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Sufi Meditation

The Sufis say: “There are three ways to relate to the Divine: One is Prayer, a step up from that is Meditation, and a step up from that is Sohbet (Association with the Sheikh).”

Sheikh Nazim says, Meditation is concentration and focus. Meditation is to ask and to find a way to reach for what you are seeking. It is the last level, the last point, that our spirituality reaches.

You may make Sufi meditation to the spiritual master (Shaykh). To make meditation to the guide, the spiritual master, is to listen, to hear, and to accept clearly what the shaykh is teaching you. Meditation to the master is to be in the Presence of the Shaykh (huduru 'sh-shaykh) That is Sufi meditation. If he is not there, there is no Sufi meditation. Real Sufi meditation is for God, but the master is preparing you to reach the Divine Presence and to make true Sufi meditation.

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