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Sincerity In Dhikr

No one can find his way without a guide and guidance. A person without a guide is like someone lost in a desert not knowing which direction to take to the nearest oasis. Similarly we too are like that person in need of guidance and a guide.

Yesterday I met an Englishman who said to me that he has been in Sri Lanka for the last thirty years in search of the Truth. What has he done during this period of thirty years and to what point has he reached? I was trying to find this out and he could not tell me anything and I saw that he is a person lost as if in a huge desert not knowing which direction to take. Although he was an unbeliever he must have been sincere and patient. He must have been patient because he left his homeland and was wearing a saffron robe searching for the Truth for the last thirty years. He had left everything that he had in life and he was searching and seeking. What was his purpose unless he was sincere in his search? As he was sincere Allah Almighty showed him a way to come to our association.

Allah Almighty looks through the hearts of all his servants for sincerity. Whether one is a believer or not is not the criterion. Allah Almighty looks at the intentions of His servants whether they are sincere or not. This, He does because of his endless mercy. Our intentions are more important than our actions. The important point here is that Allah Almighty is looking and searching for sincerity in these hearts. If He is finding sincerity in the heart of His servant He takes more care of that servant. That sincerity will lead that person to find his way to God, Almighty Allah.

One of my disciples is asking me for a method for spiritual development. The method that I am prescribing for anyone who claims to belong to one way or another, one religion or another or one school of thought or another is for that person to have sincerity. This is the foundation and first step. When you build your foundation on sincerity then it is good. You may say or do anything with sincerity then it should be more acceptable. When some one does something with sincerity he is never refused by the Divine Presence.

Therefore sincerity guides people to the best. Travel on the way of sincerity and step by step you shall reach to your best. Do not be worried. There should be no fear of badness for that person who is going to be sincere. Nothing shall harm him, either here or hereafter. As long as he is sincere with his Lord he shall be in no danger and that sincerity would be the most important shelter for him. All people and everything in turn must be sincere with him. If a person is sincere to you, don’t fear him as he will never harm you. If on the contrary, he is not sincere beware of him, as he may harm you. When you are sincere with Allah Almighty, Allah makes people to be sincere to you. “Kama tadeenu judaa”. It means as you are being sincere to Almighty Allah everyone will also be sincere to you. Sincerity prevents every harm, every badness and every punishment, both in this life and in the hereafter.

Today, the whole Muslim world is in need of much more sincerity than those of other faiths. I am looking at the Muslims and I find that there is amongst them less sincerity and most of them are two faced people. That is not good. Particularly those who are claiming to be guides for others should be more sincere. But among Muslims today there are very few sincere people. Most of them are sick people and their sickness is making also the community sick. This important illness is making the whole Islamic community to decline and for the unbelievers to step on them as Allah Almighty never gives honour and power to his servants till they are sincere with their Lord Almighty Allah. If they are not sincere, no honour or power for them.

Insincerity is a dangerous and terrible illness. If we are not sincere with Allah Almighty how can we be sincere with each other, and Allah Almighty always looks at our intentions. Last night I asked a certain question from a businessman who came to see me. The question was “Are you working for Allah or are you working for yourself.” He said “I am working for Allah”. But my heart was not satisfied with his answer. He had to say this to me as an adab as a good manner. Yet my heart was not satisfied with his answer, and if I am not satisfied, do you think that Allah Almighty is satisfied? No. Who is sincere with his Lord Almighty Allah, works for Allah, if he is sincere, Allah Almighty looks at you. You can’t cheat him. Neither can you cheat a real believer. Don’t try to cheat a real believer as he cannot be cheated. If a real believer cannot be cheated what about Almighty Allah.

When you are with Almighty Allah for everything you are going to be sincere. Today the whole Islamic world is trying to imitate the west. They are trying to reach to the level of Western people as they think that western people’s life, is a high life. They think that their life is dirty and the lowest life. How could then they be sincere with Almighty Allah.

As I said earlier that Englishman has left that dirty life (the life of the people of the west). He has now come here and it is thirty years since he left that dirty life. Allah Almighty was looking through his heart for those thirty years, and this person never said “I am fed up, I must now go to my country which is my homeland and live as my people live”. That is a good quality that he has, which is to say that he is not asking for anything from this world and also not trying to reach to anything. When you look at him you only see a piece of cloth covering his body and sometimes he covers his head. For thirty years he was here and at least during that time he could have built for him a house or he could have owned some other material thing. I see him only with this piece of cloth. Therefore because of his sincerity Allah Almighty sent him to a centre to be sheltered both here and hereafter. Allah Almighty saw that he was sincere and sent him to our association. Finished. Even if he is to continue on any other way instead of our way there should be no harm for him because we have made contact and hooked him and there is thus no escape. Finally now or later he must say Shahada. For his sincerity he should be rewarded with a prize from Almighty Allah.

Therefore sincerity is a very strong method for everything. Without your sincerity your zikr is like the wind flying away, wavering. When you are keeping your heart away from the sickness of this world and making it a way, sincerely, then comes to you the love of Allah. If you can keep the world in your hands, and not through your heart, it doesn’t matter. You may have all the treasures and keep it in your hands, it will never harm you, but instead if you are putting it inside you, it will harm you. It shall be harmful like snakes and dragons which shall inject you with poison.

Without sincerity there is no taste. That is the reason that you are not tasting, tasting zikr, tasting prayer, and tasting servant hood to Allah Almighty. We hope that you are listening to me and hearing what I say and I hope that you are not cutting our hopes from Allah Almighty and of His giving us from his endless favours so that He may give us sincerity to be His sincere servants. This is something that runs from hearts to hearts, not from books to hearts. This is what goes from living hearts to living hearts. Allah Almighty sent the Prophet (Sal) to the Sahaba. Then he sent this Quran into his heart. Then from the heart of the Prophet (Sal) it reached to the hearts of the Sahabas making them sincere and trustworthy for servant hood to Allah Almighty. May Allah grant sincerity and real faith to all of you from his endless favours.


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