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Surrending yourself to Your Sheikh

When a Sheikh orders you to do something you must obey him. When a Sheikh orders you, do you say, yes, to him or no, to him. Do you question him, Why did you order me so? Does a soldier ask the reason for an order coming to him from his officer. Does he tell his officer that he will not obey him, or ask the reason for this order. The attitude that a soldier has towards his officer should be the attitude that a Mureed must have towards a Murshid. This is the lowest level of Tariqa.

The Mureed must not question his Sheikh. It should not be like Sayyidina Moosa (alai) questioning the wisdom of Sayyidina Khidr (alai). These are the orders that a Sheikh gives his Mureed so that he would become a good servant to Sayyidina Muhammed (on whom be peace), and to Allah Almighty. If a Mureed does not have Adab (Respect) with his Sheikh, he will not learn to have Adab with the Prophet (on whom be peace). This means that he will also not learn to have Adab with Allah Almighty.

The foolish Wahabis are denying this Tharbiya (form of training). When a person does not accept to be the servant of Sayyidina Muhammed (on whom be peace), they are also not accepted to be the servants of Allah Almighty because Allah Almighty shall not accept their servant hood. Allah Almighty says, "Go to my Praised servant Sayyidina Muhammed (on whom be peace), first, be his servant and then come to me, give your respect to him and then come to me. If you do not respect him I shall not accept your respect to me. I Allah Almighty am giving Divine Respect to my beloved servant Sayyidina Muhammed (on whom be peace), then how is it that you deny giving respect to my beloved One".

This is the real Adab that Tariqats give, and for which we are in need today. Yes, it is easy to understand this, but these square headed people do not understand. They say that respect to Sayyidina Muhammed (on whom be peace), is Shirk (associating partners with Allah). They say that we are associating partners with Allah Almighty.

How can they say this when Allah Almighty himself gives His Divine Respect to Sayyidina Muhammed (on whom be peace)? How can you say that you cannot give respect to Prophet (on whom be peace)? They say that he is dead and therefore there is no need to give respect. What is this foolishness. Allah Almighty gives everlasting respect to Sayyidina Muhammed (on whom be peace), and they say to Allah Almighty, why is it that Allah Almighty is giving respect to Sayyidina Muhammed (on whom be peace), who has now died? Those who say this are kafirs (non believers), no worse than the kafirs. Yes, you must first try to be a servant of Sayyidina Muhammed (on whom be peace), if not Allah Almighty will not accept your servant hood.

Allah Almighty threw away the worship of Iblis because he did not accept to be the servant of Adam (alai). He was ordered to respect Adam (alai) as the Noor Muhammedi was carried by Adam (alai). Allah Almighty ordered all the Angels to give their highest respect by prostrating, making Sajda to Adam (alai), as Adam (alai) was carrying the Noor of Sayyidina Muhammed (on whom be peace). Iblis did not accept to do Sajda to Adam (alai) and due to this he was chased away.

We know that no one of mankind would be able to reach to the level of Iblis's worship to Allah Almighty. He worshipped Allah Almighty for thousands and thousands of years. But when he refused to be the servant of beloved Muhammed (on whom be peace), when he refused to bow down before Adam (alai) he did not reap any benefit from all his worship. This is because Adam (alai) was carrying the light of Sayyidina Muhammed (on whom be peace), the Noor Muhammedi. Why are some people refusing to give respect to Sayyidina Muhammed (on whom be peace).

Everyone is refusing to do Sajda to Sayyidina Muhammed (on whom be peace), today?

Take the example of Yakoob (alai). He was a Prophet, and his sons were also Prophets. They made Sajda (Prostation) to Yousuf (alai). (It is mentioned in the Quran Surah 12:99-101 that when Prophet Yusuf (as) was a young boy, he had a dream in which he saw the sun, the moon and eleven stars were prostrating to him. The eleven stars symbolizes the 11 brothers Prophet Yusuf (as))

Did they commit the sin of Shirk? (associating partners to God)?

