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The Perception of a Knower is by the Light of Allah

This for Common Standard Level of believers. You must not look for anything till you are in need and you have some purpose for that. And your purpose must be for the sake of Allah. If you are looking for your ego, that makes you blind. That is the lowest standard of people or believers. Everywhere you may look, but for which purpose? You must know it. You must not do anything without an intention. And your intention must be to make pleased your Lord with that action. Your intention must be pleasure of your Lord Almighty Allah.

You may go to Hijaz and be there from beginning of Rajab to Dhu l-Hijja -six months in prayer and worship. Then you may take his plane to come London. And one hostess do like this, like that, looking like this. Finished! He may be patient six months but not preventing his eyes when seeing that one. Because there it is difficult to find such a girl - all covered. When coming and looking, no patience. He may be patient for six months but for one looking, Allah Almighty preventing - "Don't look". And he can't be able to keep himself without looking. Maybe not six months, six years maybe there or more, 40 years or more. But when coming, quickly shaitan hook catching. Yes. By each looking of a forbidden thing, Shaitan throws a poisoned arrow through your heart and that makes your faith to be poisoned. Shaitan and his armies always fighting and taking your faith in target. And every forbidden thing destroying and wounding our faith. Therefore we are not tasting the taste of real faith.

That is the reason that Allah Almighty not leaving lights to come on our heart's eyes. And mostly people, they are blind through their hearts. And it is impossible for a person to look at unseen worlds with his eyes except through his heart's eyes - may look to unseen worlds, so many. And for you also, for everyone, your Lord granting to you a private world or private universe, more than world, universe for yourself. It is private for you. No partner, not like this world. Billion partners to that dirty world. But He granted to everyone a private universe and it is wider from this world, wider from this universe also. And we can enter in it with one step. It is not too far. It is with us. But we are not looking. It can't be seen by these eyes. It needs to look heart eyes. And heart eyes, if you can't be able to keep the lights of these eyes, you never be granted lights of that eyes. Because Allah Almighty is looking that you are wasting this nur, lights. How He can trust on you to give to your heart from Divinely lights? Therefore He prevent it. (If there are) no lights through your heart, no vision, you can't see. Therefore if anyone keeping full respect to his Lord Almighty Allah, He grants to him from His Divinely lights to see, to see and to know about himself, to look into himself.

We are not looking to ourselves. (to purify ourselves). We are occupied by everything that surrounding our life. Therefore, we are not getting any care to look to our hearts, to ourselves. And till you are beginning to take care for your heart, no divinely lights may be granted to you. No. It is going to be wasted. And Allah Almighty never likes wasting people. How He can waste His divinely lights to give such a person, such a person? Not knowing what is its value because he's not yet knowing the value of these lights through his eyes. How he can be able to keep that lights? Therefore, it is most important thing that I have been learn from my Grandsheikh. And every Grandsheikh advising to their murids. If you're asking divinely lights through your heart - must be, everyone may ask. I don't think that any believer not asking divinely lights through his heart; everyone asking. You must keep that lights. Then He grants to you. That is important.

And the Second level people, they are asking wisdoms in everything they are looking at. Second level category of people, when they are looking, they must take wisdoms. For which wisdom, divinely wisdoms bringing that one in existence? Yes. Because wisdoms making persons to approach to Divinely Presence. Knowledge may do to move you on earth. Knowledge as the tyres of plane. You may run on it but not for getting up skies. On skies no need that tyres. Therefore, taking it quickly, disappears, knowledge disappears when wisdoms coming out. Wisdoms have the power to make people to approach to the Divinely Presence so that if a person is not reaching to wisdoms he can't be rising to heavens. And in that category, they are looking and taking divinely wisdoms and using that power to approach to Allah Almighty saying, SubhanAllah. Subhan al-khaliqu nnur. Subhan al-khaliqu n-nar. That wisdoms making them to glorify their Lord Almighty Allah.

