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Tie your Camel First

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim. Last night something was stolen out of a car. How do we deal with such cases? The Shariat is always answering for every event that mankind faces.

Once a Bedouin came to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sal) on his camel. Rasulullah asked him: “What did you do with your camel?” “I left it, and I am trusting in Allah that He is going to keep it safe.” And Rasulullah said: “Go and tie your camel first, and then say: “I am trusting in my Lord Allah Almighty”.

First you, as a servant, must do what is your responsibility. Complete it and then, when you can’t be able to do more than that you may leave it to Allah. But not everything you may leave to Him.

You may do some, and some is for Allah. Grandsheikh told us: “There was a Mureed in Daghestan, who said: “I always leave my cattle outside at night, not bringing them into the stable, my house, because my Sheikh is keeping them safe from the attack of wolves and violent animals.” One day Sheikh Abu Ahmad asSughuri, may Allah bless him and send his holy power on us, said to the Mureed: “Oh, so-and-so Effendi, oh my Mureed, it is not good Adab to make your Sheikh a shepherd on the mountain all night. I am so weak, and it is so cold there.” - This is an explanation for what the Prophet (sal) was saying.

You did what was for you to do, and then, what shall we do? How did they open the car? He left the window a little bit open, and a shaitanic person lowered it, turning and opening. In such a case, what is the Prophet saying? He is saying: “Make it “fi sabili’llah”, for the sake of Allah.” Say: “I give for the sake of Allah what was stolen from me”, and finished. Rasulullah said that for such people there is a special Paradise. It is only for them. But if someone is coming and asking to enter that Paradise, and what had been stolen from him, or what he had lost, was found later and he accepted it back, then it may be said to him: “Yes, you said “fi sabili’llah”, you gave it for the sake of Allah, but when it was found, you accepted it back. Now you can’t enter this Paradise.”

One Sahaba, a son of the Caliph Omar (ral), lost his beautiful, expensive red camel. He said: “Fi sabilillah.” After some time, when he was sitting in the Mosque, someone called: “Oh son of the Caliph, your camel has just been found.” He jumped up, but quickly sat down again, saying: “Astaghfirullah”, because he remembered the Hadith of Rasulullah. He did it for the sake of Allah, and so he said: “It is for Allah, not for me now.”

This is good Adab that all must know. So many things will be lost or stolen, and people get sad and cry. But this is what you should do; and you will find satisfaction through your heart by saying: “I did it for the sake of Allah.”

This is a holy month, Muharram, and some spiritually powerful people know that the money of some people is clean, Halal money, and they take that money and give it away for a reason, for some purpose. They give it especially to the Ahlu’l Bait, people from the line of the Prophet. They are in very bad conditions in Bosnia, Kosovo, Albania. It is not an ordinary person that knows and takes this money. Someone from the spiritually powerful people appeared to me, telling me this. I am giving this Sohbet for the purpose that people around the whole world may benefit. The whole world and its treasures are not even as valuable as the wing of a fly. Do it for Allah, finished. He is giving more and more back to you. Now much more will come in this holy month to our brother, because everything in this month is one hundred times more than in other months. if you give “fi sabili’llah” in this month, it must come back to you at least ten to one hundred times more.

May Allah keep us in His Service on His Divine Way. We, and everything we have, is for our Lord.


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