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Teaching Children Garbage Instead Of How To Reach To Divine Presence

As-salamu alaikum! Audhu bi-lahi mina Shaitan rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta ila bi-lahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Adhim. Oh people! We are asking forgiveness from Allah Almighty. We are unimportant people. We are not as important as we think. Yes, amongst ourselves we are unimportant people. But in the Divine Presence we are very important. We are so important that no one can even speak about it. This is the importance that we have been granted by our Creator. In the Divine Presence mankind is the most important in all creation but among ourselves we are not on that level or on that understanding.

We have to ask and to learn of the importance of Mankind. This is the most important point that has to be taught on this Earth, but no one takes care to speak on it. This is because everyone is occupied with their physical beings and everything surrounding it. In the East and the West there are so many educational centers or teaching centers. Yes everywhere they are trying to teach children. They are so very keen that they teach their children and educate them. They are even trying to register their children in schools even before they are born and while still in their mothers womb. When a woman gets pregnant, the husband and wife (the parents) are so busy thinking on registering their child in schools and universities. They say, “we must think on it.” What would you think if someone were to take a wire and connect it to your womb so that he may speak to the child and ask him as to when he is going to come out and as to how much he has learned inside his mother’s womb. It is like that. It is crazy. People have become crazy now for teaching, teaching and teaching. If they can they will teach the child in the womb through this wire the alphabet – A B C or alpha, beta, gamma, delta or alif be the. But even then they are not interested in teaching the child the Arabic Alphabet. Tens of thousands of learning centers or schools are being prepared to teach their kids. This is their aim. They must study and learn in order to make money and to make more money and also to save much more money. This is why people are trying to educate their children. What are the children learning? What are they teaching these children? They are teaching these children nonsense which does not give benefit to them. They are also writing so many books, yes, hundreds of books so that they can teach children through them. They are trying to achieve impossible targets with these children. After every level of what is taught to them they are taught yet another level. The end result is that what is taught at the beginning at the earlier level is forgotten by the child when he is being taught the next level. Yes, by this time they have already forgotten what they have learnt at the beginning and everything else too. This is why I am speaking on this point. They always tell them, “you must learn, you must study.” I was asking a child, “what have you learnt all these days?” The child was surprised and he said, “Oh Sheik, nothing.” Then I asked, “then why did you waste your time?” The child replied, “Oh Sheik, they asking us to learn about hundreds of matters and it is impossible with our capacity to remember all these.”

This then in short is the educational system through which our governments are trying to teach Mankind. The governments are trying to occupy the youth with this learning so that they may do everything as much as possible. Subhanallah! The Lord of heavens makes a limit for everything. When that limit has been reached you cannot push it beyond that. No. This cannot be done. One week ago I heard that in France, the students from the schools and the universities there were on the streets acting in a violent manner. They were like from the jungle or the forests. They were burning, breaking things and throwing stones. Is this what they learnt? This is the summery and result of all that they were learning.

Their teaching and the education system is so bad that these youngsters are as a result of this acting like violent beings from the jungle. In Islam we have a saying. At the beginning there should be ‘Adab,’ (good conduct). This is what has to be taught at the very beginning to children. When a child comes to his learning age, then good conduct and good manners should be taught to him. There are today two directions or ways. One of them is that everyone seems to be teaching and learning more and more knowledge about this world but the other is not so interested about this world but their interest is concerning the Divine Presence.

They are more interested as to how they can reach to their Lord’s Divine Presence. Which of these two categories is more important, more lovely, more respected and more acceptable in the Divine Presence? The people who are trying to get close to the Divine Presence are getting closer and closer and they have less knowledge about the material world. They are not interested so much about knowledge concerning the material world. Their interest is more important because they are interested in keeping their Lord’s highest respect.

Therefore I am looking and seeing that those who give more respect to their Lord’s Divine Presence and who keep on asking to give even more respect and more glorifying to their Lord are more acceptable and are invited by the Lord who says, “come closer, come closer my good servants.” But on the other hand there are people who are not interested in glorifying their Lord or giving him respect. They are never invited to the Divine Presence. No one says to them, “come closer” because they are running away from the Divine Presence. These people run after material things and even this whole world is of no value in the Divine Presence. These people run after cheap and valueless things. Therefore Allah Almighty does not accept them. If a group of people go to visit their King or their Sultan they always take some gifts with them. Some of them bring diamonds, some gold, some emeralds, some of them bring red rubies and some of them bring pink pearls (not white pearls). Some others bring straw or fertilizer or something from the dustbin which is garbage. What do you think the Sultan will say to the ones that bring rubbish “this is stinking too much. From where are you bringing this? Take this away.” Therefore the world is not so valuable. It has no value in the sight of Allah. Allah Almighty does not look at dunya and if He was to look at it, it would immediately turn into a big red ruby. He does not look at dunya because dunya is a disliked thing and those who run after this dunya, how will they be welcomed in the Divine Presence.

The Lord will say, “you were leaving your Creator and running after this dirty life, this valueless life. Therefore you are not bringing anything of value and because of this you are also of no value in my Divine Presence.” But people today have turned everything upside down. They are asking to learn more and more of useless material things and are leaving their Creator, their Lord. They have finished their chance given here and finally they will be such garbage. It is like a person cleaning the garden in his home and then making a heap of the garbage that he collected. Then he lights a match and makes a fire. In the same way people are making themselves to be like this garbage which is of no value and a fire will be coming to burn them and to clean the world of these mindless people, of these bad mannered people, of these disrespecting people, of these unbelieving people, so as to finish them and to take them away and they are trying to make this fire now. May Allah protect us and keep us in a good mannered way. We are trying to be more good mannered, and be of more good quality and more acceptable ones in His Divine Presence and not to be like garbage. Most people are now like garbage. There are only a few good ones who are of good qualities and they will be protected.

May Allah forgive us. I am asking, “Oh our Lord, forgive us”, because the people of today are drunk with democracy. They sleep with democracy and they awaken with democracy, saying, “democracy, democracy,” daily. There are the prayer beads representing the 99 names of Allah (the rosary). But instead of Allah’s Holy Names, they repeat, “democracy, democracy, democracy” one hundred times and they say, we shall begin again tomorrow. Their zikr has become “democracy, democracy.”

Everything for them is democracy. They say that, “everything must be for democracy” But you must say “no you are wrong, everything is for Allah Almighty.”

But they say, “no, it is you who are wrong, everything must be for democracy.” May Allah forgive us. We are asking You, oh our Lord, we are not asking democracy.

Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Alah, Aziz Allah…

Allah Allah, Allah Alah, Allah Allah, Subhan Allah…

Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Sultan Allah…

May Allah forgive us and bless us for the honour of the most honoured one in His Divine Presence Seyyadina Muhammad (sal). Fathiha.

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