And there is another category, Third (level) one also. When they look at a person they look at the Lord's existence, the Lord's appearance on that person. They are not looking at anything else. They have already reached to Divinely Presence. Therefore, they are looking in everyone and seeing Divinely appearance on him. With His holy name that training him. For every looking they are reaching to their Lord with everything. With everything they are looking to their Lord. Therefore, they are saying - He is in all. He is all, in all. He is all, in all. They can't see anything except the Lord Almighty Allah, His appearance. They are looking that he is standing with his Lord. If no Lord's appearance with His mercy, with His powers, with His wisdoms, he is not getting in existence. Nothing is standing by itself. If anything you may say going to be in existence by itself, it is going to be partner to Allah Almighty. Because only one, Allah Almighty Himself, standing in existence by Himself. But everything standing by Himself, by the Lord Almighty Allah.

I am not saying that when I am saying, I am looking that He is standing with his Lord Almighty Allah, he's going to be Allah as Christians mistaking and saying Jesus Christ is God. Jesus Christ is not God because he is standing in existence by his Lord. If not, he is not standing in existence. And everyone from mankind standing or he is in existence, by his Lord. Everything, every part of your body standing by its Lord. Or nothing in existence. That is their mistake, making Jesus Christ God. Why? He's a word from Allah Almighty. And he is in existence by that word. And the meaning that you must understand - Allah Almighty when He created Adam and giving his form, He blow into him from His Divinely soul. That making to stand up. If taking, nothing there. Finished. On one word whole universes from the Lord Almighty Allah. Saying "Be. Come in existence." Coming With His order. One order making them in existence. One order may take them away from existence. Yes. And people of this category, they are looking, looking at their Lord's appearance, that One.

Therefore Jalaluddin Rumi, Allah bless him his sacred soul, he saw, he met through market a priest. And priest bowing for that Grandsheikh. And Mawlana bowing more than priest. He bowed more than priest. Making a little bit priest, Mawlana making more. That even our brothers, too clever ones, they are not giving permission even for kissing hands. How they can give permission to bow to someone and he is not Muslim? He was a Christian priest. He bowed himself. And murids asking "O our master, that one was priest." And Mawlana saying "We are more than him humble." Saying "He bowed for me but he is not understanding. He is only saying that "a Grandsheikh of Muslims, I must respect to him" - make it. But I am not respecting to him that he was a priest but I am looking with him his Lord Almighty Allah. He is standing in existence with the Lord of Allah Almighty. And I bowing to that one who making him in existence."

Once Grandsheikh scolding me. Once I saw a stone on street, on the way and to take stone to leave aside, to put aside, it is sunnah and the sign of faith. I did it like this with my feet. I am so lazy to take it like this. And Grandsheikh scold, scolded me saying "Nazim Effendi, that stone with whom stay in existence?" Just I understand. And I am taking that stone with my hand, kiss and put. Nothing in existence may be by itself but by its Lord. Therefore that third category, when they are looking, looking with everything. "Wa huwa ma'akum aina ma kuntum" (57:4) You must understand that Allah Almighty saying "I am with you whatever, wherever you are." Yes.

And that is the different categories of people!

To “look” for some ones, it is haram.

For some ones, it is sunnah.

For some ones, that is fard.

Haram for those people that coming a poisoned arrow to their hearts. They must keep themselves from haram. It means keep yourself, make a shelter or put a shield, protect yourself from poisoned arrows that comes through ladies. Abdulhaqq. Everyone.

And second category, they are taking wisdoms, reaching divinely wisdoms. They are putting their ego under their feet, their eyes protected.

And then first category, when they are looking, they may help you to take darkness and heavy burdens of sins from you. They are prophets. They are prophets, peace be upon them, and they are saints. Allah blesses them. Yes, it is enough.

Wa min Allahi t-tawfiq. "wa akhiru da'wahum ani l-hamdulillahi rabbi l-'alamin" (10:10). Fatiha.

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