The Wahabis are angry when people kiss my hand or kiss the hand of some other respectable person.

What about the eleven brothers of Sayyidina Yousuf (alai) who prostrated before Yousuf (alai)?

All eleven of them were Prophets and Sayyidina Yakoob (alai) being the father and also a Prophet bowed to Sayyidina Yousuf (alai) and made Sajda to him.

Is anyone denying this?

Then what about doing Sajda to Sayyidina Muhammed (on whom be peace)?

Animals they did Sajda to Sayyidina Muhammed (on whom be peace).

We are more than animals we may also do Sajda. At the beginning however it may not be clear for people, as they have been prevented from doing Sajda to Sayyidina Muhammed (on whom be peace).

When you say:

"Iyyaka Na'budu Wa Iyyaka Nasthaeen" (Taken from Surah Fatiha in the Quran)

"Thee alone we worship and Thee alone we seek help from"

To whom do you address it to?

Allah Almighty is Ghaib (Hidden). If he is Ghaib , not present, to whom do you say Iyyaka Na'budu (Thee alone we worship). Who is that Iyyaka?

Allah Almighty knows that you do not know to whom you are doing Sajda when you do Sajda to Allah Almighty because you are told that He is Ghaib - Invisible.

This is Secret (Sirr), and there are Oceans of Knowledge and Oceans of Secrets in the Holy Quran and this is from its Secret Wisdom.

Yes, when you are saying Iyyaka Na'budu Wa Iyyaka Nasthaeen, Allah Almighty knows that common servants are not looking at Him. But as a training you must look at the one to whom you make Sajda to. You must know that one when you are looking towards that one .

When some people say Allahu Akbar, they look towards the Kibla but who are they looking at through this Kibla. They are looking at that One to whom they are saying, "Iyyaka N'abudu wa iyyaka nasthaeen", and not to the empty walls or to the empty house which is the Kibla. The empty Baithullah does not give any benefit to the Ummah.

Baithullah means the House of Allah Almighty. I am saying that it is the Baith or the house of Sheik ul Burra. If he is not in that house how could I say that it is the house of Sheik Ul Burra. "Iza Ma Yakhthanee Sheik Ul Burra Ma Yakoon Haqiqathan Baithul Sheik Ul Burra" If there was not the Lord in His House we cannot call it the House of Allah Almighty (Baithullah). Why are we saying Baithullah to the House of the Lord if He is not in it?

We know that Allah Almighty is everywhere. Yes, we know that, but He is also specially in that Baithullah to be seen. If anyone, who looks for Him, looks for Him there, they may see Him. The Umma are making Sajda, looking to the Kibla, to the Baithullah. Yes, they must look as to whom they are making Sajda. Surely they are not making Sajda to the walls of the Kaaba. That is Shirk. How can you say that you can make Sajda to walls. How can it be so. Who do they see when they look towards the walls of the Kaaba?

They are looking at the Lord of the Kaaba, who has been dressed by Divine Dressings, and to him who is the Khalifathullah, the representative of Allah Almighty.

When you say Iyyaka (Thee alone we worship) you look at him and when you look at him you are looking at Allah Almighty.

Therefore this is the way of training so that people would be able to reach the Divine Presence of Allah Almighty. How can one be a servant of Allah Almighty if he is not ready to be the servant of Rasulullah (on whom be peace), before that.

The training of a soldier first takes place at the hands of a Sergeant, and then thereafter at the hands of a Colonel. When he is a Colonel he goes up to be a General after receiving training at the hands of a General. How is it possible for a soldier to go up to the highest position of being a Commander when he does not know the lower position of being a soldier. This is the Adab.

Likewise it is important for a Muslim to be trained at the hands of a Murshid Ul Kamil, a perfect inheritor of Sayyidina Muhammed (on whom be peace), who knows to train Mureeds. May Allah Almighty help us.

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