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The Reality of Our Real Beings

O people, who have been created and honored to be the Lord’s deputies. This is not our real life or our real position; our real mission or being is not here. It is imitated life, an imitated being here (on earth). It is essentially a mock (existence) here; the true essence of each other is not here. Do not think the Lord of Heavens gives that honor to you on such a planet. La yudhkar, it (that honor) can’t be declared amongst Endless Oceans.Our real being is carrying the honor of being his Deputy. How? How can it be that Allah Almighty is making deputies, one meter, two-meter people? Are you never thinking on such things? la`allahum yatafakkaroon. Allah Almighty is asking you to think on it ! You must think that it can’t be through this size that you are going to be a deputy, it can’t be. What do you think if a king or sultan is asking to dress a peasant to be his deputy? A farmer or a shepherd, making him sultan and also his deputy, then leaving him behind a flock or making him plough fields? How can it be, a deputy of the sultan is going to be a shepherd or a farmer? What is that?

The Holy Qur’an is speaking of this:

Wa idh qaala rabbuka lil-malaaikati innee jaa`ilun fi’l-ardi khaleefatan qaloo ataj`aloo feeha man yufsidu feeha wa yasfikudimaa’ wa nahnoo nusaddiqu bi-hamdika wa nuqaddisu-lak qaala innee `alamoo ma la t`alamoon,

Behold thy Lord said to the angels: “I will create a vicegerent on earth.” They said, “Will you place therein someone who will create mischief and shed blood while we do celebrate Your praises and glorify Your (Holy Name)?”

He said: “I know what you know not.” Suratu ‘l-Baqara (2:30)

He can Allah do this? “How? Without granting us territory and He is dressing us with that honor?” Allah Almighty’s deputy (is granted) that endless honor. Through that endless honor he is granted endless power and granted endless lights and endless oceans through our Lord’s Dominions. No number or measure can measure it!

Which of us may say, “I am a deputy.” How can we say this? (in the current state of us) Do we have no shame? Therefore, they are making me to address people to give some opening for realities that are through the Holy Qur’an. You must think about it. If you reached the position of a real deputy (of Allah’s endless dominions), this world won’t be able to carry you!

When we are on still on this planet, are we doing a real deputy’s function? Can you make your hand go up to the skies? Can he carry stars? And that is only the first step of a real Deputy. We can say (that reaching to this honor) is the highest position for glorifying that we have been granted; such an unexpected and never-understood power.

O People! Therefore, Sayyidina `Ali (r) said, “You are thinking you are a small being, but who is looking to you? You are like a universe!

Tadhunoo annaka jarmun sagheerun wa laakin feeka `awaalim,

Do you think you are a speck when a whole universe is concealed within you?”

Who understands this knows that the "whole universe is just in him. He is with that and everything in him also. He is in all as well as all is in him. He is in all and all in him. Its an understanding which gives honour to mankind & opening endless horizons of understanding.

We are speaking on this now to show our position.

We have been granted such high ranks and divine attributes. We have also been dressed because a deputy must have from heavenly attributes. To be dressed according to their globe, not by attributes that belong to Allah, haasha! But where we have been appointed, we are dressed also with such honor and attributes that belong to heavenly attributes and heavenly Honor Oceans.

Where are we, what do we know? Nothing! O Mankind, may Allah forgive us. I know nothing, but they are making me address all nations, east and west. Don’t look at who is speaking, but about what is that one speaking. Think about it, that is important. Thinking is the key to closed or locked treasures. If you are thinking, it may open something for you. If you are not, you and an ant will be in the same category.

A grant from heavens is making them to put one foot on Earth and second on heavens, because Man is carrying a secret inheritance from heavens, as they have been appointed, selected and elected to be khalif, deputies through Creation. And the real deputy is only one on the divine level. Heavenly levels contain countless identities from deputies. One deputy is never going to be the same as another, and each one has been granted also to be khalif on a creation that no one else may put a foot on it.

O People! Try to understand and you must know that awliyaa are not heedless. They know the time and the capacity of people, and give a time and an opening for them according to their capacities and levels of understanding.

Therefore, you are a deputy and you are a deputy, but what belongs to you (as an individual) is a secret; you have a secret being, a secret creation and a secret identity. All are functioning through the holy commands of heavens. But now people are thinking all Mankind is a photocopy. No! And now the Lord of Heavens is asking to give light for the understanding of Man so that he may think on it. Those who are working and following the ways of heavens are behind some prepared ones (The Saints) for understanding. To make people to understand and to jump from one level to another level, there are some special beings (Referring to the Saints as the Special Beings). Try to find someone who says, “Yes, follow me, your key is with me, I am carrying it.”

Try to think about who you are and if you are real deputies. Are we not going to die, be buried, and become dust? Only the Creator knows the real being of His deputies, where they are, what their situation is and what are their realities, what their honors are and what their colors are also; different colors. On this planet there are black, white, yellow and red colors. Is there a green color? In that level of heavens no two colors are the same. There are billions and trillions of different colors. That is our Lord’s power. Allah jalla jalaaluhu, jallat-`azhaamatuh, wa la ilaaha ghayruhu, subhaan sensin.How can we say anything about Your Reality, O our Lord, when we are not knowing about ourselves? How are we knowing about our Lord, the Lord of Creation? O

O People! Daily, try to give even five minutes or ten minutes for Thinking an Understanding.

I hope that the Lord of Heavens is giving something for the understanding of all people through an opening from His holy book, the Holy Qur’an. This is a small fountain now, but behind it are coming oceans. When Mahdi (a) is coming and then Jesus Christ (a) is landing on this planet, they should understand. Allah Allah. Enough. Marhaba! You are all clever ones. Allah, Allah.

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