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The Billions Of Universes In Comparison To The Value Of One Man

We are listening to what is coming from our “Spiritual Central," our "Spiritual Headquarters.” Allah Almighty has given us ears for listening, eyes for looking, and hearts for understanding, but we are using our ears in the wrong way, our eyes in the wrong way and our hearts in the wrong direction. Therefore, we look but do not see, we hear but do not understand, we know but do not feel. Without feeling, knowledge is nothing; knowledge, when it moves you with feelings – that is useful knowledge. And I am asking my Grandsheikh Abdullah to give us from the knowledge of the awliya, saints, to move our hearts towards our Lord’s direction.

While I was praying some inspirations were coming. This is important: inspirations concerning the value of man. This point just came; we shall see what comes to complete it. Grandsheikh is transmitting to me from the heart of Prophet Muhammad (sal), and I am translating to you from our Grandsheikh’s heart, may Allah bless him.

No other religion gives such value to mankind as Islam gives. Among tariqas, none gives that value to mankind that the Most Distinguished Naqshabandi order gives. And among Grandsheikhs, such value as our Grandsheikh Abdullah gives to the Sons of Adam and to mankind, I have never heard.

The most important thing for everyone belonging to mankind is to know what is the value of himself and of everyone who is created as a human being, as one of the Sons of Adam; that is the most important knowledge that must be acquired by everyone. If everyone knows the value of himself and of everyone else, this world is going to be like paradise.

But now they are losing that value and the whole world is like a hell. Throughout the East and West, no value for mankind. In the East, no value for the individual; in the West, they also consider the individual as a material being, regarding him as a robot. In the Western countries which we call free countries, everyone can find everything he may be in need of for himself, like a robot, and Western Countries’ systems steal the hearts of people and leave them without hearts.

Throughout the East and West, the value of people has been lost, finished. That is the source of suffering, troubles and problems. While the East stole the individual – no more value for the individual person – the West took his heart and left him like a robot, both of them finishing the value of mankind.

Between the East and West, some countries are going after the East, camping in the Eastern camp. Some of them are camping in the Western camp. And the Muslim world is also divided into two camps, East and West; there is now no camp for Muslims to be under, to take a shelter for themselves, no. In the Muslim world they have also lost the value of man and of mankind.

Allah Almighty sent the Seal of the Prophets, the most valuable one, the most important and beloved one, Muhammad (sal), to teach mankind forever who they are and what their value is. Allah Almighty sent one verse in the Holy Quran stating the value of mankind, and that verse did not come from Heaven except to beloved Muhammad (sal). You may read or recite it among other verses, not paying too much attention to it, and our scholars have also given some meanings to that verse. It is just a part of a verse, not even a complete verse, it is only three or four or five words, “Wa laqad karramna Bani Adam,” (And We have surely honoured the Sons of Adam). In this verse Allah Almighty gives perfect value to the Sons of Adam “Wa laqad karramna Bani Adam.” It says “We have surely honoured the Sons of Adam.”

If all the awliya (I am not speaking of scholars; scholars’ knowledge stops now – I am speaking of awliyas’ knowledge) were to give the knowledge that they have been given concerning that one verse, it would not be sufficient to give the true value which Allah Almighty proclaims by the word “karramna,” We honoured, a word which is only one word among three or four or five words. That is the value which Allah Almighty gives to the Sons of Adam: “Karramna.” For forty years I heard about that word from my Grandsheikh, and with that ocean still in his heart, he went away from this world.

You must know about your Lord and about His prophets, and also about the Sultan of the Prophets, Muhammad (sal). Other prophets’ knowledges and all awliyasand all angels’ knowledge are like a little drop on a needle when a needle is taken from an ocean, but a limited ocean, and the Prophet’s knowledge is like a little drop in an endless ocean. The Prophet Muhammad (sal), gives such value to the Sons of Adam as no one can give except Allah Almighty and Allah Almighty gives such value to the Sons of Adam that no one can know the amount and measure of that value.

