full of lights. The burial place of a saint is also full of lights. Blind people like the Wahabi people can never see these lights. Therefore they are trying to escape. The Saint says “Go away you blind person, why are you coming here?”

Allah Almighty makes everything in perfection. Allah Almighty knows, so he says “Ask protection from Me, come running to Me through that door to the Divine Presence”.

[Sheikh Nazim visiting the Tomb of Qutubus Sailan Sheikh Uzman Valiullah (qd) situated in Colombo Sri Lanka]

Allah Almighty has showed us that all His Saints are those who reach safety here and in the hereafter. People cannot understand this. They are fighting and saying bad things about them because they are ignorant. Saints are the shelters for mankind, they are springs for mankind, they are safety for mankind, they are the saviours of mankind, they are Power stations for mankind and they are Mercy for mankind. They have been granted “Karamat”( Miracles). May Allah Almighty forgive us and help us, to find and to follow His Beloved servants.


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