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What Is The Wisdom In The Creation Of Man 

In the name of Allah Almighty the All merciful the Most Beneficent and the Most Munificent. Allah Almighty sent his last message to His last Messenger. He sent the glorious Quran to the Seal of Prophets, Seyyadina Muhammad (Sal), in order to teach to people as to what He (Allah Almighty) is asking from them.

It is not possible to find any creature in existence without a meaning for its existence. For every creature there is a meaning or wisdom.

Even the smallest microbes are not created for nothing. Only the ignorant one will say that there is no meaning in the creation of the smallest virus or microbe. You cannot find anything to be useless. Throughout the whole universe, from the biggest stars or galaxies to the smallest living cells there must be an important duty for it, and it should complete that importance, so that its meaning may be clear. This is a base on which you may address everyone, because most people today think that there are too many things in existence without there being some wisdom for it. This is ignorance for these people. You cannot say that even the smallest cell that is existing has not got some wisdom for its existence. There must be wisdom for its existence.

"As we are from mankind, it is very important for us to find out, as to why we are existing. Mostly people in our time are asking questions about what is around themselves and not about themselves"

They must ask about themselves, otherwise they will never learn. If you are asking to learn, then you must ask, because the Prophet (Sal) said that to ask is half of knowledge. Any person may ask a question according to his knowledge. If he does not have any knowledge he is not going to ask anything or he will ask some non sensible thing.

Therefore it is obligatory for people to ask about themselves. They should ask as to what their position is and for what purpose have they been created. They should try to find out how they came to be found on this planet. They should try to find out with whose will that they are on this planet. Without the will of a powerful personality they cannot be in this planet. This is impossible. So he must ask questions regarding how he came to be and then the Lord of creatures Allah Almighty will make him to rise up and will take him to the Divine Wisdom and then to the Divine Presence. Therefore everyone must try to learn about himself.

Our discussion on this point is that everyone must try to learn about himself. The children of Adam should try to learn for what purpose they have been created. This is what is important and now we are only knowing and learning something from observation and trial. You have a soul and to reach to a result by way of your mind is so difficult. You cannot imagine the power of your soul. Therefore everyone who is asking about reality must look to something that belongs to his soul and not to his mind productions. You may read so many books and learn so many things from them but all this may not be enough for you to understand yourself. This is why the knowledge that is mentioned through the Holy Quran is always going to be above mind productions. The important point is that we must know about our destination. It belongs to Divine knowledge which is represented by the Holy Quran. Therefore mankind must follow this knowledge. He is in need of this knowledge and not mind productions.

As long as a person remains with his mind productions he will never be able to improve in his spiritual life and will never be able to reach to his Divine Stations. This is because his mind productions can never give him the authority to reach to his destination or to his divine stations. Therefore everyone who is asking about his destination must follow a person who is supported by Divine Knowledge. From the beginning of the Holy Quran, upto the end, you can take knowledge from every word or every letter and you can take more and more spiritual powers for reaching to your destination which is the Divine Presence.

With mind productions, what happens is that the ideas will not always be pure because sometimes satanic ideas will be mixed in it and you wont be able to make a difference between the two of them. It is important work for shaitan to give people a new understanding instead of what is found in the Holy Quran. There are so many deep meanings in the Holy Quran.

Sometimes, when someone brings new meanings and new understandings from the Holy Quran, quickly, Shaitan comes to destroy it. Therefore its very dangerous to be with Shaitan. Our mind productions start to look valuable through Shaitan and because of this mostly the young people begin to run after Shaitanic ideas. When they reach to about 30 years in their lives they are then sorry for all the years that they passed with the mind productions of Shaitan and these nonsensical things.

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