We may say something about the value of the Sons of Adam to give you an idea of that value. One human being is more valuable than the whole universe, not including man. For this world, we may kill a man even for one pound; we may kill a man for nothing. Now the East is intending to kill all Western people; Western people are taking precautions to kill all the people of Eastern countries, also. But the value of one human being is out of this world. If all computers were made to work to give a value, to give a figure or number it will fail. In comparison to the whole universe (without man), one human being is more valuable than that. If there is brought another universe like this one, also without man, one man is still more valuable when you compare them. If there are ten universes, still he is more valuable; if one thousand universes are compared to him even, he is more valuable than that too. Yes even if you bring millions and billions of universes yet that one person is more valuable than all these universes (without man) put together.

This is a piece of knowledge from the knowledge of the Saints. Therefore, for the one who is asking for the pleasure of his Lord, to the extent that he may give value to His servants, to the Sons of Adam, he gives pleasure to his Lord.

May Allah Almighty give us understanding. We are lacking that. No understanding; in the twentieth century, non-understanding people are living. They claim they understand everything, but not the value of man. You may understand everything except the value of man. If you understood, you would put on everyone’s head a crown, coming from Heaven.

The awliya look at that and they see that on everyone’s head there is a crown, a heavenly crown, but a blind man does not see, will never see. Make light in your heart; little by little it is going to appear that everyone is bearing a heavenly crown. To the extent that you give value to the Sons of Adam, you acquire more value and advance in the Divine Presence.

Now we come to the opposite of this. Who is the guiltiest person, guilty of the biggest sin? What is the biggest sin in the Divine Presence? The biggest sin is not to give value to other people. You understand? Whoever does not give a person value, he is the biggest sinner.

We give value to people, firstly, if they are rich; secondly if they are powerful; thirdly, if they are young; fourthly, if they are beautiful or handsome or healthy. A bright one, we say. We do not make of value among the Sons of Adam an ugly one, an old one, a not-bright one, a black one, a yellow one, a red one, a poor one, a weak one, a sick one, also; throwing them away, not giving them value. That is a big sin for everyone, to look at their forms or their figures.

In our time we give value according to peoples’ forms. Allah Almighty, the Guardian, is powerful enough, and artistic enough, also, to give everyone the most beautiful forms, but He is examining, trying His servants, to see whether they are looking at the meaning of the Sons of Adam or not. But our hearts’ eyes are veiled. Therefore we do not look at the meaning that the Sons of Adam have been given by their Lord; we only look at their outward appearance, just as Satan looked at Adam from the outside and would not make sajda (prostrate) to him, would not bow down, to him. (See VII:11- 12;XV29-33;XVII:61; and XXXVIII:72-76 for the Qur’anic account of Satan’s refusal to prostrate to Adam because Adam was made of clay while he was made of fire). If he had looked at the meaning of Adam, at the reality of the meaning that he bore, Satan would have been the first to make sajda. But he looked from the outside view and said, “You created Adam from clay. How can I make Sajda to him?”

That is foolishness, and that foolishness is going on most among people in the twentieth century. They look at forms, like Satan who looked at Adam as created from clay – how could I respect him? – Not looking at the meaning of Adam which made him respected by the entire universe, by all angels, all the angels made sajda to him.

Now Satan has established his sovereignty upon the whole world, causing people to look at each other through their forms, their figures. That is a big sin or the biggest sin, and all must be punished. Must be punished, and it is from the divine punishment that the East is now the greatest enemy to the West and the West is the greatest enemy to the East.

Here we are speaking bout awliyas’ (saints) knowledge which they are granting us. Awliya are trying to take away enmity from among people; to take it away, to make people look at each other and see others as crowned, divinely crowned, totally crowned people, and to give their respect to everyone. This is why my Grandsheikh said, “The meaning of tariqat for me is to give respect to everyone. Keep to this, and you are going to be respected among creatures on earth and in the Heavens.


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